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Why would the Oromo choose chaos, when they have their land, autonomy, national anthem, flag are are free to practice their language and share in economic prosperity, which is a unique opportunity in Ethiopian history?

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So even if it has some toxicity, it is probably of least impact and could never cause any sort of epidemic problems. Guerrilla fighters and democracy? This reminds me of a question a westerner asked Mahatma Gandhi years ago.

The question to Gandhi was: It would be nice if any guerrilla fighters could deliver democracy. Maybe that would set a good precedent for Medrek, in case they end up in power by force or not because they were mostly guerrilla fighters in their past life.

These chaps, such as Nitricc, Ted and the rest, are people one is unlikely to associate with in real life. They are from the lower strata which you can tell from their mannerisms, language and depth of understanding.

Here we are, the internet has put us in the same classroom. So, it is a hard job, but I am using this opportunity to train them. It is not why say or do; our cousins are in deep shhhht.

The Oromo and the Amara are negostioting who gets what. The Oromo wanted the Weyane heart to rip it from its cage. And the Amara wanted the head of the weyane as is. On this kind of situations; how do you want them to act? Time has arrived Beseferut Quna Mesefer. Dear RoL, Teff is becoming a super food and the crop of the future that would feed the growing world population, and yet you and Abi are condemning Teff to extinction.

Have pity on poor old Teff. It is said to be rich in protein, minerals especially iron and calcium and it is gluten free. Teff flour is made in to biscuits, porridges and other items, and it replaces wheat and rice for people sensitive to gluten. Moreover, cheap electricity in Ethiopia will solve the problem of deforestation.

Quinoa is another super food, but unlike Teff it is very difficult to cultivate outside the region it normally grows, while Teff grows over many latitudes. Future technologic innovations in farming surely will improve yield and solve other problems. I vote for Teff, even though I have a long time to eat enjera, unfortunately.

Hi Horizon, Amde and all I wish Teff could efficiently be produced in a way that the farming community is able to meet the excessively high demand of our growing habesha consumers but I think even in the 21 century this supper grain is being harvested by way of labor intensive ancient farming methods which is why its price has been skyrocketing to the point majority of the low income population can not afford it for this reason Teff has become a luxury to the affluent segment of the Ethiopian society.

I will be surprised if modern machinery such as combiners are utilized in the Teff farming sector. I reckon Teff is highly nutritious so much so that you can live on it without additional nutrients however the fact that there has not been a breakthrough in modern farming technology to increase its yield is making the ratio of supply and demand all the more out of whack. I recall not very long ago, the Ethiopian government had banned the export of Teff due to the fact that the grain is in short supply even to meet local consumption.

Teff gets compared to crops that have had two centuries of agricultural science and engineering behind them and gets dismissed. Hi Rule of Law Any crop with high yield will do. I care less As long as we are not hungry. Selam Abinet, How come you are too much into corn? Nutritionally, corn is nowehre close to Teff. They have even started calling teff superfood. What we need is modern agricultural practices and we will do just fine with teff.

Corn is core Maize is Amazing! Teff is for the rich Beyond our reach. Teff super food For those who can afford Deha yibla beqolo Endihon melelo! Why you laughing about our coffee, you know it is a rare type that we do not export jealous as always. Do you know in Canada teff is horse feed, you can import it at cheap price while switching to corn.

Teff injera can then be for the rich only. Merhaba AOsman Tes was lamenting that his mother in Eritrea could not afford coffee. I think you export everything you harvest to the West. All 2 quintal of coffee a year. It worse than that for Nitricc. Addis Yelem, Something is wrong with you. Addis, Well did you start with salutation? They are kind of strict on that. We are getting somewhere with my invstigation. PTS The wardiyas over here are arresting comments while the wardiyas in my country are killing my people.

I had a feeling that if they are tolerating you over here, it had to be at the high price of having you defile everything the Ethiopian gov. They need the obsessive hatred of Eth. They would kill to have the usually fiercely nationalist Amharas reduced to the rank of perpetual complainers to slow down the habesha nation. Like those DC esat morons.

You Sudanese nomads have no integrity, no heart, no intellectual confidence in your jihadi propaganda! Over all,in my opinion,the analysis is ok but quite softer and at times,it sounds a bit partial as if the lives of 75 people is worthless!

