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That is the word that best describes my session. This is a terrible site and dont even try to compensate the customer they just take and take beware not worth it.

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So he just talks to himself. He does not even delete posts dating back 10 years and parlours and girls that have long gone. I mean how about a fresh clean sweep of the content.

But no … he is caught in a time warp. He is the Imelda Marcos of porn sites — but instead of collecting shoes he hoards 10 year old posts. He obviously has no computer knowledge. Just crappy html content. Crappy, lying fabricated content. Look boss man just give it up — go and stack grocery shelves at Wollies — the trick is up. Ahlungor fuck off back to syd99 with your racist shit. Get a job and a life mate! Beta or white males are not welcomed.

We are the kings of adult sites where gods play and we are the most fabulous forum of gorgeous , super sexy Asian Men. Ahlungor and Tall Focker a respectful suggestion. Just agree to disagree and move on instead of boring everyone here.

Go and find a pretty girl to entertain you. Your type are not welcome. We will pick you out like weeds in a grave. Asian men are the greatest lovers and are the smartest and funniest males. So stay away you disgusting non Asian chimps. Yes Al Hunger we all agree. We know its PP writing this. Now piss off and stop being a pest every day trying to get a rise from someone on this deserted site. Hey all, Just started living in sydney for 3 months. Can anyone recommend any huge natural tits WL?

Some guys have posted about extras and taking a punt that you will get what you want. She can say yes or no. If she says no, she may offer other things. If yes, you may be asked to take used stuff with you. You need to be quiet. She pockets all the extra tip. Also add the following re BIG tits: Looked at website for Miss Heavens. All except one said YES to the question 1. Seven MILFs provide a greek service question 3. Overwhelming majority said YES to the last question 5 as long as i didnt take facial shots.

Well i picked a short chubby sheila. I think we both forgot as the session was so intense. Blacktown Bomber I have a few questions and observations. Just when are you going to stop trying to sell, these unsellable gross practices to the modern enlightened punter; that wants to stay healthy and live a long life.

Just who do you think will do all the shit you purport to do. A couple of horrors did you say… how about all of them including you. Maybe even dogs 3 Is Greek available? And what a great way to share viruses with you and two whores. Fuck me — you degenerate — they are free on the web. You lapped up her shitty arse and she did the same to you. You are a fucking sick, sick, degenerate lunatic.

Stop posting this fucking crap here — you fool no-one. The big question is why do you post it. Are you totally insane???

If this is syd99 admin your site is falling apart due to a select few. The very next time there is publication of depraved sex acts against women, one by one I will send letters out to all your advertisers to inform them of the lying, deceit, non truthful goings on the Parlour Pages web site.

I will convince them to withdraw funding and not advertise on your web site. You just have to have minimum standards of decency. Now just one minute sport. Be brave enough to use your own moniker instead of stealing and hiding behind mine. Keep your wars to yourselves. My requests are clearly defined… I have no desire to destroy any business.

My gripe is that goons and maybe admin are publishing intimate and depraved details of sex acts. Just cease and desist is my request. Keep me out of your territorial wars I want no part of it. I have a hunch that the above was written by PP admin to harm syd Come on girls kiss and make up. You are a sore loser you white mongrel. Syd 99 Forum is Asian only you dumb white cunt. Asian power , Asian rules. All you Aussies China owes your land and country and now your. Syd 99 would not spit on Parlour Pages Admin if they were on fire.

We are the kings of Adult forums. PP is run by a bunch of loonies who are working out of a spare computer at Cumberland Psychiatric Hospital. You suddenly realize you recognize the patient as a working girl whom you visit on a regular basis at your local brothel albeit she has been missing in action for the last few weeks.

Panic sets in as you wonder what she has and have you caught it??? Currently feeling sick to my stomach with worry as she was always a bigger curvy girl who appears to have lost weight dramatically the girl is Emma from MH at Artarmon who has always seemed very nice and did not engage in unsafe sex practices even though I asked her many times!!!

