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What a lousy excuse!!!! That would make all the sense if DHL were forced to be delivering packages by bicicles, and even so, raining or shining, the deliveries has to be done. No one is made of sugar over there. Give me a break here!

Daniela Feriotti One of Mr. Joakim Thrane Assitant writes me an e-mail justifying me why my package was not delivered on time: I am assuming DHL was open for business n Friday, based on the web site entry above!! It is clear to anyone that at It took the driver 8 full hours to NOT delivery my package, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, located in a major street, in a huge building full of people. He deliberately chose not to. I want to know why! Do they think they are so "important" and "auto-sufficient" they do not need to be good on what they do for a living????

A clearance other than standard Customs entry is required for this shipment. Further processing will occur as instructed by the regulatory authority. A DHL representative will attempt to contact the importer or shipper if further information is required Destination Service Area: DHL San Diego, got the original package, re-packed it, with the paperwork inside and sent it, and the people here had no clue what to do, so it just sits for one week.

Today one of your drivers in Wilmette, Edens Plaza south, cursed at us we are senior citizens twice and then tried to hit our car with his truck. He was horrible and deserve to be fired!!!

His truck was parked and we beeped and pulled around him and he screamed several obscenities and when I asked him to please watch his language he called me a "f Three weeks later and many phone calls and emails I still have no quotation. I live in Thailand and your office here is a complete waste of time, when someone does pick up the phone, which is not very often, they can only make excuses and worthless promises.

I have also called India who are excellent at blaming any and everyone else. Is there anyone in your organisation who will actually take any responsibility and get something done. It seems that they are all far to busy protecting their own arse to do any real work. If DHL were the last company on earth I would never use them after this, I would my rather not ship the order.

Here is where it gets interesting. I am so angry because DHL is no help how the hell can they sit back and watch us customs do this to a customer.

They are all in bed with each other they are so corrupted. The last time I checked I was living in America! But what their trying to have me do is to lie on myself so they can slap me with a false deceleration for imported goods. L International Nigeria Limited D. We are Solicitors to MR. On Saturday, the 5th day of January, , Our Client also call the customer service on , at exact Our Client could not understand why all courier company can not deliver their promises, this is the second bitter experience his having in the hands of courier company.

Sir, it is pertinent to mention here that the transaction herein ought not degenerate to this ugly seen, for clarity Our Client have among other things a i pad, Hp pavilion Lap Top, Lap Top leather bag, etc, its our client desire to recover this items within a short possible time before the content therein became public issue.

We hereby demand that you henceforth deliver Our Client parcel with way bill No: Seven days after promised delivery, the banjo is lost or stolen. Absolutely no one with DHL will proviide any information whatsoever on how to file the insurance claim. The so-called "specialist" promises everyday to return our calls by the end of the business day, and never returns those calls.

This "blackout" of insurance claim information must be a corporate policy. We will file a small claims case in the court here. Ron Grimsley, owner White Mountain Banjo ron whitemountainbanjo. I got 7 wedding dresses from China the company sent with a value declaration of DHL your days are number never again will I use or remend,dhl to anyone. A very bad experience and the customer service desk of dhl are worst. Go and team up with central transport freight or be a merger they have pups all 48 states.

Dhl pays 20 billion for central transport could here it now wow be nice. Why,just a bunch of liars. Save time and money. Never Never send anything with DHL transportation system. They pissed me off so bad, that if there is anyway they can go to hell I will support that. Lots of BS with delay and clearance shit.

I truly hate their shipper. Hate my sound like terrible word if I can find another word more stronger than hate it should have been great. The service is complete crap and the employees are sooo disrespectful and rude it is beyond rediculous!!! DHL is worst delivery company period. I will not purchase from companies that use this sorry company for deliveries. DHL has never met expected delivery date. How the hell do you still exist as a company.

No one will give me the number to Corp HQs. It's a shame that a company like DHL doesn't help their own agents. Art LBC Libertymailcenter gmail.

