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There's no way for a person to verify that the girl emailing them is actually the girl in the dating profile associated with those emails. positive online feedback

What we found out about

As soon as we finished registering we were automatically redirected to AsianDate. We have already done an extensive review of AsianDate. In that review of AsianDate. These online reviews made it appear as if the website was legitimate and from the way the reviews were written we could tell that English was a second language for the reviewer.

Weprobably found at least one hundred reviews posting the same positive reviews about AdoreAsia. If you actually read the reviews they seemed very phony and we tend to believe that the website AsianDate.

We assume they paid people to write reviews reflecting the site in a positive light to hide the real reviews which accuse the site of being a scam. Below we have copied and pasted some of the reviews that we deem to be fake. If you read the reviews and you are a native English speaker you will quickly see that the wording is not how a real American would be writing. And since this site is geared towards Americans and other native English speakers we can only assume people not fluent in English are writing these reviews.

Personally what we think is going on here is the website has hired people to write positive reviews to dilute the legitimate negative reviews. Most of the reviews are however positive but that's because they are being paid to write them. He claims that the girls are paid to write emails, which makes perfect sense. This review claims one girl sent him over emails. Read the review above it's very interesting. As this one review read all the reviews here has stated AsianDate.

If you start researching reviews on Google for those websites you will come across glowing phony reviews and real negative reviews. Many people claim they were taken for thousands of dollars. At the beginning of our review we went online to read what other people had to say about AdoreAsia.

Sounds too good to be true? We have seen this done with other dating sites. When you check their name online and see how others liked using the site, you can only find comments and reviews that say the best words. There are two possible options to these stories:. Writing a detailed review requires a firsthand experience with using the site, as well as looking into obvious places where no one else has looked.

The first revelation regarding the legitimacy of the service of AdoreAsia. Also, this fact raises the possibility that the profiles and videos you see on AdoreAsia. So, even if you believe you are talking to a real person — you can never know for sure. You are never contacting them directly! They also translate your messages to the women and vice-versa. The thing is that sharing personal contacts that may take your conversation outside of the website are not allowed. Basically, you can only talk to a woman using AdoreAsia.

The Suppliers are independent contractors and are not agents, or employees of AsianDate.

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