What was I thinking??? I am now sitting on a bench outside the clinic wondering what to do? My wife is gonna kill me this time. In my experience she never did bareback. You are kidding yourself The only reason these whores are nice to you is all they want is your hard earned money As if they give a shit about you??? How naive can you be?? They suck you in so you keep coming back for more This is what these dirty fucken sluts thrive on How many thousands of guys do you think they have done this to??

Hey guys, Has anybody fucked that new girl Pheoby at Cougartown in riverwood. I think John Smith went there with the intention of getting her to stick three fingers up his arse.

But apparently I understand his arse was smelly and loose. So they kicked him out when they discovered he had a handbag, make-up and lipstick. They said he was a gay bastard and not to come back.

Interestingly one of the girls is called Ming. Hey all, I saw Pheoby this arvo. She was a good fuck. Banged all holes bareback. Even let me cum inside her arse. Definitely will be back. This is site run by wackos and if Parlour Pages does not acknowledge and apologise to Syd 99 Admin we will destroy Parlour Pages until it is closed down and sent bankrupt. Just to let you guys know that Pheoby is one crazy lady. Booked her in for an hour and boy what a fuck.

Started off by french kissing for a couple of minutes, then BJ without condom. Then she decided to sit on my cock without a condom. Followed by anal bareback. Every drop went inside her arse. Absolutely the best root I have ever had at cougars. Without a doubt the number 1 pick in my opinion at cougars. To give mention to the other working ladies. As a past sports health hack I can tell you most men struggle to ejaculate twice in an hour.

You have to be an absolute elite athlete to ejaculate 3 times in an hour. This person knows nothing about male sexual capacity. This report is nonsense probably written by management to justify the very high charges.

Also why would you want to have a 69 with an old prostitute that has had thousands of dirty cocks in her. Short Thai BBW with big floppy tits. Blew in her ass. It was a heavenly session. Hopefully there will be girl-on-girl action. So I finally went to Miss Heavens and saw the highly recommended Candy.

She was very polite and fun sucked me dry 3 times. This is he first time with a woman who said cum as much as u want and u can its not like the other places that say cum only twice in a hour.

The place itself is a very good establishment as well friendly people not pushy i can see why they charge the prices they do also it does give off a vibe as its a high roller place for business people etc to come and get there rocks off not like the shitty dangy places in the corner of somewhere. Went to Miss Heavens during the week. I was feeling really horny so I booked a threesome for one hour. Damn which ones did u go with? Just want to pick the right woman since its a arm and a leg to pay here.

Rest i have been told do it. Mind you, a lot of punters do excel in BS. BTW quite a few of them did the greek without a condom. Wonder why they call it Miss Heavens. I suppose if you are as old as BBB then anything will do.

The arseholes of these old boilers probably look better than their dials. You have to be joking — for us young uns would rather wank myself than pay them. Well its obvious that Bung Hole Buster and Johnny are one of the same. Well Styles or is it you Pal using another moniker. Do as you like. Most punters here are cheating on their wives and as such already have an older woman. For me an older woman would cause a big dip in my libido.

These old boilers have pussies as tough as old boot leather and a body to match. Big floppy tits and stretch lines are a turn on for me.

You had me in stitches with your reply. Surely you are not serious. You prefer a wrinkly old boiler with floppy boobs, a wrinkly old arse and a leather lined pussy to a lovely young girl?? The old bags have fantasies for a young boy not an old bugger like you. Forget they are as young as your daughters. The young ones would appreciate your cock more.

Sorry if it offends but your daughters will be broken in by an older cock. An older punter who prefers women of his own age, or one who is only turned on by girls a half or a third of his age. I know who I would call sick. I calling your belief system sick.. Why are you pretending to be is virtuous, by fucking women your own age? Why bother with old bags, just stick with your missus. All these young women want is your money.

They know we are all pervs. Just reflect on this one mate: So cut the bullshit man. You are as bad as me and all the punters on here. So what is wrong in YOUR humble opinion of an older bloke wanting to have sex with a women of his own age — not one as young as his daughters? Now Fred — you are not going to put the guilts on me buddy. You have taken my comments and put them out of context. Went to Artarmon yesterday and booked a big titted WL for 45 mins.