We have also provide the services about international tracking courier tracking courier tracking courier tracking fedex tracking dhl tracking tnt tracking canada post tracking ems tracking china post tracking usps trackin ups tracking blue dart tracking. I had to leave the company due to the unprofessionalism the management and supervisor displayed towards myself.

Many attempts were made to get reassinged to the DC office where I respect the management staff and their professional approach to the couriers. I truely believe the sort supervisor Biggs , we could not see eye to eye and it was brought to his supervisor attention on many occassions.

Months had went by and nothing had been done to resolve this matter. On many occasions when I arrived 9: I mention to the sort supervisor not to send the diplomat bags on the belt sometime appx up to 30 bags because it is hard to load my truck and get to my route in a timely manner. I was told by management that my route is one of the hardest route in the company. So why would that supervisor put myself in a position to leave the building in a manner where I have to pull over and calm myself down and gather myself so I dont put myself in harms way.

At the Herndon location we had very little room to manehuver a van let alone a truck, which I drove for Express One Logistics. I letter was sent to Human Resource informing them what's going on during the morning sort. Deisy Varona Director of HR , but the matter was only a temporary fix. I hand wash and really watch the rubber seal. Having the same problem with the gasket. Am now looking for a gasket replacement but not having much luck. This is the complaint I have heard about the Ozarka tumbler.

Will probably purchase another lid. Would like to contact the manufacturer. They need to fix the problem. Ozark has two model numbers for the 30 ounce stainless steel cup and new number The is slightly magnetic on the top portion. I love my 20 oz Ozark trail stainless steel tumbler.

Does Ozark have any plans for a 10 oz. The rubber casing under the lid is shedding on my 32 oz tumbler, causing black specs.

Does anyone know if I can replace it? Hello I was wandering if there is an official Ozark Trail website or email I could contact about a sponsorship I love Ozark Trail products and I live in Iowa so I have the perfect area to test out most of the products for my YouTube channel. Ozark Trail hiking shoes have inherent design flaw. Socks are sogged out after 2 minute walk from vehicle to work.

Didn't they test these things before marketing them?? I wish I had found this before purchasing our tent! I'm currently in a pour down. Been pouring down for 12 hours. The tent has held up great, but the floor is leaking. The bottom piece fell off of mine and they are picking it up by Fedex tomorrow and replacing it. I appreciated their helpful attitude very much, even though it's not an expensive tumbler. It's nice when companies stand behind their promises! My husband recently purchased at Walmart a pair of men's hikers shoes.

Or your proof reader is not completely bilingual or you don't have one. If you care to do things right please correct the error on your next print. The number for Ozark Trail is on paper around the cup. Well the number above goes straight to a voicemail. I did not leave a message. I called the number, it is a voicemail but it does say it is Ozark Trail Tents their hours are 8 to 4 and to leave message. Well I have 3 times now and not a call back yet.

I even called during their business hours and it was still a voicemail. I am going to send a letter to the address in Fremont, ca to see what kind of response, if any, I may get.

I was knelled down working on my bike doped light maybe 6 inches from the ground no longer works Had it about 3 days. The smaller of the 2 I forgot in a friends car when I retrieved it a couple days later it no longer worked.

Id hate to be camping with one of these flashlights for sure you would be left in the dark! I paid the extra money for them because I figure you get what you pay for. Went to Walmart to exchange they said I have to go through manufacture That I have not a clue on how to reach! Thanks wall-mart good looking out! I had the same thing happen to me. I bought an Ozark backpacking tent and it didn't work the way it was advertised to work.

They were extremely unhelpful and condescending. Ozark trails is extremely guilty of false advertisement. And when I called them out on it, the guy said we can advertise however we want and say whatever we want. I feel very cheated and lied to. I will never buy camping equipment from Ozark or Walmart again. I would like to have the border at the bottom of the tent up to the plugin pouch all absolutely water proof, water is getting in at this area of my tent from heavy rain and it running towards my tent and seeping in,it would keep the water out if you designed an incorporated this new feature that I would like to have to keep me dry.

