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Her email address is waecherry gmail. Thanks, She just replyed to my email. Im thinking of mounting this camera positioned down a long drive way. I think a wall mounting bracket may help the camera get a better angle of activity furthest down. Could you recommend a wall bracket for this camera or antoher solution? These camera work only with their built in brackets which are nicely made, but are limited to what they can do.

If you need to extend the reach, you may have to use lumber to build a base for the camera bracket. The reason is that P is a wide screen Anyone have recommended settings for nighttime viewing? I was thinking about setting up Aux IR lighting via a relay that only gets turned on when the camera has a motion event.

Really a lousy camera, but if you want that, you can get it for a lot less from Cherry Wae, waecherry gmail. They are designing their domes but if you really want the 3MP, do yourself a favor and get the less expensive one without the IR illuminators and then use external IR illuminators as the internal ones have light bleed issues. I have cameras with torn cables. I can fix it by myself if I knew which pinout is responsible for what.

Or is it possible to buy the entire wiring harness? Where are you physically located Camtech? Check with the person you buy from, they may be able to get you a replacement harness. The one on this camera is very complex, has a few internal connector and they are very tiny, it would not be easy. Does anyone have a scheme of this camera? I would like to know which pinout is responsible for what. Somebody Can help me? As noted in the review with the pigtail chart, the Video Out is on the bigtail as a BNC connector, the 12V is also on the pigtail.

Just get the proper cables and attach a compatible connector, like the video out, use a BNC connector. The managed switch will power 48V DC, Did it not come with a power supply? It says in one description I saw that it comes with the power supply.

So if you had 16 P cameras, each one would run on average 7. But they also make a higher end NVRs that can run them all at 30 fps.

Please answer on a question: Camera can operate at a lower temperature? When cameras reach their limits, they typically stop working and start again when the temps increase. Check out ACTi bullets, they are rated to C. Great site — very informative. I have just purchased this camera and have been able to get over a few hurdles with the help of this site.

Some info for anyone trying to get this camera recognised with the Synology software, try port — it worked for me. I am now looking at connecting audio and wondered has anyone connected a microphone and speaker to this unit running off poe?

Am I right in assuming I need to purchase some audio gear such as this http: Is there a simpler solution? You should be able to use any amplified microphone. I was just seeking this information for a while. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. Generally the top sites are full of garbage.

Anybody ever get the included PSS software to record? Seems like a major fault if someone just wanted to use a PC, especially if the inexpensive BlueIris software also works poorly very choppy.

I retested with a newer version of BlueIris, 3. Actually PSS will record from devices over the network. Finally able to install the camera outside and running IR, and I am seeing alot of noise at night time with the Auto default settings and wondering if I do have the latest firmware. Dahua cameras are very good for there price axis, geovision, acti all charge pluse for the same quality came. Are you able to capture p?

Also how much is it to add more camera license? Which fps do u get with 6 P cameras? Also which model version of NAS are u using that can do this?! I only have 2 cameras writing to the NAS, one 1. The rest go to my NVR software that doees not support Dahua. I will migrate to BlueIris when I get 2 more Dahua cameras on my desk installed. This is in a commercial sitation with heavy traffic and maybe you can have more as you may not have that much concurrent needs.

I am going to run with the bullet cameras from empire. They are cheapest I have found for this kind of system. Are you saying that once you clean the dome the blurring goes away? Or when you have the dome off completely? Just want to make sure.

When I take the dome off, the blurring goes away. When I clean the dome spotless and put it back on it is blurry on the edges. I will mess with it more tomorrow in the daylight. I have not had much time to mess with it this weekend. The blurring is at night or day or both? I get blurring at night, but I switch to color and it goes away which is light bleed from the illuminators.

I hope they fixed the design. It is visible during both day and night. I think I figured out the rubber piece on the lens is touching the dome and pushing against it. I have just not had the time to check out why and fix it yet. I think when the rubber piece touches the dome, it is pushing in and causing the blurring on the edges.

Dahua is really cranking out lots of different cameras lately. I see on their website the following: The autofocus cameras like from ACTi are amazing, work as you expect, nothing like the motorized lens cameras which I hated. If you set it to 30fps it drops back to p and would be equivalent to the 2MP model. Pentafive, what version of firmware do you have?