When she walked into the room just as i was towelling myself after showering. First impressions were positive. Nice looking with a nice body. I gently stroked her lowerback. I kissed her ass checks then my tongue accidentally LOL slipped onto her asshole. Tongued her asshole for about 5 minutes. Then i motioned her to lie on her back. Went onto her clit. Stayed there for about 15 minutes. She moaned quite a few times. Every time she was about to climax, her back would arch.

Then i slowly penetrated her pussy. She came a few more times. At this point i had not received any oral. She was enjoying my tongue. She climaxed in my mouth on a couple of occasions. After a few minutes, i slipped it into her ass. I obliged then i blew. Will definitely be seeing her again. BTW i was never offered a condom so the whole session was bare back. For you evrrything is a fantasy. I feel very sorry for you. You must lead a miserable, insular life. I think you need a good rogering.

Went to Cleg St during the week. Slender body with huge boobies. She had quite a few strong orgasms before we proceeded with sex which was covered. Well said brother For Greater Good. All other sites members are meagre peasants and catfish or bottom feeding scum. Syd 99 is god. Pal should be able to hook you up. Keep in mind he is bottom only likes to get ass fucked so if you looking to top his recommendations may be limited.

Pal is a size queen? Obviously I ruined him for the rest of you. Him and his alter ego Churchy love the D. Hehe impersonating me now! Pal and co You are simply the biggest losers in town. Get a life you sad cunt! It is invitation only and only the elite of society and Titans of industry are privileged to become member. Naturally these are Asian as we are the new Kings of Aust. We own your land , your women we are everywhere. Would you be able to list the WLs or at least the brothels that provide BB in all holes?

For those interested- interesting article today in the Telegraph. Its describes how clever the aids virus is. And a discovery of where it hides and why long term medicines are necessary. Maybe a cure one day unless you die beforehand. But you have to face facts. The truth is the truth. This troll is a sad fuck who doesnt know how to enjoy life. You are the useless fuckwit, George. Who fucking does that, fuckwit? George is a fuckwit!

George is a fuckwit. Well, well, well trying to rope me in huh? Cheeto heheheh Time for you to foam at the mouth — excuse me now — time to take a dump. Again Pal, that you would take the time to write all that crap proves what a sad empty life you have. Now go do the world a favour and take a bath with a toaster you useless old cuck.

Cheeto is right Pal you do sound like a whiny old bitch. Maybe she got an STD from her ex. Lets say Burwood park. He is keen to bring his cheer squad again if interested?. PS Thomas bring Jamie and Cheeto too they are cordially invited. Plenty of grass to rest on for all. I can even pick you up at Strathfield and return you back home afterwards — just in case you are not feeling well after the morning tea.

Ahhahaah wimp last time, wimp this time. Bye now, see you in a few days. Going to Bamboo to have some fun fun fun with thai girl. You keep mentioning the Gong? I live in Pyrmont you poor old jealous fuck. You wouldnt last a day working for me you fuckin dinosaur. You are as mad as a cut snake Cheeto et al. Broad sweeping statements — how on earth can you possibly conclude my age and that I am a supposed old centrelink loser and all the other accusations.? Every time you accuse me of anything, my immediate thought is that you are doing — and are the very same thing.

Just for the sake of enticing fools that believe all this shit and to make a few dollars at their expense. Who is your target audience anyway? You want to lick arses and go BB go for it. You have a foul mouth and probably it smells like shit to boot. Now, you are going to give me this stern warning … I am tracking your IP address. Any fool can work that out. Oh dear the Pal is ruining this site — absolute bullshit. But you real MO is to get traffic on this forum even if it means aggression on your part.

Have to go to Bamboo now — go a roaring stiffy. Keep tasting arses while I entertain a nice nubile vagina. Old senile Pal I didnt read anything you wrote but by the amount you did I can you are pissed off: BTW Cheeto et al… who said anything about a fight?? Hence my suggestion of picking you up at home and dropping you off should you not feel well after the tea.