I just opened the box for my new 5 gal water bladder and the plastic is already cracked on the corners where it was folded. Why do you damage the product by folding it. It is ment to hold liquid not leak liquid. I never attempted to put 30 cans of anything in the cooler, and the side is torn where the shoulder strap attaches.

Walmart would not take the cooler back because I did not have the receipt. Stuck with a cooler that I can no longer use with the shoulder strap. Only used a handful of times. I love your tumblers and koozieshe. I own several and brag about them all the time. I am wondering if you plan on making the top of the koozie fit the larger tall beer cans.

A lot of venues sell the tall cans and the screw on seal does not go over the top. We purchased an ozark folding char used it twice n the stitching is come undone. Who do i need to talk to about this. This comment has been removed by the author. I have the same problem. I called the Corp. Office and was told its the manager call if they will exchange it or not since its a seasonal item.

If the manager of the store where you purchased it refuses to take it back the Corp. Office will not go against his decision. I bought a Ozark Trail camp chair I purchased 2 Big and Tall chairs with a capacity of lbs. Called the Walmart where I purchased it and after 45 min. Only to be told that if the Manager doesn't agree to take it back they can't do anything about it. What kind of nonsense is that? If you read online the problem I'm having with the chair is repeated by many consumers.

Done with Walmart, Done with Walmart products!!!!! Ummmm, No thank you. Have you guys thought about creating or making a full living space tent or shelter with rooms and a shower room I think this will be a great idea also have yet to see anyone create a folding platform to place tents on I know that tinting is it's supposed to be compact but I believe if someone can create an non canvas tent then it will be great maybe using vinyl and all sheeting just as Mongolian yurts then it will be great also making bedrooms and shower rooms I understand that the tent may be huge I believe that it's this next step to Better Living and affordable full living such as Bella tents but created to look more like a house canvas tents create a lot of mold I believe vinyl is the next step and a foldable platform would be the next step to without destroying the environment or creating cement platforms thank you.

I naught a Ozark big and tall camp chair with weight limit of lbs. I haven't had it a month and seat seams tore apart and cup holder fell apart with arm rests seams fell apart.

Not worth the money. Ozark 12 man tent - found this on the inside flap of the storage bag: To obtain warranty services call toll free: There was also an address out of Bangladesh but I assume you don't want that.

I left a message and will update when I get a call back. I received a call back from Dominic within 15 minutes. Told me that since I was within 90 day purchase I could return the tent to walmart for a new one or I could send a copy of the receipt and a photo of the splintered pole and they would help us get a replacement pole at no cost since it was within 90 days of purchase.

I need top get rail skirts what size hardware should I get to fit the legs of the Ozark Trail Gazebo 10 x I see two different hardware sizes not including the hex shape legs.

Make it where You can pull it out of the box. Very hard for 2 woman with limitations to put up. I am a 32 year veteran firefighter. I have been trying to find the 26 qrt. Ozark Trail Cooler in Red for a while now. Is there any way I can purchase this directly and prepay the shipping also so Ozark Trail can send one to me?

I have tried every avenue I can to find this cooler. I've tried numbers and e-mails listed in the above post with no response. Ozark Trail tents are Walmart Stores' brand of camping equipment. Posted by Net Strand at 6: Anonymous October 20, at 1: Anonymous November 9, at 2: Anonymous August 28, at Smith January 13, at Anonymous May 27, at 6: Unknown August 2, at 1: Anonymous November 10, at 1: Unknown August 31, at Anonymous September 12, at 7: Unknown June 12, at 8: To have them prosecuted, you will need to make an official statement to police and lay charges.

Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only. If you want to make sure that the person you communicate with is not a Russian scammer, we advise you to read the Anti-scam manual. A real person running a fake agency that asks for money for translations, correspondence, professional photographs, videos, legal advice and even 'private information' ie. Private shootings, address book and insight into her moral and ethical behavior.

