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Having a limited amount of time for lunch, I decided to take-out an order of chicken tenders. I was advised by the hostess Kaitlyn that the food would be ready in 10 minutes.

I arrived around The hostess said that i could take a seat on the bench while the order was being put together. After 10 minutes has passed, a waitress approached and asked if i needed anything.

I told her I had placed a to-go order and I was just waiting. Since the order was taking longer than I was told, I asked to speak to a manager. The manager named Adam, approached and asked what was going on. Not one time did he introduce himself or try to see what ethe issue was with my chicken tenders.

He responded that my chicken tenders would be out right away and would I like a discount and I have payed for the chicken tenders an hour ago. Just right after that, a waitress comes from the back and give me the chicken tenders. Well thm arrived,e waitress went to the back to get Adam and he never came out.

I returned to the location right after I got off and specifically asked for Adam. When Adam arrived to the front , I politlely introduced myself and explained to him the situation and that I would like a refund on my chicken tenders. I argued with him that I did not eat the chicken tenders and that I left them at the location.

While arguing, I pointed out one of the waitresses that was still there from day shift and the waitress witnessed that I did not eat the chicken tenders and that I left the chicken tenders at the location.

I would also like to let headquarters know that Adam is very unprofessional not one time did he apologize or try to offer me anything to make me happy. I will never eat at Buffalo Wild Wings again because of Adam. I have been trying for a few months now to get my w2 from my time working with bww and I was told that I need to contact corporate, when I click the email corporate link the page never loads, can someone from corporate please get back to me?

The store on bardstown rd is full of attics and dope smokers. The servers are always high, service is awfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. BWW touts their feed back on their receipts. When you send a comment it says a team will review and respond. The manager nor the corporation cares.

I was a regular at BWW. Much like most of the people who know this location, new management came in after some managers were fired for misappropriating money, and they have definitely screwed things up. I convinced some friends to come down to Grand Prairie and meet me there to play some Golden Tee and hang out. About my 3rd game I was told by the bartender that Jessy a new horrible manager had cut me off.

Never did he come by to tell me why or speak to me. Apparently I was cut off for no reason. I was given my tab and the bartender said sorry. I have heard from many customers, and staff, that the new management is trash…I have experienced that first hand. I promise that they will not see one penny from me. I know this place will close down soon with the horrible management and mediocre food.

You are better going to Wingstop on Carrier or Pluckers in the highlands. You will be greatly disappointed. Your corporate policy to take credit card information over the phone is terrible, I have called your corporate offices to complain this is insane, your store should keep a record of the orders that arent picked up and record of good customers, I refuse to ever visit another buffalo wild wings establishment ever again, I hope you can rectify this situation I feel wronged as a frequent loyal customer.

I need to request the login portal, and login information to get my W I was never given a copy of any of my pay statements so if I need one to complete my ADP Ipay registration I will need that info also. Perhaps you can send me a copy of my last pay statement please. I quit working at Buffalo Wild Wings in June My correct address is. Laura Mohr laurajaquelynn at yahoo. Her name is Diana Mohr. When we arrived, they were out of boneless while advertising the buy one get one free. It took them 2 hours to take, make, and deliver our order.

We waited 45 minutes to receive napkins after our order was delivered. My fries were cold when delivered. They never came to sing happy birthday. I will not return to that bbw again. We arrived at the restaurant about 5: After waiting 35 minutes from seeing that everyone else around us was being served except as we reached out to one of the nearby servers. She was very nice and apologized because she did not know that we were waiting to be served. We asked to speak to a manager. And we saw that she went over to the manager and ask him to come over to us, we look at the manager he looked over at us and then walked away to the back of the kitchen, he did not even try to come over to us.

After the server came over she took our orders for drinks and our orders for food, we ask once again to speak with a manager. She said she had informed him and he would be over shortly. After about half an hour we received our food and had asked several times to speak to a manager, he finally came over and said he was sorry but was laughing while talking to us. It was very rude and insulting.

We were eating when we found feathers in the chicken. We called the server and showed her. She said she would call the manager over. The manager never came over but they took the wings off our check. This is just ridiculous since he never came over to us and it was just the worst. We felt like it was discrimination since we were never taken seriously. I am very disappointed in the service and the quality of the food. I have reached out to the corporate office but have not heard back yet.