My camera came with 2. I think this may be the latest FW available? You can only go back to 30fps if you switch back to a lower setting. I just did not see enough to make a difference. Probably just needs to focused further out. I will post some later tonight. Just figured out how to post these two. There is a rubber lens adapter that extends out to almost touching the dome which prevents the light bleed.

I wish the night picture was better but I think that is due to no exterior lights where I have it mounted. It could be on the dome I have, the 1. I can tell no difference from the night shot from this camera vs the 3mp dome I bought. The 3 megapixel image does look a little better than the lower settings but I do not think it is worth the extra space to store it.

I am going to purchase the Dahua NVR next and get it up and running. I love their analog camera DVR that I have right now, just not enough picture quality. This review helped me pick what to buy! I love this camera so much that I just ordered some more from Kyle. Also, there is a new firmware out that adds WDR to the camera. NCC, shoot me an email and I will share it. Would be great to update the review with the new features. TGHD, you ask and you shall receive.

Just added my review on the 1. I wanted to buy it from a supplier that carries it but they have old stock and not the newer 3. I would only do that if I could at least break even if I resold the rest on ebay. Some wholesalers have minimum order size, meaning you have to order a few cameras minimum. Some have MOQ, minumum order quantity ranging from 12 to 48 cameras all of the same model. I am very interested in seeing the 3MP and the 1. I am using a 12volt power box in the attic to power it but I am having problems.

When it gets to night, the camera shuts down. I believe my power supply is not adequate for the camera and I have ordered a POE injector to fix this.

I will give you an update tomorrow. Pic quality seems to be about the same as this bullet cam as far as I can tell. When you get a chance can you post a file running at 3MB 15 fps versus 2MB 30fps. I would like to see the quality differences, if any, between them. Also, with IR turn on, any issue with IR reflecting back from the dome to the camera, especially at different camera pointing angles? These cameras do love power. If you buy a PoE switch, make sure it says full Some have half that total, like 30W for 4 ports and if you put 4 of these cameras on it, it will not work.

It gives you 4 full power PoE ports. Woot nice Finalwish looking forward to iCatcher adding Dahua to the list. You were correct I set up the Main stream and not the sub stream, I can see the pic now, thanks for that! Networkcameracritic you have the same set up as me Win7 64bit, I am trying to get the FTP server and the webservices going.

FTP is almost working but something is blocking the data in windows firewall. There must be somthing I need to open in the firewall. Did you set up any addtional rules in the firewall to get the webservices webpage to talk to the FTP server? They are cheap and more effective for FTP. What software are you using or could you suggest some places to look? Been in contact with iCatcher support, and they are going to add Dahua cameras to the next updated release of the iCatcher Console software.

Pretty good response from the iCatcher team. Am I right in saying that due to the pigtail connector I could connect this up to my analogue dvr and still get the good night time performance and the ip camera functionality? The purpose of analog outputs on this camera is to provide an easy way to aim and focus the camera on location using a handheld monitor but you can use it as an analog camera until you are ready to go the network route.

Pretty big price difference for 3MP vs 5MP. Can you help with the Pros and cons of each? Axis is improving their P33 series soon but have not seen an announcement yet. I should be able to get the new P33 domes when they come out but they are starting with their P dome first and likely work their way up the P33 line to introduce their Lightfinder technology. Did you modify the sub stream to mjpeg, but leave the mainstream as h and p?

Only the substream should change to mjpeg. Changing the substream via the Dahua Webservice itself by: For I-Chatcher Where do you change this? My camera is greyed out. Added the RSTP feeds under manual configurations. Do I need to do anything else? Well I wish I can Avigilon, but out of my price point. So far I like them both, they seem to be pretty decent in doing motion detection masking via those software. I had not completely installed the camera outside yet due to wiring issue, but just temporarily pointing it out a window.

This would work for side yard, but for the front I think I will need a much higher MP PTZ to capture the license plate of cars in the street. I tried digital zooming but not able to pick up license plate in the street during the daytime. They sell a 3MP version of the same camera for not much more money.

