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Is / Legit Or Just A Scam To Make Money From You?

It would be simplicity for a computer program to tell someone the right time in. Ask them to send you the name and number of the school she is going to so you could call and verify.

What's The Site Like?

We are engaged to be married. We know that you, too, can find love. Let us help you. If you're on AsianDating. You know what you want. You are middle-aged, well-off in life, and you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Europe.

You're looking for a maybe young, maybe hot, but most definitely Asian, woman. And you don't really care what kind of personality she has. Men who go into this site should go with their eyes wide open. These women want to get married. This site is not about dating the Asian woman down the street; it's about overseas marriage and relocation. If you understand that, this site might be your thing. It is part of the Australian company Cupid Media, an empire of niche dating sites.

While not a scam, AsianDating. Know from the start that you will accomplish nothing with the free membership other than wasting your time building a profile. At every turn, you will be prompted to sign up for the pay site see "Cost," below. What we hated the worst were sneaky things like allowing free members to open up the messaging service, type a message, and hit "Send"--at which point you hit another paywall telling you that you must upgrade service to do this. Obviously, the system knows that you intend to message and that an upgrade is needed.

Why not stop free members from the get-go? Because, like some other dating sites, AsianDating. As mentioned above, they lead you far into an activity, so that you will feel cheated if you back out of the activity.

It also tries to stir up male members' interests by having impossibly hot women show interest in them. We believe, though cannot confirm, that these are fake profiles set up by the company to pique men's interests.

It's important to make this distinction: We give Cupid Media credit for doing more than just giving a perfunctory grunt of assent to the fact that scammers are probably operating on their sites. They have set up a separate site, Online Dating Safety Tips , which serves as the go-to scam-and-spam Help section for all of their sites. Within the first 5 days of free membership, we received over 20 e-mail messages from women.

Interestingly enough, only about half of those users had actually opened our profile. We consider this a design flaw on Cupid Media's part; they should require that profiles be opened before an e-mail can be sent. Yet it also points to the shotgun approach that some of these people use. She might be a legitimate user who is so thunderstruck by your handsome appearance that she feels compelled to e-mail you, based only on your pictures.

The free membership is worthless. This Standard Membership lets you create a profile and view other members' photos and profiles. But if you want to communicate with members, you will need to upgrade to either the Gold or Platinum paid memberships. Between the two ends of the spectrum are many other payment plans. We found that Platinum is a mostly valueless upgrade from Gold both are paid plans. As shown by the chart above, the only feature of possible worth is that your profile is outlined in the site's signature lavender color.

But this is meaningless because hopefully you will be the one initiating contact, not the woman. It's all driven by images and raw data, intent on making sure that the woman meets basic criteria of looks and life circumstances religion, children, etc.

The site's approach is the diametric opposite of a site like OKCupid, which prompts members to write quirky, funny, rich narrative profiles. On OKCupid, it's a brutal world: Please check with your bank for the last payment detail. Please note that each time you make a new payment, this feature is on by default. If you wish to switch off this feature in future, after making your new payment simply choose "Billing" from the Settings menu on your member home page.

Click "No" next to "Auto Renew my membership? You will be asked to confirm your choice: Your automatic renewal will now be switched off for the current membership period. You can change this option back to "Yes" at any time. To ensure your choice is processed correctly by our system, we recommend you make any changes to your auto renew settings at least 48 hours before your membership is due to expire.

If this option is not visible in your Billing Settings, auto-renewal is not available for your current membership. Your membership will NOT be auto-renewed. Thank you for your attention and understanding. Please contact us if you require any further assistance and quote your Incident Number: Please kindly rebate this amount that was improperly charged to the Natalia V Ball debit Visa card that you required to get advertised free Standard Membership.

Thanking you in advance of reasonable service. God, there are so many dating services with Asia nowadays.. Don't join if you are a girl looking to meet with asian men. Most of the male members are white, or black. There are a few asians, but they are old and ugly as hell or just boring.