I hope they contact me since this is unacceptable. There are groups and factions. Politics decided your days on a schedule, not employee performance. There is so much gossip and drama betryal its less of a restaurant, more like a soap opera. A terrible one by the way. Managers feel untouchable therefore ab-using the power of their positions. Some yell and curse, some sexually harass. Most of the employees are miserable. Management at valley view Roanoke Virginia is unprofessional they are sexists and are not fair they give certain people a chances and try to get others in trouble.

They are having sex with employees certain mangers are always late. They show favoritism to certain employees. They need to be heavily monitored at all times. A lot going on behind closed doors. I live in Seymour Indiana and im sad to say the worst ran bdubs in the country is in our town. I am embarrassed to say i even worked there. I have bad taste in my mouth about them and will be sharing it with alot of people in person and all over social media.

I would never go there again to eat or work. I was working at one of the LAs Vegas stores. I had to quit due to family related problems. I have been trying to get my check for over three weeks now. I am now seeking legal council. Its sad when a company does not find the importance of paying someone. Buffalo Wild Wings should be ashamed of themselves!

I was an employee at one of your locations in Houston, TX. Second the wait time of 2 hours because of the size of my party is unacceptable and third the manager was of no help at all. I was told repeatedly that we are a big party and we had to wait for 2 tables to clear so they can be pushed together.

Your company really needs to consider reservations for bigger parties or at least allow us to call and put a name down, it makes no difference to you if I am there waiting or I am at home waiting.

I will never visit this location again Simi Valley and I can assure you neither will my family, if this location proceeds like this it is going to be out of business sooner than you know it. After reading some posts it appears the company cares little about management.

If this was your female family or friends would you sit idly by? Kamal needs to go back to Morocco where he can be king. Your mgr Kamal at the orland pk illinois store is sexually and physically harrasing the female staff. He pushes their breasts, slaps their butts very hard, twists their arms, hands and fingers. He tells them to kiss his ring. He yells at them in he restaurant in front of customers.

He throws things like fryers across the kitchen. Regional mgr Liz knows what is going on and is doing nothing, as I dropped a note to her several months ago. The employees have spoken to her and what did she do, she dropped their names to him. Sounds like lawsuit material to me, if he and her are not dealt with in a timely manner. The GM Bradley Lone treated me different from the start. He suspended me for a week for something I was unaware u could get suspended for.

I went to the GM with the issue and he said he would look into it. Well 3 days later the new manager follows me around checking all my tabs and watched me make a mistake, waited for me to check out then accuse me of giving free beer. That manager name is Rob Walker and he moved from another store. Would like to know what food handlers card bbw goes through??

The managers would be extremely rude if I called and asked from where I used to work and I need to know for my new waitressing job. I worked in Idaho. The food I had was fantastic and service was great but I did come accross strong sent of weed on what looked like a cook while leaving the restaurant he was a tall African American male wearing a red hat.

I was with my children and having them smell that scent on person cooking their food did not sit easy with me. I do t think he should be fired but something should be done about the use of drugs by the people cooking guest food. Something should be done. How you and ur kids know what it smell like if they never was exposed to it be4???

So your kids are familiar with weed. I have only been working at Buffalo Wild Wings for two months now and am already extremely unhappy here. I have been getting harassed since week two and have talked to my managers Gm AND have gone to corp and no one is doing anything!!!!!! I am a current employee of BDubs and I love my job.

I enjoy coming to work and seeing customers happy. I am disappointed though in that some employees are not checked out as well as others. These people represent the brand and are what customers remember when they come and the reason they keep coming back. In particular there is an employee at the Greenville Ohio store that posted all over Facebook about how the people at our store are drug addicts and losers.

She wrote about management and how they are liars but then she came back again and got a job. I can see her postings because I am on her friend list but there are many of us that are offended in that someone like this represents the face of our store as a cashier but goes home and writes terrible and untrue things about our team.

