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What you learned from this? It is all very strange.

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Now at this time some of my old friends from my original page began to request me and I begin to accept request. Now, One of my old friends that became a new friend on my new page messaged me and offered to pay me some money for my services, we began to discuss it and he messaged me his budget and all. So I was planning for us to meet in about a week, so i sent him a message and while I waited I clicked like on a funny video that was in my news feed and BAM!

Facebook disabled my account…I was like WTF? Learn More about why your account might be disabled. FB has truly become Big Brother! I tried to contacting my friend via linkedin however I doubt he seen the message yet.. Hey Keith, also their idea of suspicious activity is whenever you delete your cookies, then try to log in again or log in from a different browser.

That is insane, everything sets off their security warnings or whatever. Or something like that. I would advise everyone to do it. I have one friend who loves Facebook. I used my phone to confirm my acoount, and then removed it. And they ask me to send them photo. I create new account with new email and new IP-address, then remove phone again, and they ask photo again.

I have the same thing. I beg Facebook coz I have so much important information about 8 years at least We should stop the empire Facebook. My account was disabled this afternoon. As near as I can tell, it is because I am a convicted sex offender. My offense happened over 25 years ago, was not internet related there was not internet to speak of facebook did not exist. Not sure what will happen as I have not had a response yet, but I am not seeing it as hopeful. Probably my own fault for not reading the TOS, but really, who does, and who would expect that to be on it.

Had the same thing happen to me. They wanted a picture of my face. Had to take a pic. Once I did and sent it. Got my profile reactivated in two days. I thought it must have been a mistake and carried on. Next weekend it again got deactivated. People are questioning me, friends are trying to find reasons… For a moment I felt like a criminal.

But what was my fault? I am a traveller. Facebook had been both a back of my travel memories and a medium to promote all those exotic places I had been to. I realised how vulnerable and helpless we all are to technology. How I had been investing real emotions and time to an entity that has no sanity. I had found couple of fake profiles by other people using my pictures.

And I, who had been stupidly and Willingly been contributing to Facebook — I have been banned suddenly. I have lost faith from any kind of system. Once we die, everything just seizes to have any existence. World has got technologically advanced but without proper knowledge of it. Now I had been been a product for FB, without any information about it. Say there is no court I can go to, no human I can interact with if I have any issue regarding my profile.

I have learned something. That nobody is to be trusted, not even technology for it can deceive much more than humans. I always had good intentions and ensured that I promote happiness on my profile. Yet somehow I managed to violate Fb community guidelines. Better to live in real rather than feed these selfish, illogical systems. A bit biased I think and discriminating towards a race. This makes me want to share more history, thank you facebook for the motivation.

I am Cherokee and shared lots of info and posts about Native Americans and traditions. I was on there one day and all of a sudden I get logged out with message: We have noticed suspicious activity on your account. Please upload a photo clearly showing your face. Now it says that my account is completely disabled. They are hypocritical and I can only guess who is running the place.

Check out Edward Snowden. Go to MeWe d0tt com. Tried to login today, got notification that my account is disabled. No prior warning, no explanation, no nothing! We get accounts suspended because soggy people spam the report button when you say something they dont like.

I had my account disabled before I even finished setting up my profile information. No posts, no pictures, no friend requests, no followers, no followings, no likes, no nothing! Did not even get the chance to upload my profile pic. I was told to upload a photo of myself so they can verify my identity and try again in three days.

Despite not knowing how a photo of myself can verify my identity, I uploaded the photo anyway. That page showed me a link where I can appeal and that link asked for a picture of my ID. Now that makes sense. Still, no reply, no reason given, no means of contacting them. I certainly did not violate any of their ToS since I never even got the chance to do so.

If you want, use a fake id and debate from that. They will report your account as sexual and without even checking or any proof, these people will disable your account. This happened with me. There comes sexual posts! One was a bill bord where is absolutely no nudity, another one face of a smiling cute baby, and the last one, a baby in hospital with devices attached to his body a sad picture.

What you learned from this? For facebook, what you did is not important, how those reporters report your account is important. So learn this lesson once more. Facebook is not a place where you can speak freely responsible freedom. My account was banned today for fighting back against sexual predators, and posting what they had sent me onto their wall. I have asked Facebook for support with eliminating my issue with sexual predators with no response. I have blocked them and switched my privacy settings but once I see the vulgar messages, the damage is done.