To keep the Dam in Tigray??? Sounds a dream and impractical but considering the expansionist ambition of the TPLF,it is possible! Therefore people have the right to speculate based on history! This is my opinion! But nowadays the once powerful empire appears to show signs of crack. Now that the matriarch hyena has disappeared indefinitely, the pack is finding it difficult to survive on its own.

This is unheard of in the status quo and in the future, the people of Ethiopia in general will use the opportunity as a leverage to ask for more. And to that end, they have done a great job amassing massive amount of wealth in secret accounts. This is the best analysis I have read by an author who command a deep knowledge in the Ethiopian political affairs and thank you.

Dear awate, Ok I change my comment to — you are the awate we know and love, and with this fine article you look taking the path of Tshreen on line. It is not about Addis master plan all these things are happening. It is the collection of events that happened against the people of Oromo.

That is happening between the lords; the Weyane and the Oromo people. The greedy Weyane are destroying what the Best Ethiopia has to offer. We are not even talking about the Welkayit case. That case in its self is a nuclear bomb ready to go off. They are openly declaring that by saying we are not Tigryans. They want the land to be returned as well as their identity as Ye-Gonder Amara.

Not to mention the land that belongs to Gonder was given to Sudan silently as bribe. The up rising is on and Ethiopia under Weyane will never be the same. The only thing the way out of this is if Egypt tries to attack Ethiopia, then only the then the Ethiopian people are united.

It is really funny to see Peace! Ted, Nitricc and Hope to talk on behalf of Ethiopians while opposing any move from outside that talks about Eritrea.

Worse now Niticc is assuming himself as Oromogna. What more these PFDJ agends can say? It is the other way around. There are no boundaries to injustice and persecution. I think you missed my point. Plus, I put as follows: What else can a citizen gain more than avoiding fear. Got it, thank you! It has not been easy for opposition groups to partnership with TPLF that never interested on stable and democratic Eritrea. MN, all governmnets are greedy by their nature; the only difference is how they hold up in meeting the least things that people demand.

You are right, many of the TPLF leadership have found corruption to be irresistible. How is it possible for someone on a government salary to turn into a millionaire purely by magic?

In so far as the issue of corruption is concerned, the TPLF have have failed miserably. But, on the other hand, your claim that the PFDJ robs to give it to the less fortunate is false. The PFDJ have sucked the oxygen out of the economy, strangling private enterprise. The facts on the ground also indicate that the ordinary, but proud, people of Eritrea have been reduced to begging.

Other than businessmen connected to powerful Generals, it is only those people who have relatives abroad that are able to survive in the current economic climate. Furthermore, the PFDJ Generals have become zonal warlords with unlimited access to free labour and a tight grip over the black market economy, siphoning off money to numbered accounts abroad.

What all Ethiopians and some thankless and gutless Eritreans failed to understand is that Eritrea and her leadership are the only once who taker care their veterans.

Even the great USA, failed what Eritrea do exceptionally. In the USA, when you are in-service and holding gun; you are a hero and every one thanks you for serving. Once you are out of the service and the gun; you are homeless; you addict, ill from PTS, and ultimately commit suicide. You will be amazed how many veterans are suffering and committing suicide and the Government is doing nothing with its wealth. As poor as Eritrea is; she is taking care of her veterans.

Eritrean leadership is not stashing the money like the weyane are doing it. There are some values the government that should be measured and evaluated on. You sound Tigryan; tell me the truth, do you think the people of Tigray should be starving? After all what they did to bring those corrupted leaders on to power? Worst; the majority of Ethiopians think that the people of Tigray are benefiting because the leaders are from Tigray!

So, when I say PFDJ shares its resources with the people at least the people have a clean water to drink and something to eat. They had a potential to achieve even higher, but they ended up blundering left and right. But still, with some reform, they can put things in order. The issue of veterans in the West is very sad.

Am I wrong to say that you have lived neither in Eritrea nor in Ethiopia? Are you originally from Outer Mongolia? Eritrea taking care of its veterans, really? Hi MN it is funny a begging African can make fun of Sicily. For that matter about anyone. Besides when good at bagging you need a good English to get what want.