I do have them though because they are still posted. Her name is Allegra Clark and the post is from February 23rd. Please check it out and see if you agree that we should be better represented. I am proud of my job and my co-workers. I submitted the following complaint on the BWW website: We arrived when it was busy and waited 40 minutes to be seated- this was NOT a problem, we were ok with this wait as it was busy.

After we placed our order our drinks were brought relatively quickly. We then waited 30 minutes for our apps to come out and they were cold. Then we waited an additional 30 minutes after our apps came for our food to come out- again cold.

Meanwhile another table of 7 was seated after we ordered and they managed to get all their food, pay, and leave as we were just getting our meals. I brought this up to a manager who was less than helpful. We actually talked to both managers that were working and they denied us being forgotten and said that was the normal wait time. I think this experience would be very disappointing to corporate BWW.

It was clear the server must not have put in our order to the kitchen as soon as we placed the order with her- ownership and recognition of this would have been nice instead of talking over what we were saying and not actually listening to us. Now, when I made the complaint through BWW website, I thought my issue would be addressed by someone higher than the branch manager who I had a problem with. Like to talk Ceo company. Sr i am like to open in barcelona one brch of buffalo wild wings i need your premshen for this i like to tell u Barcelona one vere good business all of the world popel com here in summer.

On last night we a group of 6 were seated and we placed our orders 2 salads, a wrap, a flat bread and 2 people ordered all you can eat wings. We waited for an hour before our drinks were refreshed. There was another group that was seated after us and a couple all seated after us.

They received their food and the couple even finished eating before we received our order. When our orders came out everything was cold. We asked to speak to the manager because the waitress stated that the reason it took so long was because the manager was trying to help and was not helping. The manager that was sent out we asked him to send the GM out that was there on lastnight and he never came out to speak to us. That speaks volumes of his character as a manager.

When our food was remade and brought to us again. Today as my mom bit into her so she thought delicious burger from Buffalo Wild wings she came across a hair tie inside her burger as she took her second bite. Causing her to almost choke as she bit into her burger. How can you explain a hair tie inside a burger?? I will never again go to that restaurant or my family and I will spread the word. This is the one located in Brownsville Texas. I called the manager at the chino hills BWW due to a complaint I had placed the day before regarding me trying to place a pick up order and the wait to pick up was 1 hour or more!!

My daughter loves Bww and we been to this Bww location since it first opened and nvr had to wait over an hour for a pick up. I then asked to speak to someone above her she said all complaints go through management. This is no way to treat customers who are here on a regular base.

I feel like not even going back to this place. Yvette was unprofessional and so rude to me. This is just unacceptable.. I really hope this gets fixed soon or I will take my business else where.

I was employed thru buffalo intill recently and im wanting to see if i can help futre employes and the company by saying the store mesa, need to be looked at closer with there manegment personal and employees. As usual the managers at that store are less than helpful. We were suppose to be issued debit cards for a direct deposit account that was set up by Buffalo Wild Wings well over a year ago.

I had later changed the account to my personal bank for direct deposit, however I was never provided information to access the other account Bdubs set up. I would like the information to that account so I can retrieve my money, or the account closed and the check mailed to me as I am no longer an employee there. In addition, our W2 statements were apparently sent out and I have yet to receive mine.

I have been waiting to recieve my w2 as well. I sent a fax to try and have them send it again, but still havent. I was wondering if they ever sent you yours and what did you have to do? The B-Dubbs in Lexington Park, MD might seem nice at first but upon further inspection you will find that this location unsanitary and finds clever ways to cover it up.

The tables frequently go without being sanitized, the soda fountains seem to be infested with fruit flies, and the bathrooms only seem to be cleaned sparingly as if only one person cleans them properly. The list of things that go wrong at this particular location could go on and on if you simply pay attention while in the establishment.

How do I know all this? I worked for this location for five months and in that time I saw more than enough to make me lose my respect for them. I was wrongfully terminated and felt bullied and harassed by not only my co-workers but by the management as well. In summary, I was bullied and mistreated by many and in the end not even management seemed to have my back, instead they seemed to have driven the metaphorical knife further into my back which has left me uneasy.

I will encourage others from the community to do the same. Your attitude is disgusting and I tell everyone I know not to eat at that restaurant. I wonder why that is. And by the way, my location is North Charleston, South Carolina. Coating such foods with gratuitous amounts of sugar to hide their rubbery, old taste is a shame.