After that, the 5MP is a box camera meaning you provide the housing and illuminators. A PTZ will not help much with license plates unless you are there to manually work the camera. You can set presets and run a automatic patrol from preset to preset but the odds of capturing a plate at the right moment is small unless you are trying to capture plates from parked cars.

Camera is great love the picture both day and night. The sofware integration so far has been not as impressive. Couple of questions, PC is Win7 FTP for the Webservice software has anyone been able to get it going?

Filled out the FTP info on the webservices page. User ID and Password, Not working. PSS software managed to get it going works well but no zones I can mask out for alerts. The road that connects to the driveway, I would like to mask it out to stop the alarms. Anyone have luck with this? The software that comes with the camera is fine for my needs as I only have one camera for now and will build it out to 2 or 3 max.

Would be nice if the software would work properly, its possibly I am doing something wrong but the manual is not very helpful. Tried what you suggested, Pascal and not getting connected for some reason.

Use the following in VLC and conects fine. Need to play with it some more and see how useful it is versus the cost comparison. I was wondering what the going price for these are now? Also how much do these things pivot? The stock photos look inline. The Ads show a ball joint, but no measurements. Interested if there are night only cameras, since you say daylight struggle at night. Most crime near me is at night. The mount does pivot to 90 degrees and the camera rotates to make the image level.

The lower prices in China do sometimes come with minimum order quantities, funds transfer fees or additional fees for using PayPal, crazy shipping prices, and poorer support, so a trade off. NetworkCameraCritic, I have been playing with the i-catcher demo, and I am loving it. I used it years ago and found it sluggish, but it seems very responsive now. This is with recording enabled at max resolution on all cameras, motion sensing, object recognition, speed calculations I have one of the 5MP cameras set up to COUNT how many cars drive by in each direction, and snaps a picture of each one of them, while the VGA camera lets it record the average SPEED each driver is going and wow, I feel like inspector Gadget.

Looks a awesome on my quad-monitor setup. The object recognition feature is impressive. Are there similar options for the hobbyist, with the same features? I am using the software from Netvision and that seems to work pretty well. I just want to see what else is available and see how they compare. I posted how to add the Dahua cameras above. You should try to check the option that lets you use multistreams, and use the following:.

I would like to find a similar piece of software with a comparable set of features… does anyone have any suggestions? I think iCatcher has special syntax you can use in those URLs to specify certain options, like refresh rate for mjpg, etc. Also, I have been in touch with their support before. Please do, actually, because I might end up buying i-Catcher.

Getting a whole bunch of windows opening with error messages when adding rtsp to the device. What does i-chatcher costs? About What should we review next? Dahua P Bullet Camera. When you click on the Set tab, it takes you this configuration screen — Selecting menu choices on the left takes you to various options needed to configure the camera.

Notify of new replies to this comment. Hi, Did get any info about these cams? Are you planning to review one of those? Hi, I bought this camera a while ago, quite happy with image quality and in general, but I was planning to use the motion detection use it in combination with synology surveillance station. I just bought a ipc-hfw A very strange thing happened. After connecting the Ethernet cable and injector, I log on to Instead, I got the picture displayed!

However, after changing the IP address to one I preferred, I found that no other setup page was operational. There were two tabs in Chinese characters but when I click on them, nothing happened. But There was a picture! However, when I returned to it the next day, the picture was gone and it asked for the plugin install! But then all controls and configurations worked. The two Chinese tabs were gone. I did not check the firmware version the first day.

Now it says 2. Has anyone else experienced this? Hi, I purchased this camera a few days ago and it looks good. I see a couple of issues with it.

First, I can see two rings from the dome around it. One farther out towards the top and one closer in. I am not sure why it is seeing those from the dome, but it is.

The second issue, and one I could use help with if possible, is the webplugin. Meaning, I installed it at home and it works fine, but from anywhere else, it is not working. I get these errors: Top one is the first error and the bottom is the 2nd error and I never see an image. Does this camera need more than just port 80 to work remotely? Below is how I managed to get things working on my PC.

As it is found, right-click on it and select …. For good measure, I attempted to unregister every file in that folder.

I assumed that …. Sorry I meant f ei. I could also be interested in the f ei. Hello, Thanks for your quick reply. Hi, I m looking for this type of cam, maybe you could give me some advice, what I need: I m from Belgium btw Thx JP.

