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Women You Know are Sharing Naked Pictures on Our Site!

A cougar is usually a woman who is in her 40s, 50s, and beyond.

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There are no real people sending us these emails. To unknowing people who have no clue how this site really operates they think they're receiving legitimate messages from a variety of different females, but in reality it's all a trick to get you to use the site more.

The end game here is for you to try and reply to any of the emails you have received and which time you will be sent to an upgrade page where you were asked to purchase a membership.

Fake emails from fake nonexistent girls. Another trick they use it to send out fictitious "buddy requests". These fake "buddy requests' are sent to people that have a free account. These fake buddy requests are sent using software programs. The buddy requests are used to trick you into believing real women are trying to become your friend. But in the end it's all another deception to trick you into trying to communicate with a fake girl.

Once you try to communicate with the female who wants to be your so-called friend you are sent to an upgrade payment page. Fake buddy requests from fake women aka "Online Cupids. Just like a regular chat message these fictitious chat messages pop up and you can send and receive chat messages back and forth with other members on the site. The only problem with these chat messages is that are they are sent from "Online Cupids" which we have already determined to be completely fictitious site fabricated female profiles.

You can take a look at the evidence below of just one of the fake chat messages that we received from "Online Cupids". Fake chat message from "Online Cupid". As part of any investigation is important to find as much criminal evidence as possible. For this investigation we have included the terms and conditions where they clearly define and explain in detail how they create fake profiles, use paid contractors to interact with people, send fake email messages and phony instant messages and much more.

Please take the time to read the terms and conditions that we have copied and pasted below for you to read. This evidence shows without a shadow of a doubt exactly how this so-called dating site operate its fraudulent business. The opportunity to interact with real women is very slim. Unfortunately this is not a dating site but a scam disguised as a dating site.

Meeting real women on the site is nearly impossible since the large majority of profiles are "Online Cupids". We suggest you look elsewhere or if you are truly interested in interacting with real people. I agree with your assessment that it is a scam. I usually check these photos out by using Google images, and what I often find, is they a copied from other pages.

I registered on few of the sites and I can see same pictures on different nickname and in different locations. Haha, just use common sense. It is obious that those women are faked. You can take a look at the evidence below circled in red you can see the phrase that you need to agree to before you gain access. My inner freak came out after I turned 40, now I can't get enough sex. I am not here to play games. Are you looking for a hot, local cougar? Now you can hook up with sexy cougars in your area who want to have fun with younger gentlemen like you.

Cougars are in extremely high demand these days, but it can be challenging to find a cougar who is local and available for sexy encounters and fun. At Date Cougars Local, we make it easy to find a cougar! All you have to do is search for your preferences and area to find a gorgeous cougar quickly and easily. Other dating websites make it difficult to message and meet housewives and lonely divorced women.

As a fellow cougar, I know how hard it can be to find local quality dates. I am determined to help cougars all around the world find love and fun. No matter what you are looking for, Datecougarslocal. A cougar is usually a woman who is in her 40s, 50s, and beyond. She also looks good for her age and takes care of herself physically. Cougars have an extremely high sex drive, and they have a tough time finding men who can keep up with them up bed. This is where younger guys come into the picture.

There is a big selection of men in their 20s and 30s who are available, and cougars go after these men because they love younger men. Cougars are also confident and less dramatic than younger women.

They love to hook up with sexy men. Cougars are in high demand these days! Looking for a one-nighter? You can find it with a hot MILF here. Want a relationship with a sexy older lady? No problem — There are hundreds of cougars in your area right now, just waiting for you to message them! Perhaps you had a girlfriend when you were teenager who had a hot mother. Or maybe you had a sexy teacher in school while you were growing up. Perhaps you just love older woman for no particular reason.

Whatever the reason, you can find a hot cougar to date in your area quickly and easily here!


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