Like how about having to throw away a full meal of food, instead of being able to eat it? It was thrown away when I went to do my closing work, which in its own accord is completely worthless. For a sit down restaurant with servers, the food should be fresh. People that go to restaurants know their food is being cooked, give them fresh food, not steamer muck. MI to place a carry out order. I was left on hold 20 minutes and was able to drive to the restaurant without anyone picking up the phone.

As I walked in the door still on my phone I saw the girl at the carry out desk pick up the phone and proceed to try and take my order.

I confirmed that this was me walking through the door and she promptly hung up the phone and hid in the back. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told to complete the survey on the bottom of my receipt. I tried making a complaint twice and never got a response. I have no plans to visit another BWW again. I can get this same service from McDonalds, and they have faster service.

Between my sisters and I, we have over 70 yrs experience working for the Buffalo Wild Wings Corporation. I wanted to work at bw3s before I was even in high school and celebrated my 21 birthday with my sister whos been the bartender for 16yrs. I loved training in every position; host, server, bartender, and even cook. I remember many nights concocting so many layered shots I smelled like a fruit basket all while rocking a stellar attitude. I loved using my veteran serving skills to anticipate each quests different needs and even the one who cant be pleased, I would always try extra hard to make them smile.

I left bdubs last year to start my management career, but please know; my thirst for the knowledge of management comes from wanting to work for you. Of course, I cancelled my order and left. I work at Buffalo wild wings in Harlingen tx and the managers can care less about the employees. They just sit in the office all day.. And when we want to order she says no but is eating right in front of us. When we need a table to be ID they take thier take and the customers are getting mad at us for taking a long time when its them.

Our keyholder helps us out way more then the managers because she understands us because before she got moved up she was serving and knows how the managers are. Oh and to top is off our GM had sex with an employee.

Last night, Saturday Oct. We were very disappointed with service but when are food finally came out 2 out of the 7 dinners were covered in long hair. When we complained we were told by the manager that we were loud. Are you kidding me? Her job is not to make excuses, just to fix the situation customer service. When we got the new food she said I adjusted the bills for you. Not pleased at all, all 7 people said they were not returning.

Being a server for years and years you have to be sensitive dealing with people and food. Shame on you BW3. She is 17 and working as greeter. She was asked to work for a double shift.

She worked 11 hrs and 45min break. My daughter worked till 1am next day. I will contact the professional to see if this is legal. I took this very seriously. Families with restaurant business as I was in it for a long time. The company need to investigate the management in this location.

Is this harassment from this female manager? There are many other occasions. So the manager that I called and spoke with: I advised him that is SAD!

So lets see if someone from corporate responds to this, or will corporate treat me just like their location in Northfield Stapleton, CO. Because this was unusual I asked to speak with the manager.

He said that our employees get scared so they ask ahead, he said because people tend to walk out a lot. Because I own my own business I felt like why would I ask people ahead of b time they might not like there service do I did not give the young lady a tip because how would I know if I liked the service.

I also called the gift card hot-line. I am very furious that the manager, MIke, would not even attempt to see if my e-gift card was legitimate. My daughter works at a Southern California location and she also does not get to take her mandated breaks.

She either gets snapped at by her managers when she asks for her break or to punish her for asking they cut her and send her home. I have no idea how they are getting away with this and why no one has turned them in for all the abuse that the employees of BWW go through. I was so unhappy with my order and it was my first time ever odering from here and I had a pick up and it took more than a hour to receive my food. I currently work for bww in CA and there are so many things wrong with this store it is unclear why things havent been changed.

ALL the managers are into all the gossip with everyone and talk about everyone even other managers. If your not liked by the ALL the management team than you get screwed on the schedule and if its only there mess up on the scheduling will they let you pick up an extra shift. They love to threaten about writing everyone up.. Isnt that your job??? I get no shifts and if i do its a breaker shift or a non making money shift.

Hunting and trapping is done systematically, to increase the chance of eradication and to remove the incentive to illegally release boars, which have mostly been spread deliberately by sport hunters.

