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We were exchanging quite lengthy epistles for a number of months before the letters became shorter but more frequent. I can only be "grateful" that many of the exchanged letters were at least words each. In many letters there was at least some degree of plagiarism, and some showed blatant, word-for-word copying and pasting of whole paragraphs. It took me almost a year of writing to discover one of her profiles on social media through one of her photos.

Very difficult to track down if the person has blocked or disabled the ability of anyone ever finding them through a search engine. Meanwhile the "correspondence" continued for some months beyond my finding one of the woman's social media profiles.

In the latter part of , she decided to part ways and finally stopped writing. The truth is that in the end I was not too sorry this had happened.

Later I discovered the awful truth that shocked me in one way, but in another it only confirmed a niggling doubt. One day when I again checked her social media profile, it showed that she was actually married, and had been for some months prior to her decision to stop writing.

The only "decent" thing she did was to get her profile removed from CharmDate. I hope that they understand and learn from this sordid example and avoid CharmDate and similar sites like the plague. Thank you for the "feedback"! Your information is very helpful, candid and I think relevant. I have been on Charmdate. These are women who I reached out to and are within a realistic age range to me.

I am 48 and the youngest I'm messaging is Over this month I have not spent any more money than I would weekly at Starbucks, so in my mind I'm OK with that amount. My way of being able to compartment things in my brain I guess.

I have been able to get one fo the women to tell me some "rules". She said after the exchange of 10 messages she would be able to provide personal contact information.

I'm willing to spend the small amount of money to see if this is true. I will let people know if there is success. The other woman just answered me this morning and said she was unaware of any rules, but when asked for her mailing address to send you some local swag, she said it would not past the censors, so at least there is a small confirmation about emails being "sanitized". Again, thank you for your frank words it is greatly appreciated. This site is a crock of shit. I have done alot of homework and found girls on facebook that are listed on this site yet know nothing about the site.

I've been taken for a total fool and taken for a ride, feeling quite sick about it, its no9t enough that we men look for suitable partners only to be taken advantage of this way. Do you want to know the whole truth from the inside? How does this really work? Do you want to save your thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars?

To save yourself from total disappointment and time spent? I too have found this site to be lacking in I, they are clearly photo's of models on the whole. They are sexually explicit with their invites to get you to chat,band this would be demeaning for may ladies. There are NO age barriers for the women as I'm 47 and have 19 to 27 yr olds sending me mail, even though my search age is I feel that it shouldn't be called a dating site as there's no chance of a date.

For the reasons mentioned by the prior people who've commented. There is no doubt that it's just a well oiled money making scam. It's ok if your a billionaire playboy who enjoys playing a game but for genuine men who are looking just get yourself over to the Ukraine.

This site is a rip off and not genuine in their actions of calling themselves a 'dating site? I wish I'd found this sooner …. Sadly I started to have feelings for one lady until realising she'd lied to me. AVOID for your wallets sake. A few years ago we investigated Charm Date so we know all about that site. In this investigation we will explain the partnership with […]. I am with you all guys.. I have lots of interesting stories and information that I have collected about the activities that take place on this site..

The translators intrepreters plus the girls that are complicit in this deception should all go to jail for mail fraud. I do not see how it cannot succeed with so many testomonies of absolute deception. I have had the worse experience and head fuck speaking to a girl in Victoriabrides. Then found her profile on charmdate.

And 4 other sites. When you chat to a girl for a long time you know how they chat etc. They are all nothing but a rip off. Cost me a fortune and tested my sanity to the limit. We should all get together and bring these people down.

If anyone is interested. Please get in touch as I am serious about this. Someone has to make a stand. We are hard working men that thought we were doing the right thing and got fucked over by clever girls saying the right things at the right time!! Action is called for here!!

Charmdate in my experience is a total scam. Their only interest is to make you purchase those Qpid credits for a long time, and then the girl will disappear. Please, tell me if there are any attempts of a class action. On your profile it states your full name and Date of birth. With that information these girls if are real can easily track you down on Facebook IF their really look for their true sole mate.

I was convinced of this after I tried to contact the girls in their FB profiles. There are two possible explanations: She personally spends time online and responds to male clients, earning a percentage of the money paid by men.

The second option — the girl sold her profile and photo and all of the above are engaged by a hired worker. I can specify the profiles of these girls. No chance to find real normal women. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

We Find Out The Truth. We take a screenshot of the review you see below. In that review the member states that Charming Date is an absolute scam. They state that the website employs people to entice men to write numerous letters which end up burning through your credits.

Sending out automated messages that you then need to purchase credits to read and also to reply to. We strongly suggest you take this warning seriously. All the screenshots and evidence we have provided from people who used the site are all legitimate reviews. These reviews written by real men who thought they had an opportunity to interact with real Ukrainian and Russian women on Charm Date.

You can see from their own reviews they are less than happy with the outcome. As always the choice is yours but make sure you take into consideration everything that you see in this investigation. This Review Exposes The Truth says: November 7, at 5: December 21, at 9: Click here to read my review. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner. Since the messages are generated by programmers that have programmed the chatbot program, the programmers had to be inventive in order to make the messages appear real.

The passionate things I have for your what, Eymi? What to do want to make with me in your shower Angie? Hold on a sec Aleja, Let me check my credit card and buy some credits, right now! I would be very sad if I can not meet you too, Karolyn. Let me give you that opportunity. I would love to meet you too Yenny! I really hope that there will be someone willing to get you out of your prison Paula.

Maria let me think about that…. How do you know that my night are boring, Monica? Does that mean I can visit you in your house whenever I want?

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