You can record events but playback is done via their free PSS software. You have to go through your vendor. I do not have a link unfortunately. Do you have a link for the latest firmware for this HFWc? The blue iris only works with windows. Do you absolutely need the high resolution? CPU usage will depend greatly on the algorithm used for motion detection. Another thing is whether the video is being re-encoded, saved as-is, and which compression format is used. Obviously, transcoding 4 HD streams to blu-ray format is going to make your computer choke.

It has 2 physical CPUs, and 4 cores, but they are older, slower Xeons. If I were going to transcode and record several HD streams at once, I would use a codec that takes advantage of GPU acceleration, like https: This is the official app from Dahua. I requested cameras from a few sources, just been a little slow. Hi, Thank you for your reviews and recommendations about different security cameras. Sorry the last questoin was actually for the 1. Hi there, Does this camera also come with PSS software or does it differ from the 3mp?

Thanks again for all your prompt and informative replies. You can request quotes for the various items. Hello all, I am looking for a serious seller on the web to buy: I live in France and here I do not find these wonderful cameras Help me please porto. Hello, I run a weather website and quite a few of us have webcam images on the website for the web site visitors to view.

Although not in this league, a popular camera is the Panasonic BL-C14 but I am seeking a camera that I can use with a 12mm lens to get a narrow 22 or so degree horizontal FOV. I was looking at the 1. I would hate to have to use the proven Panasonic BL-Ca camera. I thought the point of an IP camera was that if you knew the IP address, could view the image with something other than a proprietary interface, such as in an iframe or similar method. I was unable to find the link, but one of my fellow weather station owners has a blow-up snowman with a yardstick type thing next to it and is streaming the video on his weather site.

Instead of his wide angle image, I wanted to display a narrower FOV image. There are live stream videos all over the net so I thought what I was trying to do was a common thing? What that site is likely doing is using Silverlight on IIS. If you do not know what IIS is, give up now. Actually brand of camera is not important as long as it can stream via rtsp and most IP cameras do.

It says he is using Weather Display to make the stream work. Weather Display is the weather site software that both he and I are using. WD has some capability to work with some cameras. I read the spec and it says it needs a fairly powerful computer running Win7 or 8 just to support one HD camera. I do agree Flash will become archaic, but for now it is supported pretty well aside from Apple that is intentionally not supporting it as they view Adobe as a competitor.

I was a senior networking consultant for a major firm. I had clients like Northwest Airlines I was their head network consultant and other companies like Pillsbury. You can try http: Maybe a box camera is better for you. What are you really trying to do? Are you trying to embed video on a website straight from the camera that people can see live video or still snapshots?

If so, still snapshots should work with the URL above. Streaming to a website gets much trickier as most cameras rely on ActiveX or at best Java to display the image. What you can do is use NVR software like BlueIris to do this using any camera literally, webcam, IP cam, analog cam and they provide their own webserver that can feed embedded video on your website. This is a sample of exactly what I am trying to do: I would like a better camera than he is using which is why I ended up considering the Dahua.

Actually the Trendnet camera is 12mm out of the box but more than I want to spend. Hello, Do you recommend a vendor with regards to purchasing this camera? I dont have cables, I would like to do proper connections by myself. I wanted the best specs I could get on the cameras and so ended up buying four IR bullet cameras at cctvstar. So I was off and running and at some point decided to look at IP cameras. He suggested the cameras and the DVR above. This morning at cctvforum.

No it has nothing to do with how you power cables or camera. The op wants 2 x 2mp 1x 1. But that puts recorder at its absolute max. Better with 4x 1. NVRs that control camera are never good. I need to set up cameras in my backyard to catch the thief who is stealing Leyland Cyprus trees I planted and trespassing. All the IP equipment is Dahua which I have not received yet.

I want to use CAT5. The farthest run will be feet and it is a one acre forest in complete darkness. What else should I look at buying such as: Cable and connectors 2.

RS for the PTZ camera 3. Some way to power the cameras 4. Should I use any kind of PVC to protect cable? Why are you mixing the two. I can understand getting a hybrid NVR if you already have analog and want to add IP cameras to it but not from scratch. I then run it in conduit. It does cost more, maybe 5 times as much but worth it. Just in case anyone is interested in the setup as it did take some trial and error… The basic principal is that Motion Detection is triggered in the camera settings this was the confusing bit.