While domestic pigs, both captive and feral popularly termed " razorbacks " , have been in North America since the earliest days of European colonization , pure wild boars were not introduced into the New World until the 19th century. The suids were released into the wild by wealthy landowners as big game animals. The initial introductions took place in fenced enclosures, though several escapes occurred, with the escapees sometimes intermixing with already established feral pig populations.

The first of these introductions occurred in New Hampshire in Thirteen wild boars from Germany were purchased by Austin Corbin from Carl Hagenbeck , and released into a 9,hectare game preserve in Sullivan County.

Several of these boars escaped, though they were quickly hunted down by locals. Two further introductions were made from the original stocking, with several escapes taking place due to breaches in the game preserve's fencing.

These escapees have ranged widely, with some specimens having been observed crossing into Vermont. In , 15—20 wild boar from Germany were released into a 3,hectare estate in Hamilton County, New York. Several specimens escaped six years later, dispersing into the William C. Whitney Wilderness Area , with their descendants surviving for at least 20 years. The most extensive boar introduction in the US took place in western North Carolina in , when 13 boars of undetermined European origin were released into two fenced enclosures in a game preserve in Hooper Bald , Graham County.

Most of the specimens remained in the preserve for the next decade, until a large-scale hunt caused the remaining animals to break through their confines and escape. Some of the boars migrated to Tennessee , where they intermixed with both free-ranging and feral pigs in the area.

These hybrid boar were later used as breeding stock on various private and public lands throughout the state, as well as in other states like Florida , Georgia , South Carolina , West Virginia and Mississippi. These specimens escaped and established themselves in surrounding ranchlands and coastal areas, with some crossing the Espiritu Santo Bay and colonizing Matagorda Island.

Wild boar of unknown origin were stocked in a ranch in the Edwards Plateau in the s, only to escape during a storm and hybridize with local feral pig populations, later spreading into neighboring counties.

In recent years, wild pig populations have been reported in 44 states within the US, most of which are likely wild boar—feral hog hybrids. Pure wild boar populations may still be present, but are extremely localized. Wild boars are known to host at least 20 different parasitic worm species, with maximum infections occurring in summer.

Young animals are vulnerable to helminths like Metastrongylus , which are consumed by boars through earthworms, and cause death by parasitising the lungs. Wild boar also carry parasites known to infect humans, including Gastrodiscoides , Trichinella spiralis , Taenia solium , and Balantidium coli. Wild boar in southern regions are frequently infested with ticks Dermacentor , Rhipicephalus , and Hyalomma and hog lice. The species also suffers from blood-sucking flies , which it escapes by bathing frequently or hiding in dense shrubs.

Swine plague spreads very quickly in wild boar, with epizootics being recorded in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, the Caucasus, the Far East, Kazakhstan, and other regions. Foot-and-mouth disease can also take on epidemic proportions in boar populations. The species occasionally, but rarely contracts Pasteurellosis , hemorrhagic septicemia , tularemia and anthrax. Wild boar may on occasion contract swine erysipelas through rodents or hog lice and ticks. The wild boar features prominently in the cultures of Indo-European people, many of which saw the animal as embodying warrior virtues.

Cultures throughout Europe and Asia Minor saw the killing of a boar as proof of one's valor and strength. The demigod Herakles ' third labour involves the capture of the Erymanthian Boar , Theseus slays the wild sow Phaea , and a disguised Odysseus is recognised by his handmaiden Eurycleia by the scars inflicted on him by a boar during a hunt in his youth.

One example is the story of the youthful Adonis , who is killed by a boar and is permitted by Zeus to depart from Hades only during the spring and summer period. This theme also occurs in Irish and Egyptian mythology , where the animal is explicitly linked to the month of October, therefore autumn. This association likely arose from aspects of the boar's actual nature.

Its dark colour was linked to the night, while its solitary habits, proclivity to consume crops and nocturnal nature were associated with evil. The theme of the doomed, yet valorous boar warrior also occurred in Hittite culture, where it was traditional to sacrifice a boar alongside a dog and a prisoner of war after a military defeat. The boar as a warrior also appears in Scandinavian , Germanic and Anglo-Saxon culture , with its image having been frequently engraved on helmets, shields, and swords.