I am not a Tigrayan. If the Tigrayans make you feel hot under the collar, feel free to go and fight them rather than vomiting illiterate junk day in day out; this is not changing the reality. Hi MN a monkey from Africa can not make a fun of Sicily. The end of the story. Obviously you have no idea. I can waste my time with professional baggers. When you use Ad hominem attack on others, which is a logical fallacy, you are also inviting a similar attack on yourself. Do you understand what I just said?

You are still calling me monkey, beggar, Tigrayan, Dedebit etc. You think I am like Hayat when name called? No, I will make you cry for mercy. Oh my god, Nitricc, you have again missed your night classes! Self-reliance, self-improvement is the slogan. Selam aron I agree that authorities have the duty of ensuring public safety. While I recognize that the state has the responsibility of ensuring law and order, I also understand that unrestrained actions of the state forces people to get more militant.

In most cases, we listen to organizers, elders, religious leaders, village elders, educated figures of the community…etc. Therefore, if there is a will by the state to let demonstrators express their views peacefully, the police can exploit these social values where people can police themselves while conducting the peaceful demonstrations.

Experience has taught them that either they have to protect themselves while demonstrating or forgo the right of doing so because they have lost faith in the police force. My question is why? Why were some regions pushed to the brink where it seemed to them that the only way that they could assert their voice would be through organizing militantly?

They have concluded that the police would attack them if they were to go out carrying the demands they wanted heard according to the way they wanted them carried out, i. The state has the responsibility of upgrading its riot control mechanism.

It has the responsibility of upgrading the capacity of its police force. For instance, there was news of an unarmed mother protecting the arrest of her son who was shot to death along with her son, high school kids shot at, or clubbed to death…etc. Those news bother me dear aron. Therefore, it is a responsible thing to pressure authorities to change their behavior. Hi Mahmud, I have no problem with pressuring Govt when they mess up or dialogue to get better results.

I actually have no problem with people protesting to make their grievances heard. In this case the people have real concern tha t the city is expanding into their villages. I hope the government will solve the problem to the peoples satisfaction. What I dislike is the opposition that could not and would not find one issue they could agree with, so much so if the people demand the master plan be implemented tomorrow, the opposition will flip flop in one day and demand the plan be implemented, take advantage of the public unease and turn it into complete crisis.

The Government should also recognize heavy handed dealing could backfire and apply some wisdom. May the cool heads win. Thanks for the reply. Yes, may the cool heads win! The powerful are always protected by multilayered interests.

Plus, the issue of land and the push-pull of interests involved as illustrated in the quoted portion of your reply above are issues developing countries grapple with.

I also want to commend you for your levelheaded comments which hold one to get straight up when issues such as this occur. I always choose not to compare and contrast Ethiopian and Eritrean governments. In fact, before this article showed up, I urged people not to make that mistake when debating the issues concerning solely Ethiopia.

They should be debated in their own since the primary driving dynamics are the result of the relationship between the people and the government of Ethiopia. It is by nature that I tend to relate to subjects; I grew up seeing people abused by authorities, be it Ethiopian or Eritrean; I sympathize with all the people of Ethiopia because they sympathized with Eritreans during our struggle as evidenced by the moral, political, military relations their rebel groups had with Eritreans; during our independence….

It is within this line that I sympathize with Tigreans, who might have migrated peacefully to the affected areas, have now found themselves hunted down by thugs. Therefore, I carry no bias towards certain social group. Hi Vet Mahmud I can not thank you enough. Your last sentence says it all. It is all about the poor people. The rich and the connected will always be alright.

Given the fact that the ongoing unrest is a result of bad governance that the Ethiopian people are fed up with fake elections, fake parliament, fake economic booming, fake president, fake prime minister, and fake political parties, how material the propaganda claimed in this article is to have an effect on flaring up the situation?

Well, for the oppressed poor people of Ethiopia, any attempt to observe consciousness in decapitated TPLF head is meaningless. So, you care about the oppressed people of Ethiopia more than you care about the liberated people of Eritrea? I think the article is about Ethiopia so is my comment. Speaking of Eritrea, I have said it many times that sustainable change will only come from within, so please help your people rise up and claim their destiny instead of praising TPLF and belittling Eritrean History which what you and the notorious cadres have been doing in this forum.