There is nothing I can do against stalkers! All I want is my babies photos back! Allet I want are my photos. Hi my name is Mikaela Tubbs. And I had a Facebook account under the name Kaela Rose. I would like to begin by formally apologizing for breaking the rules and I would like the opportunity to explain myself.

For months, I have endured sexual abuse from predators online who would send me vulgar messages and photos. I have attempted to block them and change my privacy settings with no luck. Others continue to violate me and some even recreat accounts to attack me again. I do not know what to do. I would really just love to recover my facebook account under the promise that I will not act in this way again.

I am just desperate and I honestly do not know what to do about my attackers. Please help me if you have additional information regarding what to do about the sexual abuse. Please take into consideration that each year, hundreds if not thousands of young women commit suicide due to self esteem issues fueled by male attackers of this nature. Again, I apologize for my faults, and I assure you it will not happen again. My babies photos are my life and I am already tremendously depressed over the animalistic treatment I have been receiving by Facebook predators.

May I please have my account reactivated and receive further counsel on how to address attackers? Thank you for your time. After reviewing the Facebook community standards, I am sad to say that I do not feel safe on Facebook.

I was a victim of sexual abuse through Facebook where a man sent me a photo of his penis. I reposted the photo on his wall exposing him as an attacker. I read that Facebook wants to create an environment where people can feel safe and control what they see.

Moreover, there is no way to control what I see in private messages. What do I do from here? This is proving to be dangerous to my mental state as my 2 year old daughter was raped earlier this year, I have been sexually abused myself, and there is no hope for justice.. These photos are my primary concern.

I feel depressed, suicidal, and helpless. Please facebook staff, I just want my babies photos.. I am in tears at my loss and the feelings of victimization through this. Praying that the right person reads this and i do not get a generic response. My account was banned. I did not receive a warning and I would like to be reviewed with empathy of my circumstances.

I had acted against a recent attacker by showing the photo he sent me on his wall. I know now that it is against the rules. I have lost photos that are very valuable to my family. I have grown quite depressed and suicidal, feeling hopeless and helpless.

What is this world we are living in? Is there any way of just having our precious photos back? Go with your gut always. And I hope that you have some more positive things in your life soon.

Why everytime I create a Facebook account it gets shut down I send photo nothing try again and again it always says were suspicious behavior anyone know how to contact Facebook. My Facebook account was inexplicably disabled on June 5, I am a Christian conservative, and am an international corn allergy advocate.

I learned that I cannot conduct corn allergy advocacy work using Facebook. I only use my Twitter account, online contact forms, and email to avoid suspension by Facebook even though many hospitals, members of Congress, etc. After contacting every hospital in every state with critical, potentially life-saving information, I then post the results of my work in my corn allergy groups 2 , plus I am the Admin for my own Corn Allergy Advocacy group.

Everything disappeared on June 5, Thankfully, all of my precious work thousands of hours is posted on my blog; however, my corn allergy groups are critical to me. They still have not responded to my request for reinstatement of my account. Now I am wondering if I have to hire a lawyer to find out exactly why they disabled my account. Uuuuch facebooks had done worst than I tot just trying to sign in an they just disable my account just like that without warning….

All my contacts freins everything have lost…. We did a stupid thing and invested time, money and effort to put up a facebook page and audience. Impressive thing is the Facebook support made us feel like a fool by almost saying that it was fun to suspend us. I am so glad to know I am not alone!

I feel incredibly discriminated against and seriously feel that FB should have to notify you with PROOF as to why your account was disabled. It is illegal to discriminate against someone because of their opinions, and that is precisely what FB does when they disable accounts. I have had my account disabled a total of 7 times. Not once have I ever broken TOS. I do not curse in posts, I do not threaten others, I do not stalk people, I do not have a fake profile, I do not post anything illegal, I do not conduct business on my personal page, etc.

EVERY time that I have been disabled it was directly after having a political discussion on a news feed. If I have more than a couple people disagreeing with me, my account gets disabled. The original page was started in I had it for 5 years with no problems. I had over friends, thousands of pictures those sent to me by friends and those I uploaded myself.

I intended on getting them onto my computer when I got home in the states, but never did. I thought they were safe. The person told me that in a time frame of about 20 minutes, the night prior, 17 people had reported my page as being fake. They reactivated my account and I just shrugged it off as a fluke.

Then in about January or so of my account was disabled again. I hunted up the email that I had used before and emailed them again. What they did was allow me to remake my account with the same email.

Well, there went 6 years of pictures and friend contacts. I never wrote their contact info down because we never text or call them as it is too expensive.