You need to tell PSS to take notice of the motion event being triggered at the camera. You can also set a record plan if you just want recording based on time. I monitor the Full area, but you can apply masking. Thanks for your review. Everything is working great now. I purposely picked it because it came with Surveillance Software and wanted to see if it would work with the HFWC. I also use the computer to stream the webservices to the NAS as a secondary feed and have had no issues as far as sleep or always on.

Do not ever tie a knot with this line without wetting it! My third attempt I took my time and did everything properly just like the first knot again.

The outcome was a good strong knot that did not seem to slip at all. I was a little nervous the first time I took this line out to the water, but I tied on my snap swivel and headed out with only this line.

There was that fear of getting a good fish and the line just coming loose for no reason. Fortunately my fears quickly disappeared when I got my shad rap caught on something. After a lot of pulling, and I mean a lot, the lure finally broke loose. I thought for sure after everything I had read that the knot was just going to slip and my lure was going to be gone.

Also, on top of the fear of the knot coming loose was that I was only using 8lb line. I can say that this line should have broke with the amount of force I put on it to try and get the lure loose, but it didn't.

When I got the lure in I checked the knot and everything looked just fine. So I decided to put the knot through even more hell.

After catching 10 fish with the largest being 4lb the knot is still good! In fact my swivel bent before this line has even come close to breaking. I dragged this line through weeds, bounced lures over sharp jagged rocks and even at one point without paying attention dragged it on a cement wall in front of me while retrieving my lure without it breaking. You can trust this line! Want to get maximum water coverage?

This is one thing almost everyone can agree on with this line. It can cast a country mile. You'll need to get use to it at first because you will be over shooting your targets. For me, being in a wheelchair, the distance I get out of it is a huge help.

There are a lot of times I can not get as close to the water as other anglers and I lose a lot of distance in my cast. NanoFil fixes that problem for me. As far as sensitivity I think it's amazing. I can feel just about every tap, tick and maybe even sniff of my lure ;0. I have yet to miss a hook up on a fish while using it. The line does like to run wild in the wind.

It looks like a strand of spider web floating through the air and can be hard to manage light weight lures or finesse tactics. When the wind and water is calm this line really shines with finesse presentations. You can see it well and feel a fish nibbling on your bait! I really don't have more to say on castability and sensitivity besides amazing.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Tired of your line looping on your spinning reels? This line has no memory that we have seen. Your line will lay flat on the water. I could write a ton more about this line but I'm not going to. The simple point I'd like to make is that don't believe all the bad things you've heard about this fishing line. The knots stay strong as long as they are tied properly and enough excess line is left incase of slippage. I don't think I'll use anything else besides this line on my spinning reels unless I'm fishing in very heavy cover.

In which case I'll probably be using my baitcast reel anyway. Also just so you know my first cast with this line was a month ago and I haven't re-tied the knot yet. I still have the same swivel on there and will report the first time I need to change the knot. Although I don't think that will be anytime soon.

NanoFil is truly an amazing line. This line is complete junk 8 pond test hook set on a pike instant snap junk. If you want good line use fire line 14 lb test I've caught 50 pound surgeons on it. If you want to be confident in your line use fire line no doubt about it I've hooked many pikes with no steel leader no problems. I'm living in Malaysia and using 6lb nanofil line for about a month. The line performed better during the cast even with the tiny micro lures.

Distance and sensitivity are good. The poor thing is only the line are changing to khaki color when it goes to murky or muddy water. Other than that, it keeps me enjoying my fishing. I'm going to use the Nanofil I've had it on there for a year or so. Last weekend in the evening, I rigged her up for panfish with a bobber, small hook and nightcrawlers no leader. Luckily, the drag was set. I fought for a full minute to get the fish to the beach.

I pulled out a 27 Chain Pickerel! All attitude and teeth. The line worked flawlessly, and I had tied that swivel on last year sometime.