I know you are a nice guy and I know where your heart is except that you keep falling into a trap with the sellouts. Where did I say you are notorious cadre? But I can safely say you are an orthodox extremist. Ethiopia is very far from accomplishing a truly inclusive democratic systems with fiercely independent intuitions, think tanks and vibrant free press that scrutinize the excess of the government in every aspect of policy, favoritism, corruption.

So when in TPLF dawned and it implemented policies that were in stark difference with the last two by creating EPRDF to save the county from disintegration, no one was looking for perfection and the ethnic federalism that many are bitching about is what kept Ethiopia intact for the last 25 years.

All the imperfection, the excess that EPRDF exudes was anticipated as the country both refines its it Federation and distributes power, wealth and the equality to those who were left behind by the former regimes. TPLF started to lift the Tigray people from the a century old destitution when they went hungry while some ethnic groups prospered, when they died prematurely when others were enjoying longevity, when they became slaves in their home lands, in the land where Ethiopia was invented.

And to its credits TPLF has somehow succeeded, where Eritreans and Ethiopians mocked Adi-Grat, now this village is home of a higher learning, a university. TPLF, EPRDF, Tigray centric government, take your pick must be commended for keeping Ethiopia intact for 25 years, for lifting some people, for lighting the darkness in Tigray for creating a stable government. This article by AT that many are pooh-poohing for its bias has done a good job for admitting that the Ethiopian have become conscious of their rights and demanding it when their government showed excess and took them for granted.

The fact that they were able to organize and demonstrate is an eloquent testament to the budding tolerance and the seriousness of the government to break ranks with the dictators of Africa, notwithstanding the unfortunate deaths of course. Ethiopia an otherwise rich country that can feed its people is still famous for hunger and famine and it she is the best has been, whether its bests days are ahead will depend on how the government lives up to its promise of a fully fledge democracy.

No one can tell the future, for we all know a lunatic leader can plunge the nation to ethnic strife. Its diversity, both a blessing and a curse must respected and must not be tinkered with for pleasure. But AT has courageously penned this piece and as usual it stayed away from the Eritrean crowd mentality. Way to go AT! The hogwash that we hear is from two sides, the PFDJ lackeys who are angry that Ethiopias has nto integerated so far as their prophet IA has said and those whose are mad that some Tigrayans and others are able to eat tire Siga.

I would have agreed with you, if you were not too condescending and your penchant about pontificating over things you know and understand very little about. It is your cake. Believing that fallacy is in your blood. I am really impressed by your above post.

It is to the point and there is no malice in it. Yes, I can pick a word here and a word there to challenge a point, but why, when the picture you drew is compelling. This is a normal behavior of a neighbor. Those folks who carefully craft their statements to hide their true feelings, and there are many by shading their crocodile tears, forget that we know each other very well. Most of grew up together. Their attempt to fan trouble on behalf of their soul brothers the Oromos and the Amharas is sickening to say the least.

The office was tasked with a master plan for the city, and professionals were paid salaries from the government coffers and they brought a proposal which in the long term will be shown to have been a good proposal, and that could in fact be amended to also include farmer protection going forward.

The professionals are not at fault — it is the politicians and bureaucrats who decided not to do their job which is to be the conduit between the government and the people.

Bishoftu is not part of Addis. It is very much an Oromiya city. But it can now be considered almost part of the Addis Ababa metropolitan area.. Much like people refer to Dallas when they actually mean the Dallas-FortWorth metroplex and the numerous smaller towns within it.

Power is obtained through struggle and sacrifice. Did you ever struggle against the evil Derg, that was shading the blood of Eritreans and Ethiopians alike with impunity?

When the Derg was spilling blood like water during the Red Terror, did you lift a finger? What price did you pay to liberate a single town or village from the clutches of the Derg?

The former was aiding and abetting the Derg in its crimes while the latter was an active cadre whose arrogance knew no bounds. Now, these two call themselves Human Rights activists and Democrats, talking about freedom with a straight face as if they were not suppressing freedom in the past. They are also tirelessly fishing for signs of trouble all over the country in order to fan its flames.

How long were the Oromo on the land they currently occupy? At best this land can only be called disputed land. If there is a will, there is no problem that cannot be solved through dialogue and compromise. But, with ill wishers around that are stoking the fire, every little problem will be magnified by a huge scale factor. You overthrow a repressive government through whatever means usually through violent means and then you become oppressive yourself.