And since you are into anal maybe you would enjoy some fellows to use your rump — for rumpy pumpy. Seriously gotta go to Sydney — my delicious girl awaits with her vagina. I say Pal and friends instead of bitching on this site everyday actually meet up in a backstreet somewhere and settle this like men once and for all!

Any of you got the balls or is there not a pair between you? Signing out — over and out — you are decidedly boring puke puke. The other day I was in town for business and stressed out and as I was near Club I paid a visit. In the intro room. I was introduced to three girls.

Picked an ebony called Beyonce cause she has nice thighs and a big juicy arse. My only reservation was that she was a lot younger than me. She made feel st home. It was an incredible session. She is one hot mama. She really knows how to suck a cock. Finished off with covered sex in doggy position.

Pulled my cock out after a few minutes and inserted into her corn hole. Had trouble getting it in. Her arsehole was very tight. All in all a great session but a bit pricey compared to my usual haunts. As if that happened! BTW those posts made by Gary were done by me! None of you dumbass punters picked up on that.

Keep jerkin the gherkin. If you dont want to post details of your encounters then that is your perogative. Always telling punters not to do this or write that. If graphic detailed reviews upset you then stop using this site. To put it more bluntly: How many nom de plumes do you use? You are quite at liberty to filter my posts if that upsets you. Who are you anyway?? Why are you upset?

I have no control of what men do. You have the wrong guy Arnie — just agreeing with my mate Pete — were you upset by him? Just another thing Arnie The thing I like about this site is we are able to post our thoughts good or bad unfettered by the moderator. How is that bullying? I am not bullying anyone — just stating my point of view. The people here are over 18 — so how can I bully them by remote control?? You are just a sad sack — correct?

Pal you are such a little old whiny useless bitch. No doubt you have a sad pathetic life and must be deeply unhappy which stems from the fact you are a cunt and anyone who knows you soon discovers what a cuck you are. You have made him a legend on parlour pages. Read your post dated 16 Oct at 1: I rest my case. Post whatever negative comments about genuine punters.

Not responding to you any more. Dont waste my time. Trying to promote his web site syd He is the one that went to cougar town and tried to get Ming to put 3 fingers up his smelly loose arse. She kicked him out. He had a handbag with makeup, and lipstick and ladies undies — gay bastard. Now he is trying to get back at her by waging a smear job.

Allright — King Farouk is on to me. Be in touch very soon as I am desperate for a few cum shots. Sorry Ming but 3 fingers are not enough. Need a very very big cock. Need more posts like this! Instead we get inundated with negative, aggressive posts from that mealy mouthed troll who uses a thousand aliases.

First time with her. Fark what a slut! How does your dick feel buddy. Every person that comments on Nicole or angel says the same thing. That they have fucked her bb in all 3 holes. Sadly your the reason why there are so many people infected with sti,s or hiv. My cock feels fine Bridget. BTW as for your other comments, tell someone who really does care. BB in all 3 holes. Pal is the Weasel with a Ferret up his arse!

Was feeling a bit toey yesterday so i went to Cleg St. Well she is one good looker. Slim trim body;tall with black wavy hair; big firm tits; thin waist; great oral skills; lovely disposition. Had an awesome session. The sex was with a dom but the BJ was au naturel. Definitely booking her for a FFM session soon. With all the media spotlight, i after some much needed stress relief. Firstly she has a sensational body. Her oral skills are exemplary. Ended up porking both up the arse.

Sex with A was covered but bare back with tbe other milf. Pointless bullshit wet dream. How about you come back and write an actual REAL review of somewhere you have been instead of this made up fantasy. Gee, thanks for making my day. I love your reviews. Detailed accounts of your encounters with WLs. Anyone with the slightest intelligence knows Im not Pal and that Pal hates Jamie because I expose your moralistic nonsense rants and putting down other punters on this site.

Yep… say nothing — nothing at all — why spoil it for yourself. Only giving this tall fucker that owns this site and the cops free fodder. Been lookin at all he said and it makes sense Pete. Fuckin find your own ladies and keep your mouth firmly shut. Zomb, or is it Zombie, you ARE deranged. How many names do you post under, Pal? Your agenda is to ruin this site. You are so transparent Pal. Also like hearing about dud sessions for the same reason.