I got plenty of messages, all the same: All came from men who are years old, ugly, and so fat that they have bigger boobs than me. I been on this site for few years, and they took lot of money from my bank many time and contacted bank and they dont cover it against fraud for this site, because its blacklisted. The girls are using same dresses and same sentences and most of them are free to chat so they are real time wasters and they tell you they are billionaires.

And girls are not allowed to call, when i called them the once the voice was of a old women but the profile was of a young girl. Its a big scam on the internet one can ever imagine, and if some one post good reviews of these all related site its fake review. This site is rife with fake profiles. Be wary of any women who contact you directly. Scammers use photos of very beautiful women to lure their victims on this site. One scammer sent me profiles that was suppose to be two different women but the photos was the same woman.

Scammer forgot to change photos for each profile. Be wary if they ask for your email address and phone number. Women on this site tried to get me to sign up for other dating sites so we could chat there. It was just a scam to drum up business for a dating site with the same owner as this one. If you are looking for a serious relationship and really want to marry an Asian woman, I recommend www. They are legit online dating sites. You won't find many beautiful or sexy women on these site, they are the exception rather than the rule, but you won't find many fake profiles either.

They also are the exception rather than the rule on these sites. There are some very attractive women on these sites, just not very many and competition for their attention isn't easy.

That is to be expected on legit sites. As long you don't expect to find Miss Universe on these two sites and are willing to lower your expectations, you would do better using these two sites. I devised a simple test to determine if the woman in the photograph was the woman I was communicating with. I took a selfie of my self holding a single flower in front of me with my right hand. I asked the woman I was chatting with to do the same. Take a selfie of them selves holding a flower in front of them the same way as I.

It was not surprising that none of them could do it. Excuses ranged from my phone doesn't have a camera, or the camera is broken. So, I have registered one hour ago just to check it out. I have not completed the profile information, none of it, just the email and login name. But I have already more than 20 emails sent from Philippines and China, and still coming with the subject "you are cute" and "nice photo" I think you all know what to do. And about the fake profiles?

Do not pay for anything, just do as I did, sign in with minimum info and no photo and just wait a couple of minutes while you browse.

Messages from Philippines and China will arrive one after another with subjects as "you are cute" and "nice photo" Asian dating review It's definitely better than it's sister ip, thaicupid. Beside the two Sharing similar Features and aesthics, you'll mainly see women from the Philippines, Vietnamese and a few from Indonesia, china, and even a couple from all corners of the world. To put in context, I got three skype contacts in the past year when I restarted my okcupid account when I opened it last year and shut it down a month ago.

In Asian dating, I got more than several contacts. In less than a month after I signed up for the site gold membership subscription. And even more contact requests than the women I tried to meet on Thai Cupid. I would advise getting a month gold subscription. And beside , not only do the costs add up , 30 dollars for one month, 60 dollars for three months up, but some of the features you find as a platinum member, like being able to translate your English to a Vietnamese who speaks only Vietnamese, might just be a waste of money to you cause what would be the point meeting her or him if you can't communicate from the get go?

This thought bubble is coming from an impatient guy like me , but if your down with learning your girlfriend language for easy communication if your interested in language learning, go for t man! In short, easy to use website, very responsive, guarantee to get messages from real girls if their interested to you.

And an awesome easy to use customizable search engine for your "ideal" girlfriend or person you want to meet if your willing to pay for gold status on this site. Happy hunting boys and girls: Scammers are using what seem to be very likeable profile photos of women who may or may not be the actual person you are communicating with.

They are NOT presenting them as being overly sexy because they know that these are some signs of a false member profile.

The scammers have developed sophisticated schemes to make it seem that the lady is in need of monetary funds to pay for various fees.

My experience is that my profile member presented herself as a very respectable woman who had a good job in China. After we exchanged emails and communicated briefly, she suddenly suggested that she had vacation coming the next month and that she would like to apply for a VISA to come to the USA to get to know me even better Red Flag 1 This was all to be set up through a Travel Agency that provided all business information except a phone number Red Flag 2.

It is very difficult to authentic that these businesses even exists. The communication followed with nice not sexy photos of her. We continued normal email conversation while at the same time I was contacted via email by the supposed "Travel Agency " stating that she would like to apply for a Tourist VISA to come visit me.