It is just a vicious cycle. In the end, the oppressed people rise up and most probably will repeat the same vicious circle. No sane person would deny that Derg was evil.

Of course, Tigrians and Eritreans have sacrificed a lot and played a great deal in overthrowing the Derg. But, that does not give them the right to subjugate others once they are in power. I think, by any standards of past Ethiopian governments they are civilised. It is those Ethiopian chauvinists who still call the Tigrayans bandits and shifta, who are backward. The Oromo are part of the fabric of Ethiopian society, any attempt by the OLF to hanker on past injustices and have a death wish will only bring mutually assured destruction.

Why would the Oromo choose chaos, when they have their land, autonomy, national anthem, flag are are free to practice their language and share in economic prosperity, which is a unique opportunity in Ethiopian history? No region in Ethiopia has its own national anthem. But still, this is a minor point to argue about compared to the major historical gains they achieved at no cost. MN, Of course they sing Ethiopian national anthem.

Every country has only one national anthem. The 50 American States are not constituted on ethnic or language basis, so your analogy is not that good. But, if you are telling me that you know as fact that they sing the same national anthem in every region, then I have no problem accepting this fact. I am just saying there is no country that has more than one national anthem, not to confuse singing the the national anthem in different languages within a country.

By the way, the Welsh are the more original people of Britain and potentially they could claim the whole of England to be returned to them with a zero chance of getting their land back. Hi MN, kindly ask someone in Ethiopia about the sufferings the Oromos are going through and have a clue. They have rejected the simplistic OLF narrative. I believe Oromo is part of the fabric of Ethiopia. Do you think they have to be shot to death for protecting their land?

M N go to every single major Ethiopian prison cell and you will not believe what you see and hear. You would witness heartbreaking if you have good heart cases of Oromo youths who are languishing there without any verdict. Did you say Economic Prosperity? Wait a minute…my people is dying out of hunger and we all know that! No further debate on this. I am an Oromo and equally I am an Ethiopian. I want to express my thoughts openly and candidly but right now I cannot do that or I might join my friends in the cell.

Even I feel the trauma at this right moment while writing. MN Have you ever experienced the feeling of a trauma? That is why I kindly asked you to have a clue. I understand you position and your suffering. But this is what happens when there is a cycle of mistrust and violence. It is called a cycle because in goes on and on cyclically non-stop. Somebody needs to have the courage to stand up and confront the problem and break the cycle.

In particular, they should be aware of the vultures circling above. They should be critical of those who egg them on into confrontation to provide proof that they have their interest at heart and ask whether they are leading their own people with fairness and justice.

Those who are cruel to their own people cannot be good friends to the Oromo. You are absolutely right, there is a cycle of mistrust and violence and it has to be stopped. The problem gets deeper and worse through time. The view is clear we are heading to a bigger problem. There are two players here… messing and ruining everything.

For me the government and the OLF sympathizers are the two players. They simply categorize you as either as OLF or Naftegna. Either your idea is theirs or it belongs to the opposite. The same token goes with the OLF. Both of them are not shy to shoot who stands on their way.

They have the weapon and the media. Their political elites and Medias are playing their role in aggravating the cycle of mistrust. We are the people; we want peaceful coexistence with other nations. These nations are our flesh and blood. We cannot live without our flesh and blood.

Ethiopia is our home and we cannot run away from our home that is impossible or it is a disaster. But we are not being heard. The media is either with the government or with the OLF. If we speak louder to be heard both will shoot us. This is the crux of the problem for the Oromo. I agree with you that the ordinary people are trapped between two extremes. In such a situation, to diffuse a problem, society must dig deep into its culture and historical heritages.

Such heritages could be the traditions of negotiation, reconciliation and compromise. For example, If there is respect for traditions and the role of senior citizens in the community, the problem of cycles of mistrust and violence can be broken.

I think the Oromo issue, unlike that of the Somalis, as they are part of the intricate fabric of society will lend itself to a peaceful resolution. But the biggest obstacle, as you mentioned, is the dictatorial tendency of guerrilla movements, who are hostile and denigrate traditional norms of behaviour of the community.

Asserting abstract revolutionary principles without regard to their context and concrete application will lead to a disaster. I believe in a few years once identity hopefully stops being a political tool , it will be conclusively shown through genetic and other historical evidence that the people that are currently Oromo speakers have always been living there but as non-Oromiffa speaking Tewahdo or Muslim cultures.

