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But all i know is flirch medias are set-up to help poeple meet there neeed or what they want heart desire. Or if i may ask, are these medias set-up for funs? Some may also says credit card but still. I write to comment that if this mediasare to help its customers then am pleading to them stop this higly and expensive joks. I then end here with my small serious expirences.

And also waiting to have my sweet test of woman from your media without delay. Live is evry short poeple are here to play many are times. We have already established that this website is connected to numerous scams such as BangBuddies. I signed up for freebangbuddies this morning and as you stated I was getting emails and IM's almost immediately.

Something didn't seem right so I emailed them the question. If this site is free than why the credit card. They stated to verify age. After work I logged on again. What tipped me off was the search results I would get. They all said about the same thing and most were from the same town. Has anyone ever had this site create its own profile for you randomly and email u the info to it?

This is literally why I was searching the internet. They used my email to make an account and tried to get me to "verify the account". I foolishly signed up for Bangbuddies. I read that I had a 14 day grace period to cancel my subscription and get a full refund. Well, everything was great, got chatting with "a lady" who knows really who wasn't far from my town. Tried to set up a time to meet and she had all the excuses.

Then one night out of the blue she messaged me saying she wanted ucking right now!!! Well I had been drinking so couldn't take her up on her offer, she then said well let's try for the weekend. Great I though, weekend comes and she says Subday afternoon.

I ask where to meet her and she says I will let you know on the day. Well Seunday came around and I messaged her and no response. It was only then I realised that Sunday was the end of my grace period on the money back option!!!!!

I have heard nothing from said lady and received no other messages from any members since!!!! Hopefully someone will learn from my mistake. So what are real sites to meet couger, cheating people, just real sites that real people want to have sex. This should be taught in HighSchool, part of general education. I have b een a "victim" ot this partly to have a little bit of fun as I knew it was a fraud but needed to find out at to what extent. My first clue was the demographics.

A small town of less than a hundred people that has over female creatures flaunting their tits was the first red flag. The second was the interior of the houses. The third was the number of "wives" wanting to cheet on their husbands exposing their faces and naked bodies to boot, like how well would that go over in divorce court. The forth was the unwillingness to never meet. The fith was the desire for pointless sex chat fantasy to make one have to buy more tokens, for more sex chat, to buy more tokens for more sex chat , to buy…….

Maturesforfuck, fat flirt, flirt all have "hidden" charges were they bill your accout for each online chat like a text message. The are always promoting webcam models and some of the female creatures also troll there to generate business for their own sites. Milf Addicts and Milf Aholics are upfront about buying more tokens.

One more scam I hope you can address is "adult verification. I hope you can address this issue and forewarn us men folk. This is something that in not in the fine print of any website documentation. The sites also forwarn against dating out side the suggested practices noted in the fine print. And the emails are all computer generated garbage, none of the emails are sent from real women who actually want to meet you. As you can see circled in red is says "upgrade your membership". This is what it all boils down to.

They want you to upgrade and buy a monthly subscription to Swipe Sluts. This is the end goal of sending automated emails to a 73 year old man. What other reason would there be for 20 years old to contact a guy in his 70s? It's a big con job and you are the target. And remember that the emails are all sent from bots not real women. You are interacting with a computer not real people, ever!

A screen shot of the email messages we received from bots. In the online world anything is possible using bots. Take the screenshot below of the girl in the pink bra. That is supposed to be a video of a girl who is live and typing to us a 73 year old man directly.

But is that what's truly going on? Of course not, it's all a joke on anyone who thinks this is a real girl actually typing to you. By now you should understand that the people who operate this site will do anything they can think of to deceive you. They see you as a way to make money. With that being said lying by using a video that is prerecorded to make you think it's a live video is what they will do in order to make money from you. When you try to initiate conversation back to the girl in the video guess what?

You need to upgrade! It says "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership see evidence circled in red below. And that is the exact reason these pretend "live web cam girls" are used. Using the same exact automated software program that sends fake emails they also use it to send us "notifications". All the notifications were from virtual not physically existing people made by a software program profiles.

We received notifications that female members had viewed our profile, sent us emails and sent us instant messages. But they were all phony women and obviously no one view our profile or sent us and email. It's all a marketing strategy to send you communications fake emails and instant messages to get you to respond to the virtual women, so you will need to upgrade and buy a membership. Fake notifications from made up women who do not exist.

We've been talking about made up emails, pre recorded web cam chat messages and phony instant messages. The center of all of this is the counterfeit profiles that encompass the whole site like a giant octopus.

There are fictional women everywhere. Every single profile we viewed of women were fictional. There wasn't even one profile that was real! How is this even possible? Well when you break it right down SwipeSluts.

Yes the site functions like a dating site, but to have a real dating site you need to have real profiles of real women who actually joined the site looking to meet someone. On this site that's not going to happen. They have a name for the profiles that they themselves have designed and created. They call them "Love Stars". You can see how to identify a "Love Star" by looking at the logos circled in red below. This is also a full size view of the "LS" logo. Anytime you see this little logo on a profile run in the other direction.

Every email we received and every instant message we got was from a "Love Star". Example of a "Love Star" that contacted us.

Example of "Love Stars" on Swipe Sluts. All the emails and instant messages and nude female profiles are all part of their master plan of getting you to upgrade. Once they get you on the upgrade page they still haven't stopped trying to rip you off. They triple bill your credit card by charging you to VibeVideo. These 2 sites are porno sites and they bill you to these 2 web sites without your knowledge or your consent.

That's why they work so hard to try and convince to buy a membership. Screen shot of agreement showing you must agree to the terms and "Love Stars".

We know so much about how this site operates their deceptions because they outline their whole agenda in their terms and conditions page. They talk about about how nothing in their "Love Stars" profiles is real. They also confess that they send automated emails and chat messages to their members. It's jaw dropping the stuff they admit to on their own web site.

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