The Travel Agency and the Profile Member then contacted me they always communicated with me one after the other, almost immediately after the other Red Flag 3. They contacted me to suggest that my payment was never received, or they may suggest that it is delayed. I respectfully told them to cancel the whole process. The final analysis is they will make everything seem like a legitimate business deal even stating in an email statement, not on official business stationary Red Flag 5 that you will get a refund if there is any problem where there is a cancellation of the process.

I knew my limit. AsianDating and other websites like this will usually put a disclaimer that they do not do background checks of their profile members. This basically clears them of Liability, although I am not certain of the extent by law.

I Good looking and photoshoped, no kids and university degrees The less attractive might be real but you have to spend a lot money before a real contact person to person.

Try other sites, such as Thaicupid! For over 10 years, AsianDating. As one of the first dating sites in the niche, AsianDating. Not many other sites can offer you a membership database of over 2 million members with the promise of introducing you to single men and women across the world.

I can assure you that in any online dating sites there will always be people out there who want to make money off of you not including the fees that you have to pay to use the services on the site. You just need to be mindful that there are people who scam for a living. Just like how you may get scam letters or calls to your home or email, you'll get them in your inbox for the dating site.

If you can learn to interact and filter these people who are doing these criminal activities, then you'll make the site itself much safer for everyone by reporting them to the site's support. Good luck with your searching. Dear Ruth If you wish to switch off your profile, choose "Profile Settings" from the "Settings" menu on your member home page, then click the "click here" link under the "Switch Off Profile" heading. If you have any feedback regarding why you are canceling your membership, you will be asked to provide this during the switch off process.

Once you have switched off your membership in this way, you can automatically reactivate your profile by logging in again to the site our system will interpret your login attempt as a request to reactivate your membership. Please contact us if you require any further assistance. Hi Paul, It is difficult to say. There are some genuine girls on that site but most of them are actually fake profiles operated by one or a few individuals.

Most of the very good looking women there are fake! The day I removed my pictures and details, My mail box was swamped by mails from different "ladies" all with same heading and email content. So, you be the judge. I have talked to girls who are approached for a job to pose as prospective dating partners.

It is a part-time job for these girls. Most letters, if not all, are written by interpreters. They will sound so sincere, so desperate to 'love' you until your money runs out. You will never meet any of them.

It is all just a money making scam. They scammed me twice and they also have double standards and are racist. They will reject your photo because you are male, same photo of a female they accept! I tested it many times and they do it all the time, also with different races as well. They favour Asian women and they reject male and other races a lot.

Don't feed these scammers your money. Hi Saranjit, Please email us on team asiandating. D and registered email address so that we can assist you further. Dear James, Kindly email enquiries asiandating. Write a Review Ask a Question Share. We are glad to hear that. We would love to hear your story. Please email team asiandating. Hi Wanda, For us to assist you faster please contact team CupidMedia.

Hi Dany, Thank you for the positive feedback! Hello Shahram, We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site. Hello Andrew, We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site. If you have lost money to someone you have met through our site, we suggest you contact your local police for further assistance.

You may also file a complaint at the following link: Hi Brian, We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site. Using third party, world-class fraud prevention technology. Hello, Tim We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site. Hello, George We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site.

Hello Terry We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site. Hello DJ We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site.

Hello Fred We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site. Hello Adam Cupid Media is a large online dating company based in Australia that has been operating since We take the safety of our members seriously: To find out more about our company please feel free to visit our website: We are sorry to hear that our site has not met your expectations.

Here are some helpful hints to help you find the perfect match for you: More information about you helps us improve your matches. We wish you all the best in your search for love! We are sorry that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site, we have zero tolerance toward these members. We are very sorry that our site has not met your expectations and that you have encountered non-genuine members on our site. Please contact team asiandating. Helpful answer 1 Vote Thanks for voting!

Are these real women, fake or, paid models? See all answers 4. See all answers 2. I am interested in Asian dating sights. When subscriptions are paid is my concern. See all answers 5. Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! See all answers 3. Is this site fake like Chnlove is?

I've seen this rule algorithm twice before on other dating sites.


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