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ShagFun On the Internet and Mobile

One of the first things we did for this investigation was to create an account so we could log into the members area and see what was really going on behind the scenes. As with all our other reviews we never uploaded a single photograph or filled out any personal information when we created our dating profile.

This is done for a specific reason and that reason being that no women would bother contacting, emailing or sending instant messages to a guy who doesn't have any pictures or info on his profile. But, as you will see in this investigation the exact opposite happened.

This would be considered strike number one against Shag Hunt. Does it make any sense to you that we're getting flooded with email messages from hot looking girls with naked photos in their profiles, of course not! How is it possible that we received 17 emails from scantily clad and many times nude women?

Remember our personal profile is empty. Below you can see a screenshot of the various emails that we received while on this dating service. All of these messages are fictitious, none of this is real. All the emails are generated and sent via computer software programs called bots which is an abbreviation for robots. The phony emails are used to entice men into purchasing a monthly membership to interact with the females on the site.

Unfortunately for you all the girls on the website are completely phony and fictitious. None of this is real, all of this is like a mirage. It looks as if you're on a legitimate website but everything has been purposely created as a fantasy to dupe you into purchasing a monthly subscription. The email messages look like they're authentic but once again computer software programmers are tricking you. By inputting messages that the programmers have written into the software it appears as if local women want to hook up with you and get to know you.

This is one big massive fraud used to get into your pocketbook. The reason we know this is because we've done hundreds of reviews and using computer bots is a staple in the fake online adult dating industry. And once again we need to point out the fact that for this investigation our profile was empty there was no pictures in the profile we didn't input any personal information so there's absolutely no reason that any women would want to contact us.

But surprise, surprise of course we did receive emails why because everything's been generated by a computer system trying to deceive people into upgrading. The end result of course is that the website makes millions of pounds from gullible web users who think they're going to hook up with local girls.

This website along with many hundreds of others that we've exposed uses simulated phony profiles. The profiles are not male profiles but specifically only profiles of women. This is because it's very easy to get men to join these type of sex dating sites but the amount of women joining a hookup site like this is very minimal compared to the amount of men.

To make up for the discrepancy and shortfall with female profiles ShagFun. Everything in the profiles is bogus from the pictures right down to all the personal information.

Then of course what they use these profiles for is to lure you into buying memberships. And like the hundreds of other fake hookup sites that we've exposed over the years this one is absolutely no different. The fact that they reveal and detail everything directly on their website on their terms page. They tell us that by using their service ShagFun.

Of course that's a fact because as we've already proven all of this is one big facade, mirage of lies and deceit. They also admit that the website is an "entertainment service".

That may not sound like a very startling statement but Shag Fun is supposed to be a dating site NOT an entertainment service. Why then are women sending us flirts and emailing us on ShagFun. None of it makes sense. If these were real women we wouldn't be getting emails from them. Why would they want to email someone that they have no idea about? They don't have any clue as to what we look like and we've also not filled in the personal information so they don't know anything about us.

But miraculously we're still getting correspondence from women on this site why is that? The answer is this. Because this website isn't real, it's all a facade. We will explain more of this further in our review as you continue reading but just understand logically it makes no sense to get emails, instant messages and winks when your profile is empty.

It's nonsense and it's all rigged to trick you so you buy credits. Screen shot of our blank profile page. While we were reading the terms and conditions page we came across an interesting paragraph where they mention that ShagFun is an "entertainment site". The owners of this dating service consider their website an entertainment service NOT a dating service. This is important for us to reveal because it it shows the thought process behind the owners of this website. Their intention is not to build a dating service where you can find someone, their intention is for you to be entertained.

They want you to be entertained the same way you would if you were watching a football game or a movie. Their goal is not for you to find someone on their dating site because it's not a dating site and they obviously understand that. This is a website built on the false premise that it's a dating service that can bring people together when in fact all it's one massive sham.

It's all fake from start to finish. And the website admitting their website is nothing more than an entertainment service proves that this site is a fraud.

Another fun fact that we found a while reading the terms and conditions is where they stated that you need to "be aware that member profiles, messages and communications may not be genuine. We already figured that out on our own but any piece of evidence just adds more credibility to our investigation. And the big question here is why are we receiving any emails at all? Remember our profile is blank so we shouldn't be getting any emails especially 6 emails in under 30 minutes of joining this site.

And the profiles from the women emailing us are of beautiful nude women. All of this lends credibility to our claim that this website isn't legit.

These aren't real women emailing us, they are highly sophisticated computer software bots that are built from the ground-up to mimic and act like a real user. That's why the emails looks so real it's because they're using a form of artificial intelligence created by a computer programmer.

And the real scam here is that if you want to read the email messages from these nonexistent fake women you need to purchase credits. When you purchase credits that money goes directly into the pockets of the owners of ShagFun. Screen shot of the bogus emails we received.

Not only did we get email messages that were used to trick us into buying credits but the website also sends people automated phony "Winks". These "Winks" are used to get you interested in the girl supposedly flirting with you.

Unfortunately there is no girl flirting with you and it's all part of their deception to get you to buy credits. And lasty one more tool at their disposal is when the phony women add you to their "favorites list". We've experienced this first-hand where women were adding us to their favorites list.

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