My 7' fast action medium rod with a Lews Carbon Fire spinner has the Nanofil 12 line. I had a little trouble with the line "falling off" of the spool. It would loop and get caught on the line storage tab mid-cast. Although the line would snap tight, it never broke off. But it was maddening! So, now there is enough lip of the spool to hold onto the line. Haven't had a problem since. It was just too much line for the spool. I've caught 12 LM Bass between in the last year.

No breaks, no complaints. I've pulled my lures out of weeds and lily pads and the vegetation always gives up before the line. I just purchased my first bait cast set-up with a medium-heavy rod for hard hooksets with top water baits. I'll be setting it up with 17 Nanofil, and I expect it to be as good as the other two rigs.

I'm not sure why others are having breaks at the knot. Hell, they even give you a diagram for the "Nanofil" knot. I'm a complete noob and I had no problem. Back in the '70's, my grandfather told me that really skilled anglers were known for landing big fish on light to moderate gear. Why not just go to the glass case at the super market and get the fish there? I have to say that I was leery of this line but kind of tired of the memory in monfils, even the top line Berkely Professional.

I fished 4pound testNanofil on a St. Croix Avid 6'6" ultralight rod. Sensitivity was unparalleled, I missed hits since I was too fast in many cases. Pay attention to the knot. Take your time, wet it, snug it slowly. The one thing I noticed is that it is not as abrasion resistant as good monofil. I found that when you start to feel the line when casting, take off about 4 feet, reterminate and you will be fine. We fished Lake Chetac near Birchwood Wis. Over 85 hand sized Blue Gill and Crappies.

After the first day, I reterminated about twice a day when I felt the line and had not issues. Absoluteley love this line!! It is a JUNK! I bought a spool of Nanofil when it first came out in It's still on my reels and I have not noticed any deterioration beyond the normal amount for a superline.

I like the smoothness, sensitivity and the additional casting distance without the excessive limpness of braided lines. I've heard Nanofil doesn't take shocks well, but I always use a mono or fluorocarbon leader and rarely fish for species that hit like freight trains. I have never had problems with knots slipping or the line breaking, but I always wet the line when tightening a knot and I only use the heavier test lines. I went to my tackle shop and asked them about the line, they did not want to sell it to me, they agreed it is superb line to use, but they were fed up with people coming back complaining about breaking at the knot and with my limited experience of fishing to date they felt I would probably get more fustration from bad knots that enjoyment from the lines abilities.

They would only sell it to me so long as i was satified that I could tie a good knot, so currently I have not tried it ,,, but i am reviewing that. It also seems to me that the purpose of this line is more for float fishing as the presentation of the line is a key feature, this is my intended use anyway.

Surely many of they people have been misold the product as able to do something it cannot. I have a mono that has so much memory it almost coils itself back on the spool, but with a heavy feeder that is not a problem, i also have braid but i am turning away from that as i think it is starting to wear the guides and the lack of give in the line means i have pulled through the odd fish and do not like that.

I have been fishing with the line with light crappie jigs sliders ect and it seems like it takes a long time for lures to sink vs mono what do you think it seems like the line floats vs mono. After reading all of these reviews, I can't help but notice one thing. All of the critical reviews of NanoFil are riddled with poor grammar, poor spelling or written in all caps. On the flip side, all of the positive reviews are written eloquently by people who seem to actually know what they're talking about.

I am excited to try this line and not really worried about all of the negative reviews. It seems like the people who review this negatively are mostly incompetent, and I wouldn't trust them to tie a knot for me with any line.

I'll get back and write a real review after I try the stuff. Thanks to the author for your review. The knot that I normally use to tie my leader Alberto didn't hold very well. I used the Double Albright that is suggested on the packaging and have had no problems with it. The line casts very nicely 10lb test on a Shimano size reel. The claims that the line has no memory are a bit exaggerated. There is definitely line memory, although it's similar to braid. It seems though that the line is less prone to wind knots than similar diameter braid.

I haven't noticed any excessive fraying or weak spots. The line is similar in sensitivity to braid. I like this line. I'm not sure if I'll buy it again when the time comes to re-spool my dropshot reel, but I will definitely consider it. I've caught some decent sized smallies 5lb range since spooling this line. It performed flawlessly although so does PowerPro or Suffix, which are both less expensive. Overall this line does not seem like a breakthrough product to me.