According to Tacitus , the Baltic Aesti featured boars on their helmets, and may have also worn boar masks see for example the Guilden Morden boar. The boar and pig were held in particularly high esteem by the Celts , who considered them to be their most important sacred animal. Some Celtic deities linked to boars include Moccus and Veteris. It has been suggested that some early myths surrounding the Welsh hero Culhwch involved the character being the son of a boar god.

In Japanese culture , the boar is widely seen as a fearsome and reckless animal, to the point that several words and expressions in Japanese referring to recklessness include references to boars. The boar is the last animal of the oriental zodiac , with people born during the year of the Pig being said to embody the boar-like traits of determination and impetuosity. Boars are also seen as symbols of fertility and prosperity; in some regions, it is thought that boars are drawn to fields owned by families including pregnant women, and hunters with pregnant wives are thought to have greater chances of success when boar hunting.

In the folklore of the Mongol Altai Uriankhai tribe, the wild boar was associated with the watery underworld, as it was thought that the spirits of the dead entered the animal's head, to be ultimately transported to the water. In Buryat mythology, the forefathers of the Buryats descended from heaven and were nourished by a boar. The boar sanglier is frequently displayed in English , Scottish and Welsh heraldry. As with the lion , the boar is often shown as armed and langued. As with the bear , Scottish and Welsh heraldry displays the boar's head with the neck cropped, unlike the English version, which retains the neck.

Humans have been hunting boar for millennia, with the earliest artistic depictions of such activities dating back to the Upper Paleolithic. The Romans inherited this tradition, with one of its first practitioners being Scipio Aemilianus. Boar hunting became particularly popular among the young nobility during the 3rd century BC as preparation for manhood and battle. A typical Roman boar hunting tactic involved surrounding a given area with large nets, then flushing the boar with dogs and immobilizing it with smaller nets.

The animal would then be dispatched with a venabulum , a short spear with a crossguard at the base of the blade. More than their Greek predecessors, the Romans extensively took inspiration from boar hunting in their art and sculpture. With the ascension of Constantine the Great , boar hunting took on Christian allegorical themes, with the animal being portrayed as a "black beast" analogous to the dragon of Saint George.

Boar hunting continued after the fall of the Western Roman Empire , though the Germanic tribes considered the red deer to be a more noble and worthy quarry. The post-Roman nobility hunted boar as their predecessors did, but primarily as training for battle rather than sport. It was not uncommon for medieval hunters to deliberately hunt boars during the breeding season when the animals were more aggressive.

During the Renaissance , when deforestation and the introduction of firearms reduced boar numbers, boarhunting became the sole prerogative of the nobility, one of many charges brought up against the rich during the German Peasants' War and the French Revolution. Wild boar can thrive in captivity, though piglets grow slowly and poorly without their mothers.

Products derived from wild boar include meat, hide and bristles. The Romans usually served boar meat with garum. Nevertheless, wild boar meat is leaner and healthier than pork , [89] being of higher nutritional value and having a much higher concentration of essential amino acids. A boar hide can measure dm 2 , and can yield — grams of bristle and grams of underwool. Pigsticking in British India. Boar shot in Volgograd Oblast , Russia. The Boar Hunt — Hans Wertinger, c.

Boars can be damaging to agriculture. Populations living on the outskirts of towns or farms can dig up potatoes and damage melons , watermelons and maize. They generally only encroach upon farms when natural food is scarce. While the role of boars in damaging crops is often exaggerated, [3] cases are known of boar depredations causing famines , as was the case in Hachinohe , Japan in , where 3, people died of what became known as the 'wild boar famine'.

Still, within Japanese culture, the boar's status as vermin is expressed through its title as "king of pests" and the popular saying addressed to young men in rural areas "When you get married, choose a place with no wild boar. Although large boar populations can play an important role in limiting forest growth, they are also useful in keeping pest populations such as June bugs under control.

As of , at least 44 cities in 15 countries have experienced problems of some kind relating to the presence of habituated wild boar. Actual attacks on humans are rare, but can be serious, resulting in multiple penetrating injuries to the lower part of the body. They generally occur during the boars' rutting season from November to January, in agricultural areas bordering forests or on paths leading through forests. The animal typically attacks by charging and pointing its tusks towards the intended victim, with most injuries occurring on the thigh region.