Instead we use FB. I had to spend hours and hours contacting several people to get that information again. The third time I got disabled was only a few weeks after the second time. What infuriated me was that slowly but surely people were reposting pictures that I lost the second time the account was disabled. I almost had all my contacts back and was ready to download the pics. Each time a friend refriended me, I messaged them all my contact info and many had messaged me theirs so we would be covered if this happened again.

Well, I planned on sitting down all at once and getting all the info onto a doc on my computer when the dang thing was shut down again. I had been on a local news comment about Trump and had corrected someone saying he was narcissistic and schizophrenic I am a therapist. There was nothing derogatory said at all, in fact, I thought we were having an intelligent discussion.

I even told the person that I respected their opinions on Trump, but that people needed to stop throwing around exaggerated terms to make their points. My husband opened an account and I share on there — his account has never been disabled and it has been over a year.

We have no news sites on there and we just kind of ignore anything where there is public commentary. BUT — I have restarted my account 3 more times. Every time it went down I have been in a political discussion right beforehand.

I can post about anything else in the world, but not anything that disagrees with liberals. I should not have to do this. This is discrimination — period. My brother-in-law different one from above is an attorney and he said I should sue FB for discrimination.

If nothing else, force them to show how they determined my account was fake and where I broke the TOS. Someone really needs to come out with a FB competitor where the company is above board. Just on this Monday received a massage saying that my account was disabled and provided me a link from FAQ to fix the issue. I Sent them a message with my birthday and name and requesting to know what was happening.

They wrote me back after 3 days that my account was permanently disabled and they could not provide me any details because of security reasons! Well, I was one of the very first ones to sign up for facebook and now have no shame in leaving them forever. I already stopped posting anything on my timeline for 5 years now.

I know that they will fall no matter how tall they become with their arrogance and greed and carelessness. I hope that people also stop using facebook and rely on something better. We already gave up the rights for privacy anyway. Now facebook is reading our inbox messages and phone texts for more than 3 years!

Last week i tried to make a new real one with real name and real mobile number and after one day … they blocked it again… i guess my real name is in their black list, btw there are other people that have the same name and surname ,some relatives some just have the same name, with active fb accounts… I remember that the block happened one day after i posted a comment on a news page regarding n.

Yes the same as happened to me with stupid reasons and not actually giving me a real reason. So I made a new account. You can upload anything really.

I have a page on there followers already and the site is pretty busy. Of course not as big as Facebook but it has about 90k members already. I legit had my account destroyed behind 2 hackers from Quora. One Cole Cash, and another. One hacked into my closed-off accnt to send me messages filled with angry gifs calling me all kinds of names, all over Superman.

He tried time and again to get me banned from Quora, but since his argument held no weight, he went right to Facebook and somehow got them to ban me out of the blue.

The place is no longer a place of learning, but a toxic dumpster fire of neckbeards, racists, alt-rights, women-haters, and comic fans with severe mental illnesses. Quora is the new Reddit. Also, never use Facebook, but use Twitter or one of the Facebook alternatives.

My account was disabled with no warning. They make so much money, how about providing us users decent customer service? I Waited a few days nothing heard so I then attempted to log in again this time FB accepted my now bigger pic and I completed my details and page only to be shut down with the message that there was suspicious activity. Oddly I was then was sent messages from FB to assist to sign in with a codes and numerous password changes only to then be disabled. It appears that we the population have little or no voice and no rights of redress when using this service.

As a new user …. I was hoping to start a business and use FB. But not sure if thats a good idea looking at this blog. Like others on here I am not hopeful of getting on to FB despite following their procedures.

But I would like to make then accountable for their behaviours. The exact same thing happened to me with an identical response…. I had to send my ID to appeal the 30 day ban…then they gave me a permanent disabled status…. When putting out a friend request, the person concerned can just refuse it. I understand the issue, but if the person is blocked permanently from asking that particular person a for friendship, could that not be enough? It was clearly stated by Mr.

Zuckerberg some years ago: Been blocked by fb 6 months ago. Once again they repeated me the same, that it was a permanent decision and they were going to stop answering me just at the second email. Indeed I never been able to get any answer ever back again — one of fb rules is to ask them the permission to create a new account if your was blocked.

I have sent ID as requested and all I have received is a reply stating that my account will not be reinstated and they cannot tell me anything about why it has been disabled…. I used to think facebook was a thing for the future, keeping family and friends in touch etc….. But I suspect I actually got reported by hater. And I think it was done by another gaming account, since all others who are in the community is mostly using second acc. I saw it happen to several others in the community.

