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Fourth go to the funformobile link above and complete the process! Thanks for all your help guys. I have also dowloaded others that DO download to my phone but then dont play. I have most if not all of the songs sung by the actors on the show as well as s of audio clips — all available in MP3 format.

Mike post 40 — Thanks from one Verizon customer to another!! I have not been able to find the office theme for my verizon phone anywhere. It is a LG vx Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wow, MIKE you rock my world, i couldnt find the office theme ringtone for the life of me, but with your link it was so very easy!! If anyone could help me that would be great. I see that the MP3 is on the office website, and I can play it… but how do I save it to my computer so I can use it as a ringtone?

Please e-mail me with the answer if you know. Geez, a little bit of research will do people wonders. My Verizon LG phone is not a camera phone, and evidently must use java somehow to get the ringtone.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that? I have a Motorola I phone with Nextel as my provider. I have not been able to find anywhere on the Internet on how I can get The Office ringtone for my phone. Does anyone have any suggestions or help? I tried to buy the ringtone from NBC. My name is Ngoc and I work at 3Guppies. Just thought let everyone know that we have change our name and website.

This is in regards to the 27th comment from Gary. Ngoc, thanks for the update. I checked it out. If you want The Office theme to be sent right to your phone without downloading and installing stuff…use http: I can open the link for the song and it comes up in a new browser page, but how do I download it to my computer? I have tried a lot of sites and just want the office ringtone.

Which site does not have a monthly fee? Thank you so much for this!! Send the e-mail and it should come through as a picture message, then just save the sound to your phone and set it as a ringtone! It may take a little while. I hope this helps! In addition to what 74 Britney says to get the ring tone on some Verizon phones. You may need to change the extension on the MP3 from. Different phones accept different types of music as rings! The whole point of these files is that you can save them in their whole, unaltered state without having to buy anything or paying for data services.

Press the menu button and save the file on your blackberry or media card. I really do appreciate your help. How much is it? Thanks Brittany and Jim. You do not need iLife for the iPhone. Follow the directions given in the video as they are. Happiness is hearing The Office Ringtone on my iPhone. The CNET video instruction is wonderful.

You can download the video to iTunes and watch it as a movie. I found bluetoothing the MP3 to be the easiest to my samsung. I had the song set as my regular ring less than a minute after reading the post. Now if only someone would call….

I have t-mobile with a samsung phone but I think I lost the usb and I have no idea how else to get the ringtone on there.

I have bell mobility, how can I get the office ring tone using this particular wireless service 8D. BitPim is your friend! Though it was somewhat of a hassle getting it set up. Appropriately enough, the ringtone is reserved for co-workers who call me. I easily got my Office ringtone over a year ago, using the website mobile Thank you, thank you, thank you! For all people wondering how to set this as their ringtone on their Verizon cell phone here is how you do it. Click MP3 up at the top of the page 2.

Go to the recording feature on your cellphone 3. Record the 30 second clip 4. Save the clip on your phone 5. Send yourself a picture message with the sound clip selected as the audio 6. Receive the message with the sound clip and you are now able to save it as a ringtone.

I have Cingular LG shine… and a mac. Thank you so much!! I have an Alltel Razor and I have the ringtone on my phone in the sounds file, but how do I set it as my ringtone? Have it as a ringtone now: You guys are awesome. I have several clients in Scranton, they are now set up with the perfect ringtone. I think I will never answer the phone again just so I can listen to it over and over again. Hi ok so I have a Tracfone.

Is there any way I can get this ringtone for my phone? This is the best show ever! I have bluetooth, but have NO clue how to work it. I just want a free office ringtone.. I justed wanted to ask, why did the writers shorten the theme song for some of the episodes? How do I get the song into the itunes ringtones? When you use those websites to send the ring tone to yourself as a picture message is there any extra charges?

The 6th comment talks about converting the kb mp3 to a file smaller than kb. Can anyone post a smaller mp3 version? That would be amazing.

I keep hoping this will occur to someone else, and it will appear somewhere. I have a Blackberry Curve How do I use one of these links? For those looking for more ringers, there are a bunch of Office songs here. And finally, jsalny, here is a site where you can get an MP3 of the full Hunter song: I have a verizon motorola razor Maxx and I emailed myself the.

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