What likely happened was a cycle of conquest and assimilation of existing peoples. On conquest, some run away to safer areas, while of those that remain, the men get killed off, and the children and women are forcibly assimilated into being Oromo. This cycle of conquest and assimilation continued northward until it was stopped at Gonder by Susenyos https: In any case, most of the Oromo speakers of today are not alien to the land, but have always been living there, but not as Oromos until about years ago.

This history to me is quite fascinating and worthy of research, but it also underlines why many people are nervous about a militant Oromo Nationalism that can be on the march again. Your understanding of the Ethiopian society contrary to many, particularly the old unitary system advocates of Ethiopia is very much impressive.

The way a lot of people misunderstand the Oromo is amazing. They take the entire Oromo as a homogenous people, which is far from the reality. Mostly western and small south western of Oromia. As you said the elder leaders of this organization, who happened to to be founders of it in the first place, people like Obbo Lenco Leta abandoned its founding principles. If you go a bit deeper into the current protests, as large as Oromia is with over thirty million inhabitants, the disturbances are in rural towns and in tiny enclaves.

The agitators inspire these disturbances by exacerbating boogy man like the master plan and some local good governance issues. Hence, these riots and disturbances get put down easily after just few weeks. The heavy handed mathod of the government not withstanding and indeed needs to be condemned.

Consider this, after the protests and the brouhaha, Ethiopian government is confident enough to announce this today…. This is information I learned from books and from people while I was in Ethiopia long ago. By the way, do you have any information on the maverick Ethiopian nationalist of Oromo origin, Colonel Abdisa Agga? How and why did he go to Italy in the first place? Aside from what my 5th grade book says about Col. He was in Italy as a prisoner of war. I am a history buff like yourself.

If you want her interview, I can link it for you.. Except her short description of her stay at Italian prison the rest is her life story. I brought it up, because Col. Abdisa was also one of the prisoners in Italy at the time.

But, please listen to both part of the story. Its amazing you will like it…. Thank you for the article. There is no mention of how those demonstrations were clamped, in a rather brutal ways. AT should have mentioned the government brutal suppression of peaceful demonstartions; AT should have given more voice to the students, writers, bloggers…politicians…organizations….

As an opposition site, awate. The PM has said numerous times that citizens should oppose peacefully and legally. The question is who defines what is peacefully and legally way of opposing? It is factually incorrect to state that demonstartions such as this have not been known since The Revolution of Derg and the demise of the King were the results of demonstrations. It appears this was inserted to insinuate that TPLF brought the concept of demonstrations to Ethiopians.

Ethiopians have been demonstrating, writing, rebelling against the divisive and opportunistic policies of this government which pitted social groups against each other.

Who has the right to label who is genuine and who is not? Does this ring familiarity? Regions and communities not related to the master plan have erupted. I think the government has been more forthcoming in assessing the situation and I hope it assesses it objectively as it exists. The following is why these things will happen again and again. The government wants citizens to follow laws that it passes through its monopolized machinations. When citizens pose their opposition based on what the constitution grants them, the government becomes the interpreter instead of independent courts.

The solution is simple. The government should allow genuine opposition. It should look for a strategic positioning rather than short term benefits.

We would have seen a pariament that reflects the different empowered sections of the diversified Ethiopian government.

We would have seen a vibrant political landscape that reflects the empowered citizen. And you have supported this by the following:. It is very sad to see an opposition website to tarnish in general terms organizations that could have legitimate existence. As an Eritrean how do I decide which ones are legit and which ones not? Do I have the right to bash them in general terms. AT did not make in most of the entries any distinction as to which ones are legit and which ones are not.

How about the long standing grievances of the Oromo people? Have not the wrioters visited the Oromo communities around the corner? At any rate, God Bless the people of Ethiopia.

As always, you stood for the voiceless people. What the leaders fail to realize is there is a limit for everything including the patience of the people. No one party can swindle its way out all the time.

EPRDF showed it cowardice by killing the peaceful protesters. Is burning Ambulance and public properties are part of a peaceful demonstration.