Once the initial attack is over, the boar steps back, takes position and attacks again if the victim is still moving, only ending once the victim is completely incapacitated.

Boar attacks on humans have been documented since the Stone Age , with one of the oldest depictions being a cave painting in Bhimbetaka , India.

The Romans and Ancient Greeks wrote of these attacks Odysseus was wounded by a boar, and Adonis was killed by one. Most of the attacks occurred in rural areas during the winter months in non-hunting contexts and were committed by solitary males.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Boar disambiguation and Wild boar disambiguation. For pigs descended from escaped, domesticated animals, see Feral pig. Early Pleistocene — Holocene. Roman relief of a dog confronting a boar, Cologne. Mammals portal Animals portal. Although the Latin word for "boar" was aper , the French sanglier and Italian cinghiale derive from singularis porcus , which is Latin for "solitary pig".

Retrieved 13 January Database entry includes a brief justification of why this species is of least concern. Mammal Species of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference 3rd ed. Johns Hopkins University Press.

The Eurasian Wild Pig Sus scrofa. Int J Biol Sci. Explicit use of et al. Pleistocene mammals of Europe. The Eurasian Suids Sus and Babyrousa. The Kingdon Guide to African Mammals. Current views on the taxonomy and zoogeography of the genus Sus. Retrieved 2 August Nelson Ancestors for the Pigs.

History of domestication PDF Speech. Convergent evolution of venom-targeted nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in mammals that survive venomous snake bites". Retrieved 22 May A wild boar hunting: The best one is http: However here is the problem with Christian dating sites. It does not surprise me at all to hear that Christian dating sites have statistically the lowest success rate of all dating sites in generating meaningful relationships.

After that expectations will hit full throttle and if you get as far as a date then to get a second one you will need to be looking for a considerable amount of assistance from the Lord himself. While I needed to witness it myself I had heard all the exact same concerns from friends who had tried these sites and also from the people I have talked to and met on the site.

She has been on the site for over a year and has had several dates with people before but never a second. Other people I have chatted to on the site they too have been on the site over a year in some cases and have had a handful of dates but never more than one.

In addition you get the usual problems of people putting photos on the site that look nothing like the person, Russian more likely Nigerian scammers and all the other fascinating problems you get with internet dating! They are totally unaccepting of anybody unless they think, believe and act in the way that they do! Bit of a concern really since they are supposed to be Christian!!!

Save your money folks. Go on a regular dating site, but tick the Christian box. Put a bit in your profile not too much I suggest about your basic Christian beliefs and the qualities you are looking for in someone. Then be realistic about the people you find on there. I should have just taken my friends word for it in the first place about what these sites are like. Should just clarify where I said these people had had loads of dates, what I should have made clear was that they had had dates with several different people on the site but never met the same person a second time: Christian Mingle is a racist and discriminative site, they automatically block IP addresses from Haiti.

Hi honest John, hope you still around to get this as you seem a decent bloke just wanting to meet someone you can share life with. The thought of joining a dating site filled me with lots of doubts and from the sound of your experience I think they are justified.

Keep smiling and enjoy life to the fullest!!! Honest John, thanks for your comments. Was looking for a site for my cousin to join but am going to drop the idea. HonestJohn, I just found your post and must say that you are right.

That is why there are so many christian that are single. I know people do not like when I speak the truth about dating christians. I am a follower of christ also.

They are full of games and gimmicks and they do not know what they want. I find that if you follow the teaches of Christ instead of playing church, people would enjoy one another more.

I realize where there are two or three gathered in His name there Jesus is in the midst. I am the type of person that can go and worship our Heavenly Father with all my brethern. The problem is that the people are afraid to say what they really feel.

On these sites they all are trying to get busy; but they want to do it undercover. They want to use God to get what they want which is the same thing that non-christian men and women want.

The people that would not go out on a second date with you will probably alway be single. I read a few posts and I liked them.

There is a very interesting site about this. I just sign up, and brother man is gonna pay for it. I am such a catch evidently! I have tons to offer!

