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I've attached an image of the fax.


A client of mine forwarded me this email they sent her about her website. We both have suspicions that it's a scam to trick us into registering an unnecessary domain with them, but googling yielded no results with the wording of their letter usually with scams, you'd find them popping up everywhere. So I thought I'd run it past you guys first, get some feedback, before just telling her to ignore the email. My client's correct name. My client's correct email address.

This is an important notice to inform you that we have put a temporary block on www. If you did not authorize this, contact support immediately at info mobiregistrations. If you have no interest in this name, no action is required on your part. After 48 hours, this block will be released and Mobi Registrations is not responsible for domain loss due to 3rd party registration. If you have any questions regarding Mobi Registrations's policies, you can visit www.

As a webdeveloper, most of my clients ask for http: Yip - I'd say it's a scam. I haven't had an e-mail like that for. The results are great American made phase converters that work flawlessly, provide unparallleld performance and are easy to install, all at an affordable price. Its digital accuracy provides an impressive ability to adapt to changing loads, sagging voltages and gives our phase converters the feel and performance you expect from high precision machines.

Typical phase converters that use modified motors have distorted sinewaves resulting in harmonics causing high operating temperature on the load motor, putting undue stress on your equipment. Only trust Open Drip Proof designed phase converters to run your valuable equipment. A screen shot of an oscilloscope shows the difference in voltage drop using a modified 3-phase motor GREEN vs. This is especially important when running voltage sensitive equipment such as CNC machines, welders and other rectified or computer loads.

Stable voltage keeps your equipment protected and running perfectly. American Rotary's magnetic starter provides the means to continuously control your American Rotary phase converter remotely, from multiple locations or in conjunction with automatic equipment. American Rotary starters are custom designed to meet even the most difficult loads and the most stringent standards.

A starter is not designed or rated to be the safety disconnect. Be aware of phase converters that claim their starter disconnects all three lines of output.

All American Rotary Phase Converters are capable of phase synchronization for increased capacity. Converters can be daisy chained together to double, triple, quadruple your power. All American Rotary Phase Converters are designed to work with wired and wireless remote starts. Our long range radio frequency remote starter and receiver works seamlessly with our latching full current magnetic starter to remotely control your converter.

You can also control your converter with our wired remotes! The cover is hinged and can be easily removed. Terminal blocks are clearly marked for trouble-free installations. No drilling or punching needed! All the necessary knockouts for installation are provided and powder coated to prevent rust.

The knockouts are sized for the maximum anticipated conduit for proper wire gauge per NEC. The design flexibility and time savings features that laser cut steel provides is an important part of the quality of an American Rotary phase converter. From knockouts for breakers and receptacles, to perfectly mitered corners, laser manufacturing results in a longer lasting, better quality product.

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