Agencies check-list See if your agency is on the list of approved anti-scam agencies. Join our program Do you have a marriage or introduction web site? Message board Reports about fraud services and scammers. Report a Russian scam If you have had an unpleasant experience with an agency or woman, please report it to protect others.

Anti-scam manual Are you corresponding with a scammer? Read this and find out. Please use your own judgment. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. She has account at Blossoms. Very nice girl, very charming! In the beginning and as long as you keep paying Everything seemed to be going great. I even proposed to her and we got engaged. I bought her many nice gifts and sent her a lot of cash. Then, some things started to look out of the ordinary.

I know she had dated a few other wealthy men before me and she used to tell me how terrible they were to her. She would tell me how they still try to contact her and are abusive when they reach her by phone or Skype. Now, I understand that sometimes there is one loser boyfriend who just can not accept that a relationship is over, but, having so many men who are angry at her???

One day she was telling me in the case of divorce, she wanted half of everything and that included my business or she would not marry me. I explained to her that the business is not something I could use as a bartering chip in a divorce settlement. Even though I am the sole owner with no partners, I have many agents worldwide who have their money tied up in stock that they have purchased and their reputations put on the line for the product brand. One day, I confided my situation with an old female friend who immediately warned me to stop sending money.

She told me not to be a bastard about it and to be very tactful and polite about the situation, but, at the same time to be firm about it and to see her reaction. I decided to set up the test and when she asked for money, I told her I was unable to send it to her. Very quickly the love dried up, the romance ended and we became totally alienated from each other. I was so disappointed I was deeply in love with her, but, I have more self-confidence in myself to allow myself to be used like that.

I sent her a text message telling her that I would no longer be willing to let her steal money from me. She has not replied to even defend herself Beware of this woman, she is a smart, deceptive and very clever liar.

Met her in real life. Really good and clever scammer. Petersburg, Russia Swift Code: A real person living in St Petersburg, Russia. Eager to meet men at her native city, and promises to marry to them, asking money for dentists, sick mother in hospital, tickets to come to visit you etc.

Invites different excuses for delays with her trip, such as "her girlfriend stole the money", she herself is sick etc. Kirova street Chelyabinsk Russia Email: She wanted to visit me, according to her paid for the ticket but need funds in her bank account. Consular needs proof that she has funds in her bank account requirement before a visa will be issued. Troeschina 30 Drajzera flat Kiev Ukraine Phone: This person scammed me for over 3, dollars. Contacted me by yahoo personals. Thank you for this web site it helped me a lot , I only wish I had looked into it before it was to late.

Lenina street house 14 apartment 3, Ohansk, Perm, Russia. Asks for money for visa and airfare. We communicated for approximately one month before she asked for money. I decided to check the scam pages and there she was I will include a few more photos of her. She initially contacted me through the Yahoo Personals on December 17, She deleted her profile 3 days after she contacted me.

Pretended to be from England. Then told later that she's from Russia. She falls in love with u. Noticed her from your site. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for your work well done to help us. Tells of betrayal by men in Russia. Lives with mom and dad. Uses Prewritten letters when you don't write back.

Gives prewritten letters to all my email addresses. Found me thru old Absolute penpal request. Bulgun Street 7, apt 3, Troitskoe, , Russia Details: This is to speed up our meeting, and I'll fly to you within weeks.

You have not explained why you sent me only USD. My love, we lose time, I can not even begin to design my documents. How much do you still need time to send me USD. I'm waiting for accurate information from you. Simferopol City Krimea Ukraine Email: Krasnayarsk Moscow , Russia Email: Responded to a Substantive Profile on Yahoo. Like all the others, requested money for the visa and ticket. Writing Style different in every paragraph. She wanted money sent western union and she said send it in her mothers name, Evgenia.

She emailed me 2nd a half months wanting money for visa, airfare and insurance.

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