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Getting laid here is very easy and I am not talking about hookers. Stefano October 26, at 7:

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Great Website, this sounds very promising. Are you still around and would like to got out? Stay here until 23rd of November. I just leave Mongolia UB after 3 years of work there. After 3 year , i can say that is not need to see prostitute, or to pay for sex, the tips is to be patient. Once your get the mobile number or the Yahoo id of the girl you want to fish, the secret is to be very romantic…Nice words, bla bla, invite her to see the beautiful countryside, buy a small present, etc… To my experience in this strategy, I can get a girl in my bed in 3 or 4 days of romantic chat….: YES, you are very right.

I have lived here for a long time, meanwhile married to a Mongolian girl who brings me girls when I want. With most of my friends leaving or left Mongolia, I am retired living in UB if anyone would like to share a drink or ten, let me know.

I am here in UB till August 6. As I was notified on the 10th of August I sadly cannot help, but if you return I know of many places where young women can be obtained without heaving out bundles of cash as with the Big Irish.

David, thanks for meeting up with me. Had a good time. In the meantime take care and enjoy your weekend pass! If you are looking for a relationship with a Mongolian woman, I know someone that is looking for a Western man.

I have been single for four months now and have dated as young as eighteen, and I am 69! Hi David, in UB during September Tried to contact you. As I live next door to the traffic police HQ three small cops came out to see what was going on, and when I was asked for my ID fell about laughing, I can only think it was my age! Four other incidents resulting in Mongolians for no reason attacking, and badly beating up ex pats have come to my notice, so be very careful.

But most guys will score at the Grand Khan Irish pub, but downplay your job, the more important your job sounds the more money will be asked, suggest you say you work for a charity. In UB for business, and looking for a nice young lady for a night or two. Someone sent this link to me. I am disgusted by your comments, people. I am a Mongolian American woman, and your comments make it look like Mongolian girls are some horny cheap bitches. It is true that some Mongolian girls are very beautiful and exotic looking.

Have some respect for those women, would you? Been here 2 nights n will b in ub 4 another 18 nights. So far no mongol gals but i am here to finnish a job cuz of this innutils mongolians dont know how to do it. Hotel so far ok but service is shit. I also look at this discussion and i am really surprise and sad… I am Mongolian man. Our country is not dirty as you say. We are a old country with a lot of tradition. The foreigner come here with their Dollars and turn the head of some but not all… Our woman are naturally nice and god woman.

If you come here in Mongolia for sex trip, you will get trouble for sure. Respect our country our people. I am a Mongolian. I promise you, my country is not the destination for sex. If you look for sex in my country, you should be aware that we are easy to fight even without reason, specially to foreigners. If I see one of you with Mongolian girl, you will get your deserved harm for sure. You know I fucked your sister and two cousins in the ass.

And when you saw me in the street with them, you waved hi with a stupid smile…. Well, what Sander is saying is technically true! Mongolia is not your typical sex destination. Nothing like Thailand or some other East Asian countries.

You need a local friend to take you to the real action. Unless you speak Mongolian and have a lot of connection, you just scraping the surface. Also, it is true that Mongolian guys want to beat you up at the first chance they get. The massage shops are now observed closely by the police, so forget it if you want more than a massage, the streetwalkers have been cleared off from plying their trade starting from last year and now get the train to Earling a town over the border in China to find work.

Hookers can still be found in the Grand Khan pub, but want too much for their services so unless you are willing to pay Tugs be prepared to live like a monk for the time you are here. Eight months ago the government put a block on internet porn so even looking after oneself is not an option! We need harmony, we need love and respect, also understanding each other and we look for a nice guy to be with for a long time.

NOT for only one or couple of nights with someone!! Went out last week scouting for Jon who is over in a month or so, I have seen more action in Vatican City then one can find here now! And no worries, I beat up them loud-mouth fudge-packers like you all the time. If you read history, unlike other Asian countries, Mongol Women are well respected, strong and smart.

At least both parties know what is being offered and what is being serviced. Khalkha Mongolian, do you know the best way to learn it?

I hope you or someone else living in Mongolia can answer me! My fellow foreigners, I am not surprised that you are looking from the angle of how to f….. But I am wondering not looking into the culture and the life of people in Mongolia. In fact the people in Mongolia are strong due to the circumstances in live and they have to work hard for it and its good that the country in changing the illegal fun business.

