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In the mid s, Hoyle became the leader of a group of very talented experimental and theoretical physicists who met in Cambridge: This group systematized basic ideas of how all the chemical elements in our universe were created, with this now being a field called nucleosynthesis. Famously, in , this group produced the B 2 FH paper known for the initials of the four authors in which the field of nucleosynthesis was organized into complementary nuclear processes.

They also added much new material on the synthesis of heavy elements by neutron-capture reactions, the so-called s process and the r process. So influential did the B 2 FH paper become that for the remainder of the twentieth century it became the default citation of almost all researchers wishing to cite an accepted origin for nucleosynthesis theory, and as a result the path breaking Hoyle paper fell into obscurity. Historical research in the 21st century [13] [14] has brought Hoyle's paper back to scientific prominence.

Those historical arguments were first presented to a gathering of nucleosynthesis experts attending a conference at Caltech organized after the deaths of both Fowler and Hoyle to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of B 2 FH. Ironically the B 2 FH paper did not review Hoyle's supernova-shells attribution of the origin of elements between silicon and iron despite Hoyle's co authorship of B 2 FH.

Based on his many personal discussions with Hoyle [15] Donald D. Clayton has attributed this seemingly inexplicable oversight in B 2 FH to the lack of proofreading by Hoyle of the draft composed at Caltech in by G. The second of Hoyle's nucleosynthesis papers also introduced an interesting use of the anthropic principle , which was not then known by that name.

In trying to work out the routes of stellar nucleosynthesis , Hoyle calculated that one particular nuclear reaction, the triple-alpha process , which generates carbon from helium, would require the carbon nucleus to have a very specific resonance energy and spin for it to work. The large amount of carbon in the universe, which makes it possible for carbon-based life -forms of any kind to exist, demonstrated to Hoyle that this nuclear reaction must work.

Based on this notion, Hoyle therefore predicted the values of the energy, the nuclear spin and the parity of the compound state in the carbon nucleus formed by three alpha particles helium nuclei , which was later borne out by experiment.

This energy level, while needed to produce carbon in large quantities, was statistically very unlikely to fall where it does in the scheme of carbon energy levels. Would you not say to yourself, "Some super-calculating intellect must have designed the properties of the carbon atom, otherwise the chance of my finding such an atom through the blind forces of nature would be utterly minuscule.

A common sense interpretation of the facts suggests that a superintellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as with chemistry and biology, and that there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature. The numbers one calculates from the facts seem to me so overwhelming as to put this conclusion almost beyond question. His co-worker William Alfred Fowler eventually won the Nobel Prize for Physics in with Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar , but for some reason Hoyle's original contribution was overlooked by the electors, and many were surprised that such a notable astronomer missed out.

The concept of nucleosynthesis in stars was first established by Hoyle in This provided a way to explain the existence of elements heavier than helium in the universe, basically by showing that critical elements such as carbon could be generated in stars and then incorporated in other stars and planets when that star " dies ".

The new stars formed now start off with these heavier elements and even heavier elements are formed from them. Hoyle theorized that other rarer elements could be explained by supernovas , the giant explosions which occasionally occur throughout the universe, whose temperatures and pressures would be required to create such elements.

He found the idea that the universe had a beginning to be pseudoscience , resembling arguments for a creator, "for it's an irrational process, and can't be described in scientific terms" see Kalam cosmological argument. The theory tried to explain how the universe could be eternal and essentially unchanging while still having the galaxies we observe moving away from each other. The theory hinged on the creation of matter between galaxies over time, so that even though galaxies get further apart, new ones that develop between them fill the space they leave.

The resulting universe is in a "steady state" in the same manner that a flowing river is—the individual water molecules are moving away but the overall river remains the same. The theory was one alternative to the Big Bang which, like the Big Bang, agreed with key observations of the day, namely Hubble's red shift observations , and Hoyle was a strong critic of the Big Bang.

It was popularly reported by George Gamov and his opponents that Hoyle intended to be pejorative, and the script from which he read aloud was interpreted by his opponents to be "vain, one-sided, insulting, not worthy of the BBC".

It is deep within the psyche of most scientists to believe in the first page of Genesis". Hoyle had a famously heated argument with Martin Ryle of the Cavendish Radio Astronomy Group about Hoyle's steady state theory, which somewhat restricted collaboration between the Cavendish group and the Cambridge Institute of Astronomy during the s.

Hoyle, unlike Gold and Bondi, offered an explanation for the appearance of new matter by postulating the existence of what he dubbed the "creation field", or just the "C-field", which had negative pressure in order to be consistent with the conservation of energy and drive the expansion of the universe. These features of the C-field anticipated the later development of cosmic inflation. In the end, mounting observational evidence convinced most cosmologists that the steady state model was incorrect and that the Big Bang was the theory that agreed best with observations, although Hoyle continued to support and develop his theory.

In , in an attempt to explain some of the evidence against the steady state theory, he presented a modified version called " quasi-steady state cosmology " QSS , but the theory is not widely accepted.

The evidence that resulted in the Big Bang's victory over the steady state model included the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation in the s, and the distribution of "young galaxies" and quasars throughout the Universe in the s indicate a more consistent age estimate of the universe.

Hoyle died in never accepting the Big Bang theory. Despite what supporters of big-bang cosmology claim, it is not explained. The supposed explanation is nothing but an entry in the gardener's catalogue of hypothesis that constitutes the theory.

Had observation given 27 Kelvins instead of 2. Or anything at all. Together with Narlikar , Hoyle developed a particle theory in the s, the Hoyle—Narlikar theory of gravity. It made predictions that were roughly the same as Einstein's general relativity , but it incorporated Mach's Principle , which Einstein had tried but failed to incorporate in his theory.

The Hoyle-Narlikar theory failed several tests, including consistency with the microwave background. It was motivated by their belief in the steady state model of the universe.

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