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Quality of Profiles While your own profile might be not very detailed ladies are being asked to share as much relevant information about them as possible. Introduction LoveSwans is an internet dating site that provides its users, especially men looking to date internationally, with a safe and secure environment to meet and date new people in a different region.

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I'm trying to figure out how to report this company. Never requested and inapprioriate. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Find the owners of love swan. Slice his penis off then jam a 45 up his punk ass and fire. We've gotten over 16 different messages from Russian and Ukrainian women on LoveSwans.

We wanted to see who these women were. Maybe they were desperate, fat and ugly and that's the reason they would contact someone who didn't even have a picture in his profile. But as you can see below these women are very attractive. And this only goes to confirm our belief that the website is sending concocted messages using automated computer bots.

Does anyone really think that these for women shown below actually sent us messages? Women like this have no trouble meeting men so the idea that these women would go out of their way to send a message to a profile that doesn't have a single photo in it is beyond ridiculous. You can take a look at the screenshots that we took below of the women that sent us these messages. They are beautiful but the only problem is they're not the ones sending us emails or messages it's a computer bot!

Something else that we forgot to mention is the fact that in the terms and conditions of LoveSwans. They tell us it's to test their services and to make sure the site is working properly but honestly we don't believe them for a minute. It doesn't make much sense but what does make sense is that they are responsible for creating profiles that are used throughout their site to make it appear as if there's thousands of Russian women, when it's all fake!

Screenshot of a girl who supposedly messaged us, we don't believe it. Like we've already mentioned we sifted through the terms and conditions page to see how the site was operating and in section 11 a of the terms they state that they do "from time to time create profiles which are created and operated by their employees".

Once you understand their employees are operating profiles on the site it's easy to see what could be going on fraud and deception. You can take a look at those paragraphs below or click on this link to be taken directly to the terms and conditions page.

Based on our experience with LoveSwans. If you want you can always create a free membership to see what kind of results you get but if you start getting tons of emails from attractive Russian and Ukrainian women when you don't even have a profile picture then you probably know that it's all a sham.

Stay safe out there! Good work exposing deceptive practices in the online dating industry. It took 45minutes of texting on a date site before the software program repeated identical responses giving itself away as a scam.

Ukraine is the most unique dating environment in the whole world. Men have been harvested for a century by Russia for cannon fodder, as well as the intellectually gifted for Moscow universities. Moreover, I am dirt poor. But we will marry in June and live in Kiev, though she has signed with one of the top agencies in New York.

Watch for the book "Swan of Ukraine" to learn how you too can do what I did: Shop for and catch one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world. Also, many 'Bridal' sites are to be avoided. And may I ask you sir and be honest…did you meet your Ukrainian sweetheart in Loveswans. I agree with you. A casual dinner date runs me a couple hundred to get to know a chick. Are there scammers on this site?

Yes there are a ton but there are scammers in my every day life too. Are there real women too? I've met a handful but I'm also aware of the kind of person and intentions I'm looking for. If you can't tell the intentions in people then you're gonna be either fooled eventually no matter where you look or live a lonely life from not taking risks.

It all depends on what your intentions are and your ability to communicate with another human. The site pushes the sex sells agenda for sure. It seems they sponsor photo shoots for the women as well as there's a bunch of bored, immature 20 somethin yr olds who will post pictures that aren't even them. With a good eye, you can tell which images they post are real or false.

Call them out, there just fckin around being young n bored. With inquisitive questions, you can discern they're intentions as well. The women are putting themselves out there, some more sincere than others buts it's always going to be a gamble for both sides involved.

This site is a tool for connecting people as well as a money maker. It's only as useful or not as you make it but you will get played if a chick finds a use for you. The site will fill your inboxes with spammed messages to steer your attention as they wish. Tred cautiously but from my experience, the woman are as clueless to the sites workings just as the men are.

The only difference I've found is that messaging is free for women but it costs men. It's a great strategy if you ask me like a club charging men only. If you wanna play the game then start by figuring out the rules. Is it worth the effort? In my experience, yes. I've made some real, sincere and good intentioned connections and gained perspective in doing so. Your life partner may already be waiting for you there.

Your email address will not be published. This blog is kept spam free by WP-SpamFree. Our Rating 10 content. Introduction LoveSwans is an internet dating site that provides its users, especially men looking to date internationally, with a safe and secure environment to meet and date new people in a different region. LoveSwans Pros Large and varied user base of ladies from all over the world. Features enable you to set up the best online dating profile for men. Complete privacy and secure communication options with real people.

Multiple forms of searching, with options to see online and offline users User-friendly web interface and well-designed app for all mobile platforms. Premium services costs are quite reasonable and affordable.

Premium account is needed to look through full profiles of interests. Searching through the various features and choices can be time-consuming. LoveSwans Features Search The search tool on LoveSwans allows you to search through the entire dating site to see if any of the ladies will catch your interest.

Messaging LoveSwans gives you access to a messaging feature which allows you communicate with other users online. Mobile Application With LoveSwans, you can take your online dating with you, as it has been optimized for mobile. Pricing LoveSwans uses a credit system, which can be purchased in dollars.

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