The picture then shows that they are sharing their ideas about political world and interesting views from their perspective. Please be aware that Mongolian women drinking sometimes as well which results in aggressive behavior. However, Mongolian ladies are more controlled and they are more clear of that what they want. As the Mongolian writers before I think they are right in the way how the people here writing about women as fresh flesh.

Fucking loser who think to be king cause they have a few bucks in their pocket. Be real men for a start before to want a woman, does your money replace your balls? Mongolian girls like anywhere on this world want to be seduce and respected. Mongolian guy like anywhere on this world can be good, bad, violent or alcoholic.

I would like to see your face if a foreigner in your country would go to see your sister or your mother and ask them to suck for money? Start by respecting yourself if you want to be respect and this is an universal truth. I used to live in Oulan Bator for several months last year and i never had serious problem except cold winter. Hey this thread alive? Any one know some good places to take a chick on a date in ub?

Dec Jan time, preferably not a western joiny. Hey John Wayne, I agree with you. I am going to write a hopefully very positive review of my time in UB. I read up on most of the above threads before I went there this last Oct. Good advice but way off on some levels. I was on a bit of a remote excursion into the hinterlands of Mongolia, but took about a week in UB just to hang out.

This is how it went for me when I was in town. First day there I was in a museum and saw a very beautiful Mongolian girl who caught my eye. She had auburn hair and hazel eyes but otherwise Mongolian features. I have lived in Asia Korea, Thailand, Vietnam on and off for most of my adult life so this girl caught my eye as being extremely exotic even by Asian standards.

This beautiful woman could have snubbed me and walked away when I worked up some courage and made some small talk with her; thankfully she did not.. Come to find out we had a LOT in common, like, for instance, she had traveled even more places than me on this lonely planet. It was fortuitous that we both had some time to kill in UB..

I have been traveling most of my life and meeting girls in many places,,,, opposites attract, right? This smart, beautiful woman took me all around UB, to the amusement park, to the Imax, to all night private Karaoke singing with her friends, and then on to late night disco dancing with lots I mean lots of other Mongolians all around us.

Not once did I feel threatened by other Mongolians and actually think that other than South Korea this is one of the safest places to be after dark I have been to, but, it always pays to be cautious. This was one of those chance encounters you rarely get, and never forget and this person has left a strong effect on my heart. By the way, she never asked me for any money; this was just two people on equal terms attracted to each other. There are no places like this left, simply put.

That does not make them Xenophobic. I easily made friends when I was here and most of them were men. They are smart, cosmopolitan, beautiful and a lot of fun.

All you guys are just a bunch of assholes who do you lot think you are Just because you have money you think you are great reading your comments says what you are low life the Mongolians are 20 time better than any one of you they have brains looks and respect. LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 4th, at 1: Unknown to many, the album was originally scheduled to have been released the year before: It has produced four top 20 singles included three consecutive top-ten hits and one chart topper.

The album was deemed a success after it debuted at No. In-line with its record sales, a new platinum edition of the album was released on 3 May featuring four new songs, [3] including new single " Until You Were Gone " featuring Dutch singer-songwriter Esmee Denters. Unknown to many, 'Muhammad Ali' was also meant to be a single off his album back when it was recorded in A video was also shot to support the song; whilst the visuals feature other UK artists such as Ghetts, Frisco, Scorcher and many others.

In its second week on the chart, the album fell 6 places to No. The album spent 8 weeks in the Top 40 albums, before falling to No. Chipmunk chose to re-release the album, with 4 extra tracks, including " Until You Were Gone ", the lead single from the re-release. The album re-entered the Top 40 on 9 May at No.

The sayings and pictures in here range from simple to down right crude and naughty. Perfect for that rotten person we all love.

Of course I did censor those in my photos , but I'm sure you get the drift. I would probably order this again or even something similar for a gift idea. We had a good laugh over some of these pages. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: Paperback All formats Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. There was a problem loading comments right now. By QueenKrista on April 16, I absolutely love the designs and artwork in this book! I wear corsets and heals and am loving coloring the pics how I dress!!

Only for those with a good sense of humor and taste ;. By illestmomof4 on September 3, Pictures are horrible, in my opinion. I could have drawn better ones than this. I thought about giving it to someone as a gag gift because otherwise I'm not going to use it.

One person found this helpful. I loved the original and decided that I had to get this one, too. The designs are so fun to color and I love that there are extra pages without any words in both books because sometimes, it's just fun to make a shoe even more gorgeous or try a different color combination on a corset.

This book might not be for everyone, but I love it! By Chenieka on May 28, I love love love this coloring book!! It is not for overly sensitive type of person!

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