It performs well and met my expectations, but I was hoping that I'd be pleasantly surprised. I usually fish with bright yellow or orange braid for visibility, and this may be what draws me back to braid for this application. After 3 years of using 12 nanofil the big problem of the line is that it takes a set and will form loops. Make sure you check the reel spool after the bail closes so that any loops can be removed before they are buried.

This year I will remove the line from all my reels and loop it around two large garage hooks about 6' apart for the winter. Hopefully the line will relax throughout the winter. I use Berkley Nanofil and the only problem I've ever had is with fraying, Knot strength is not a problem, If you wet your line and use a Improved clinch knot, Palomar knot or Nanofil knot, A Nanofil knot is a Palomar knot with an extra wrap at the top.

I have been fishing for 35 years. I use the Palomar and Trilene knots almost exclusively. I have never had such terrible line breakage at the knot as I have with the Nanofil line. I use a Shimano Stradic FC light weight reel. I thought I would give this line a try as it is touted as being a good casting line with little to no memory.

I have to say that I will gladly give the balance of my line to anyone who wants it. I am good at tying knots. This line appears to be very abrasive. The line does not slide at all well. I went back to my 8 base line with a 4 leader and am having a great time fishing.

As far as I am concerned I would rather buy four lures or whatever instead of this line. I consider this line to be the worst line I have ever tried. I much prefer the monofilament and fluorocarbon lines to the Nanofil. Like I said, I will give you this line for free.

I don't even have it in my tackle box any more. It is not worth the weight or the space it takes. I have Nonofil on both my rods - 10lb on baitcaster and 44lb on beachcaster. Even with the 44lb, I can't cast a 1oz lead without it snapping on me. It's not snapping at the knot, it's just snapping partway down the line about halfway from releasing the cast to the bait hitting the water. It's not worn at all, it's brand new line - only one week old.

Guides are clean and smooth, nothing else wrong, been checking line for abrasion and have used it according to spool leaflet. I have lost so much gear this last week, that it's costing me more in replacing hooks, sinkers and swivels that it did to buy the Nanofil! I've previously used 20lb mono and braid lines with 4oz sinkers on the beachcaster - half the breaking strain, four times the weight and NEVER had this issue. The same thing happens with the 10lb line on my baitcaster when using a 20g lure.

I'm going back to Mono for now, as I'm too broke to be able to afford braid for a while thanks to all the tackle I've lost on the Nanofil and have to replace. Having looked through a few of the comments I think it's important to provide a few points for people to think about:. Berkley NanoFil is not available in 44lb test rating. Perhaps the reviewer is mistaken on the brand and line they have spooled up on their beachcaster.

NanoFil is, however, available in 10lb test. That being said, NanoFil is intended to be used on a spinning reel and is not recommended to be used on a baitcaster. Due to the extremely thin line diameter when used with a baitcaster the line will cut into the spool and may compromise performance of the line and cause user issues.

Therefore, the statement that the line "decomposes" after weeks is unfortunately false. Like any tool, Berkley NanoFil has an intended purpose and works well for certain presentations. If you are looking for one line to be used with any and all applications there are other lines out there that might be better suited to your fishing conditions. Hope this helps clear things up a bit! I just finished testing a new spool of 8lb.

NonoFil for the most common compaint which is knot breakage. So far I have only tested with the improved clinch knot using 6 wraps. I tied it to a barrel swivel and the other end of the barrel swivel to 40lb.

I tested it dry and then after soaking in bath tub with salt in water. Non of the knots slipped at all but 4 out of 10 broke at the knot with 5lbs. I did wet the line before cinching. This failure rate with knot breaks is not acceptable to me. Hopefully a different knot will be more reliable. Someone above mentioned the trilene knot which does have a double wrap at the knot. I will try this with the same test procedure and let everyone know the results.

I like to use spinning gear, small lures in clear water. This line does it all very well, and you do get a great deal of extra casting range, and it performs on spinning reels exceptionally well.

As for all this stuff about breaking at the knot, most of that I assume is operator problem I have no problem and just spent three days casting a Rooster Tail spinner ten hours a day three days straight and finally lost my Rooster Tail when a sharp toothed pike hit like a train.

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