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Is Honest and True? (REVIEW)

This is necessary because there are very little to almost none real women on such dating sites, so the site needs to create them. is only after your money

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So, you are the one to be blamed for getting scammed. This does not look like a legitimate site. Please be careful and protect yourself from this type of online scams in the future and ALWAYS read the terms and conditions carefully. You can contact the Better Business Bureau to report this site and file a complaint if you feel that you have been conned or ripped off. Oh well no fool like an old fool. Worst online experience I had in my life….

How do i insubscribe only asked for a 3day. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Related articles Avoid Sex-Flow. This is not just a theory it is actually valid fact. We can back up our accusations with real evidence. The terms and conditions clearly see that this website uses fictitious profiles. They even state of the user profile they create are not intended to resemble or manic any actual persons. This is a common tactic with sham dating services that are solely quick created to trick men into upgrading to monthly subscriptions.

This is not the first time or the last time that we have exposed website for creating female profiles, in fact almost every single scanner we have exposed use the same exact tactics, fake profile, automated chat messages, automated email messages.

Like we mentioned above this site doesn't meant to creating fake profiles, automated email messages and so on. The evidence is located directly in their Terms and Conditions page. We have included the most important parts of the Terms and Conditions page section 1 that clearly describe exactly what we have claimed throughout this review.

Please read it and be informed as to how this dating site really operates. How can you trust a dating service that admits to creating and using fake profiles, and using automated messages. Wives go wild is the biggest load of shit I've ever come across. Don't get lied to and ripped off like I did. When I contacted them , they told they cannot refund it even though it's their mistake!!!

Worst online experience I had in my life…. Call your bank and report the fraud and get your money back. I now feel like a total plum.

I should have guessed that this was a set up. But I'm relieved to know I wasn't the only one conned. Once on the site they won't even remove your profile.

Tried 8 times but no success. Just about to try a solicitor see if there's any joy there. I found the main warnings to this being a scam are-. Insidious part of this is that you then have to be a paid member of numerous sites to contact or attempt to 'women that have messaged you'. Given that a lot of these sites openly state in their terms they use fake profiles and other tricks to keep blokes paying basically there isn't a heap of stunning 25 year olds into every poosible sexual act looking for a middle aged man with a lot of baggage.

Even if there is some real women on their sites the fact that they openly admit to 'padding' the amount of women, then do on each of their other ones only means one thing. So how many sites is your profile on? Basically if youve put a profile or picture in their system consider it as allways being out there on at least a few sites without you even knowing and that even if you ask to be deleted of their systems there is no way of knowing they have interestingly my 'Xmeeting profile was suposedly deleted a while ago yet managed to have them re-set all the info straight up again in minutes when I told them 'my ex got into my computer and cancelled it'.

You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious. The purpose of our creating these profiles is to provide our Registered Users with entertainment , to allow Registered Users to explore our Service and to promote greater participation in our Service. The messages they send are computer generated.

Messages from the user profiles we create attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member you are encouraged to participate in more conversation and to increase interaction among fellow paid Members. As we continue to develop our business, we might sell or buy assets. In such transactions, the information we have collected about you will generally be one of the transferred business assets.

Apparently Wives Go Wild has been online since ? I only heard of Wives Go Wild recently.

What are you paying for?

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