I have everything going for me, and so many people are shocked that I am single! I am unable to be matched according to them. They actually reject people? Just call me Charlie Brown! This is no reflection on me evidently, but I really feel kinda….. It will be kind-of an embarrassment, I have to admit. If you want the bottom line, skip to the end where the author describes her conversation with Neil Clark Warren. Hang in there…and maybe try one of the other sites! I recently closed my Christian Mingle account, which is owned by Spark Networks.

I discovered a partner dating site launched by the same company Spark Networks , which provides dating options for gays and lesbians called Spark. I know that some will rationalize their participation with Christian Mingle, but if we were talking about a different scenario, such as abortion clinics providing low cost physicals to Christian women, would you go there?

I believe that, as Christians, we need to take a stand against companies who labor to blur the lines between right and wrong, good and evil, while using Christian dollars to do it.

While no one is perfect how ever if person says that their a christian does their actions match up with what they say and what they do. If so they are walking the walk and talking the talk. While their maybe certain dating web sites were a small segment does link up and connect single people and they do get married.

Get to know the other person and. To patiently wait on others first and ask questions from the other person in the mean while to formulate and discern when the best equal timing to move forward. Knowing how long to wait and the timing of when to proceed are a crucial key with anything a person does or says. While actions speak louder than what a person says. When a person knows when to wait and when to move is able to be patient and listen known speak carefully and answer correctly to ask thoughtful questions to be spiritually well rounded to have a kind heart a giving spirit a friendly attitude is gracious with what they have to give is friendly and loving towards others.

I am surprised this post does not even mention OKCupid. I have been on OKCupid for 2 years and have found that it is very easy to be matched with Christians. They have a number of questions that ask about your faith i. Having read about other dating sites not tried any others yet , I feel confident that OKCupid is the best way to find Christians and know the depth of their faith and how they live it out.

And finally…OKCupid is completely free! You can message anyone and receive messages under the free option. Also there are many filtering options for searches: Thank you very much for this info J Lee Harshbarger.

I completely disagree with your choice of e harmony been there and the man that I meant all 4 try to hustle me out out money! They lie and e harmony did nothing about it! I have been married 3 times and all 3 times to women that are not of my faith. This has eventually ended the Union in divorce. Then I found out why. The same group claiming to be LDS had 2 other websites that they were indiscriminately sending me women from, one was an Italian Women Dating Site, forgot the other , wanting to meet me.

I am so glad to have found your site. Thanks for this list! Here is a newer site I came across in a search — http: I guess i will like to meet a man that will truly understand what relationship are men for….. There I met my husband-to-be. I was really lonely, having lost any hope to find HIM and be happy. In few days HE texted me and asked me out! If your looking for a different kind of dating website altogether you should try this dating website datehero.

I have had the opportunity of using several online dating sites. I think it is a wonderful method of meeting new friends and potential mates. We have very recently created an online dating community for the spiritually minded christian. Its very new so we are looking to grow it!

Our desire is to eliminate or discourage the dishonest from registering. There are a few mechanisms in place but its not fool proof. Our desire is that the community is truly a Christian one! Check it out for yourself http: What were your criteria for determining which would be called a Christian site?

Married persons posing as single persons are on those sites with no way to weed them out. It might be a good idea to start with a definition of what constitutes Christianity. Now because it is a site with lots of members a benefit of having launched by a large internet company in the early days allows it to garner a late data base of users.

But Christian — is a bit of a strecth. Excuse the late response. I am not sure you intended to reply to my comment. I am unsure what you mean in reference to my comment.

I am a single mom and have taken a long break from the dating scene. Since I am way into middle age and living in Asia, my chances for a match are slim. Will anyone recommend looking at a match in a different location? I had a very BAD experience with eHarmony and only found after my experience that it was far from uncommon.

The have a common practice that even if you have the automatic renewal turned off, it automatically charges your credit card again. They do not offer refunds ever. I was able to challenge it through my credit card and eventually got a refund, Uterus it was a hassle.

As far as the actual matching, I live in the LA area, so I had no shortage of matches, literally hundreds over my 6 month membership. I had a total of 4 return my communication over that time. Of my 4 matches, only 1 had similar conservative Christian values like saving sex for marriage only.

See what means wild sex in an orgy

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