They will never settled down even to the extent of Ethiopia destroyed like Syria if it helps their ambition, grab power. The problem is by then there will be no recognizable Ethiopia to govern. Instead of building their political base for the next 5 years, preparing for the election. You just took it away from me and said everything that I was going to say to Abi.. Get out of my head.. Ato Eyob Medhane Shame on you!

You and I were at AAU when the same brutal, inhuman thugs used live bullet to disperse the peaceful protest. You know their reasons. And you Eyob and Welde are worried about the burned ambulance. Only in Ethiopia people lives are less important than an ambulance.

Where is your humanity? You are blaming the victims. Welde, I already predicted the election results. How do I know? The government has already started killing. A cursory look at Ethiopian opposition sites and casual conversation with Ethiopian friends gives one a general sense that what ails them is starkly similar to what ails us.

Admitting that the scale of the problem in our case is way too big, a run over of the laundry list of popular grievances in both countries unveils problems of the same nature. The epistemic garb and rhetorical outfit with which they are articulated are too palpably alike that one is left wondering whether someone is plagiarizing the other. Ironically the similarity does not stop there. The manner in which some of our respective opposition groups try to defend the incumbent governments is also disappointingly the same.

I think this is driven by pragmatic estimation of the opposition forces in their bid to gain leverage vis a vis the regimes they are fighting and dictated by the all too familiar real-politik dictum of befriending the enemy of thy enemy. Pertinent to the topic at hand I would like to share two materials which I think give reasonably good understanding of the land issue and attendant political and social ramifications in Ethiopia.

The political inequalities inherently translate into cultural and economic imbalances and this in turn occasions occasional outburst of public anger as witnessed in the last few days. Markakis thinks the federal configuration as the right step in the right direction if it is followed by meaningful devolution of power to the peripheries. I, like others, have noticed pro Ethiopian government slant as well. And God Bless the people of Togo. Waw, this is hilarious. Oh my critical observation posted in relation to Ethiopian current issues has many coincidence with this article.

I thank you again. I may come with more detailed observation later following the ongoing discussions. Horizon It is descent except of allegation about Eritrea gov and qemant connection… Is awate allergic to providing source of information? Dear Fekre Selam, I fail to see any direct reference to any relation between the Eritrean gov and the Qmant crisis. From what I could understand, the writers are saying that the Eritrean gov.

This is the kind of analysis and objective reporting we miss here in Ethiopia. And partly — the closed media environment contributed to the unrest and loss of lives. Its the ruling party fault to stiffen the media so much — people are forced to listen to outlets like ESAT — a very violent media inciting chaos at any given time.

But people have no choice. They want to balance what they hear from the government and pro-government media. The government is losing the media battle big time. Where is the prime minister in this? Did I completely miss it, have he said anything at all with this unrest? As of today I have asked my senior advisors and ministry responsible for the master plan to put a stop. We will will local government representatives, elders, religious leaders students and professionals and opposition parties in how to navigate this delicate and sensitive issue and move forward for brighter future for the people of this country and the economic benefits that we have been achieving for the past few years.

Gash Eyob, you guys can do better, best way is to be honest and do really care about the loss of life and show understanding and WIN the people over by genuinely believe in what you say and do what you believe. Because, yes indeed he has spoken out on the issue and he sort of said what you paraphrased above.. Thank you for the analysis, it gives us good insight for those who know little. I tried to read about the challenges of slums and how major cities attempt to manage the transition to modenize and improve the living standard in the slums, but could not access the academic papers relevant to Addis Abeba.

I guess internally the focus is on providing basic services electricity, water and sewage drainage , while the demand is managed by expansion. Even tough the issue of slums is not a big problem in Asmara, integration of neighboring villages is one that will need to be dealt with care. I heard that in the past, straight after the land proclamation, some villages were smart enough to act swiftly and distribute as much land to their villagers before the government took control. Some living on the outskirt of Asmara were able to build homes by selling half of their land and constructing the other half, which benefited both parties.

Some have even lost their properties when the government decided to demolish them. Whilst we discuss Ethiopia, it will be interesting to link it to Eritrea as land management is an issue that will haunt us too.

There is a typo in the article. Few months ago, I was watching a youtube video where of some Kimant people talking to government officials. I could understand all what they were saying unlike to the agew language spoken in Sekota Wello or Agewmidir Gojjam. Interesting to know how they were related to the Blean of Eritrea.

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