Then Pal really gets pissed and writes long monlogues railing about prostitutes, sexual practices etc. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. This dating service has tremendous success rate when its comes to people getting into relationships, falling in love, and even getting married.

The reason behind the success of Math. These three different categories consist of questions regarding interests, lifestyle, appearance, and background.

Based on the profile, Match. OkCupid is a reputable free hookup site that has been around for years. If you can keep the patience and looking for free alternatives, then we recommend you to try out OkCupid.

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Not all the sites mentioned are free since we have variety of audience visiting our site. These matches are from bots or Zoosk employees, the same goes with any messages you get. Also they trashed a Casual Encounters section they used to have, and now direct people to offshore scam sites like Easysex and Milfshookup that are full of fake accounts and bots.

Setting up websites is easy and cheap, there is no justification for the high membership fees that many of these sites charge. The sites mentioned above are free to join — However, you can optin for premium features if you like addon features. This post is not sponsored at all. Looks like a lot of people are facing problem with AFF — We already suggested to not optin for premium version until one is satisfied with free version.

We will do the check and filter it out from our list — Do you want any site to be listed which is legit. Wantmature is full of shit,all the women there are not in your city just try and ask them a question,they wont respond,they go off topic or just quit responding. So far only down about 41 bucks,i just want to get laid dam it!

So stay away from wantmature its a real scam,luck to all. I think they hooked me playing onmy loneliness. Cheating on someone who loves you is just not FINE. Sort out the problem, and everything will be okay. Most of the sites are free to signup and good enough to get the stuff done. This is because they have been there and done that, which means you could save money by dating a granny instead of someone around your own age. If you want a woman who is easy to please, then go for a granny.

They Look Good — As women get older, they tend to do their best to look good, and this means they usually eat right, exercise and dress nice and things like that. If you want a woman that always looks good, even naturally, then consider dating a GILF. You will find that most older women who like younger guys take very good care of themselves and are quite active.

Not only that, but many matures enjoy sharing their success with the younger guys they are dating, which means they may end up spoiling you and treating you to nice things. Many older women enjoy doing this because it gives them gratification and it makes them feel good that they are making someone else feel good, so if you want to date a woman who is successful and one that can take care of herself, then consider dating a women who is older than you.

Those are the four top reasons to date a granny. There are many other reasons why you should look for a GILF to date, but the above ones are the top ones. All you have to do now is decide whether dating an older woman is for you, and then you can start looking. Have you ever thought about dating a GILF? If not, then you should, but before you go out and look for one, you should know why you should date one, where to find them and the different types of grannies you can date.

With that said, continue to read on to find out more. Why Date One — One of the main reasons you should find a GILF to date is because they tend to be at the age when they want companionship, as well as intimacy.

Many men find that dating a granny slapper provides them with the kind of intellectual relationship they have been looking for. If you want intimate, as well as companionship, then you should consider dating someone who is considered a GILF.

If you are in your 20s and maybe even 30s, then you have probably dated plenty of women who want to be wined and dined and bought nice things and so forth. Where To Find Grannies To Date — Lucky for you, finding grannies who you want to date, as well as grannies who are looking for younger men to date, is easy to do. What you want to do is join a dating site that is dedicated to the dating a GILF niche, but make sure you choose a site that is well-known and one that has many grannies as members.

Go with a site that has plenty of communication features, such as email, live chat and so forth, because it is important that you have various ways to contact grannies on the site.

Types Of Grannies To Date — The truth is that there are all different types of grannies and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, personalities and so forth. Some look like grannies, while some look younger than they are. As previously mentioned, there are websites that specialize in this dating niche, so you should join one of those sites and try your luck, but make sure you choose a site that has many members and one that is reputable.

Now you know why you should GILF date. You also know the various types to date and where to find them. All you have to do now is browse different grannies on different GILF dating sites and see if you can find the ideal one to date. There are many cougars out there, and they are not just your average women. In fact, there are a lot of celebrity cougars. If you want to know who some of the most famous cougars are, then read the rest of this article.

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