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Submitted sites are then verified by other members before it appears on their blacklist. Google Safe Browsing is a free service by google to help combat phishing and malware. If you use the google chrome, firefox or safari browser, it automatically scans urls before you visit them and warns you if the site is suspicious. Spyeye is a particularly nasty piece of malware that is designed to steal money from online bank accounts.

The spyeyetracker attempts to specifically monitor and track the computers that control spyeye and the ones that are infected by it. Web of Trust is a website that collects data from millions of its users who submit ratings on sites. They also rely on phishing and malware databases to come up with their ratings. A red trustworthiness rating warns of possible malware or phishing. A yellow rating means possible annoying ads or popups but probably not malicious malware.

The child safety rating is about age appropriateness of the site, things like sexual content, violence, or vulgar language. The confidence statistic just gives an indication of how reliable the first score is. Because they rely on user ratings, the more ratings with longer history, the more reliable the score.

Google Pagerank is a ranking system developed by Google to determine quality and important sites. The value ranges from 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest possible score.

Its important to note, pagerank has nothing to do with finding malware or phishing sites. A higher pagerank cannot determine the safeness of a site, it only gives a clue as to the importance and ranking power of a site. It is possible for any site, even a high pagerank site, to be hacked and not under the control of the owner.

Use this tool to give you a clue as to the safety of the site. Alexa rank is a system that ranks websites according to their popularity in terms of visitors. The lower the number the more popular. Sites with a rank of less than 10, are considered to be in top tier of popular sites. Again, a popular site does not mean it is safe to visit but it can be used as a clue in determining the safety of the site. A host IP address is simply the address of the computer where the website resides.

Never forget birthday's, appointments, absolutely anything. When the popup reminder is on screen, you can simply click ok, add the reminder for the same date and time next year, next day or ask to be reminded again in 10 minutes. To connect your vehicle to RemoteLink, make sure you have: OnStar RemoteLink offers an innovative way to connect to your vehicle. After downloading and registering the app, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC owners with an eligible model year or newer vehicle can use their mobile device to access real-time data from their vehicle and perform commands like unlocking doors remotely.

SkyFex Remote Desktop is a free online remote desktop service that allows watching and controlling remote computers in real time. It works transparently through firewalls, proxies and NAT.

No special knowledge is required to use it. SkyFex is a secure service for remote support solutions and help desks. It works directly in web browsers Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer and does not require additional software installation and configuration.

SkyFex is available as a free service, even for commercial purposes. The app requires proprietary access to the vehicle included in the app. Please read further below for more information in regard to requirements for our app to function. No more standing around your Smoker or Pit monitoring your cook. With this app, you will have the freedom to unhitch the ball and chain of your smoker while still having the ability to accurately and securely monitor and make adjustments to your cook in real-time.

BBQ Remote app will allow you to accurately reproduce your cooking masterpiece with the ability to take Notes and attached Images in real-time of your cook. Samico Multimedia Remote and KeyFinder is a nicely design hi-tech remote control and keychain using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy BLE, Bluetooth Smart technology to allow you to remotely control your Android device, and remind you not to loss your phone or keys. Samico Multimedia Remote control functions include: Document presentation PDF 4.

Music player With Samico KeyFinder functions, you will never forget your phone or keys. A software program that replaces Creative Remotecenter software that is bundled with Soundblaste Intelliremote is a software program that replaces the cumbersome Creative Remotecenter software that is bundled with Soundblaster Live!

Creative had an excellent idea bundling an infrared remote control with their product Intelliremote is roughly K in size, and it packs the punch of Microsoft's Intellitype instructions. Archangel calls for help - even when you can't.

Responders locate you through GPS tracking. Hit the help button on your key fob. Central station initiates emergency protocol. Your GPS location is locked in. Learn more about Archangel On Guard at: Sphinx stores logon information in encrypted form on a smart card, enabling you to carry your logon information securely.

The Sphinx Logon Manager software solution: The Sphinx software can be used by itself or with a complimentary card application, such as a corporate building access card or a student ID card. N-Button makes it possible to control RS related devices without any programming! It is quite difficult to find any computer users nowadays who do not need to use the web, for any purpose. Whether it is for education or entertainment, the web is your best resource.

You also need to use various online services for banking, Nowadays, a majority of PC users resort to digital image editing once in a while. It may be required for retouching image captured in smart phones or for creating an album in Facebook.

For some people, tinkering with digital images is a pastime too. PC security has become a tricky and complicated subject both for home users and network supervisors, with complexity and risk factors multiplying over the years. Using a single antivirus app may not be enough anymore.

That explains why many users Nearly every PC users need to take screenshots from time to time, whether it is for personal or professional needs. While using the basic Windows screenshot capture method is available, it is not adequate for everyone. When you want to capture Dealing with various types of data efficiently holds the key to success in any computing task.

Apart from generating new data and modifying existing files, it becomes necessary to delete existing files at times. While most users resort to using Using the Internet has become a necessity for a majority of people, including those who do not use a PC regularly. To browse web, stream video or download online content, people often resort to using various third party apps. Using an email software allow you to do a number of things including managing your address lists, emails and even ending memos, documents and even virtual letters.

You can also use it to manage your tasks easily. The email software comes in Web design sector has witnessed several trends and technological innovations affect website development in big ways. With time, designing websites has become easier. Nowadays, you can find web design software that nearly eliminates the need to No serious PC user needs introduction about the need to backup data, both at home and workplace.

There was a time when majority of people used external HDD or storage media to backup important data. However, local data backup has its limitations and To keep your laptop and desktop running smoothly and get the best performance out of it, it is important to pay attention to some aspects.

It is quite important to ensure your PC device drivers are updated. Components like motherboards, GPU and A single integrated business management software that centralizes your company data, resources, operations and core

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