And I paid for the game thank goodness it was only the smallest top up and not my main acc But annoying fb, where is the justice for this. I completely vow for the illegality of this action. We are sharing a phone. There reason was that I used the word whore, and it violates their terms.

All the porn and filth on their, and my response to a question was so benign and they disabled me etc. Yet they allow people to post vile filth, have multiple accounts and let them stay on.

So far the profile is still there; however I made one thru Chrome and it lasted only a day and they found it. I think if you change phone number thru your phone company, mine is Total wireless, and you keep installing and uninstalling different browsers for a few days, you can get back in.

I have no friends, and my husband has had a traumatic brain injury, and FB kept me feeling not so lonely Try foxfire beta, it will take a while to figure out how to add pics if u want too, and use a fake name. No one cared because I received another message saying I was permanently disabled and that was the last time I would ever hear from them again. My original fb account is stil up. I accidentally deactivated in February 20 I followed all the links to reactivate it to no avail.

Fb said have a friend help. I opened 2 accounts in the last two days with my name they immediately disabled it. No email from fb One account they said my dogs I posted laying down were offensive.

Yesterday I emailed fb explaining the problem from the beginning of February. The security came on and I had to upload a picture of me to review. My profile pictures are always my dogs. How do you review my face? Account disabled because I shared to me.

I reported everything from the beginning. No response from fb. I emailed fb yesterday explaining from the getco no response at all. I reported her in my email begging my original account that is up to get it back.

They have no intentions of responding to me. They do not have any morals. Everyone has a right to an explanation of any wrong doing. My account was disabled few days ago.

Been waiting three days. No reply from FB. Did Facebook replied to anyone who had his account disabled and did they enable your account and if yes, did the data remain? Please, I need answers. MY acount was disabled yesterday night. Says my account was disabled because I am not eligible to use facebook.

This decision is final. For more information about our policies, please review the Facebook Terms. I have had it for about 6 years now and all I do is share videos of food and post pictures of my adventures. I wish I could have all of my photos back.. Hi mam we have same issue no information added for security reasons? Just disable and eneligible to use facebook and i dont know fcebook they did us without warning and the worst is we cannot reclaim the photos,videos, or notes from disable account.

Hi please anyone help me..? I am working to get a class action suit going for this and i am starting to have a hunch that this is somehow discrimination based on our political views and comments.

I have posted comments about fake news and how social media is much of the culprit. I never said anything using vviolence or graphic language. My business relys on hundreds of dollars we spend monthly running ads which i no longer have access to control anyways send me your political affiliation see if its a common theme i will keep you all in the loop and in the mix if we get a class action suit. I have written an article about this subject here: FB stuff have no feelings towards users.

I got my account disabled in , i contacted them to explain and maybe i get my account back, but i just received the same email saying they wont discuss the case and the account is permentantly disabled. I dont think they really understand or willing to.

Since then, i dont want to go back to FB and make new account and start everything all over. Hlo sir my name is sourabh sharma and my fb name is sourabh Sharma 2 month send email and fb response this message Hi,.

Thanks for your report. View updates from your Support Inbox: Did you receive this email in error? Please let us know: Same thing happened to me. They asked to see my ID.

Also I was sending pictures to the BF, googled pictures being flirty, then the pictures themselves were blocked out and said there was a violation over that too. I am unsure what I did wrong. But I lost 7 years of pictures I cannot get back of my children, deployments, and passed family member.

The pictures, most of them, I had no back ups of them. That is the part that bothered me the most. My account got disabled after having a brief back and forth with someone online. No foul language was used. We agreed to disagree. I go to bed wake uo saying that I was banned for harassment. They said send in an ID. I sent my drivers license, my passport and military IS.

Even got a hair cut and shaved so I look like I dud several years ago. They told me pretty much nothing they can do about it. Anyway, no warning, nothing. Poof, my FB page is also gone, no support either. My account disabled two days after I created it. The only thing I did was send requests to a couple not dozens of groups that seemed interesting to me. I had not messaged anyone or even posted anything. So now I use instagram and I have to go back to emails. I have tried logging in..

I was recovering from a recent surgery.. So much for facebook! Our company wanted to hire teachers from abroad. Oh, Facebook would be a good way to connect with North Americans! When did this policy start? There are a number of reasons why this policy is bad. The first was disabled as I set up an account wrong. So, that was my fault, even though their registration process should have alerted me to the problem to avoid all of this mess.

However, they reopened it without explanation after my appeal. Then closed it again on the next login — 2 logins, 2 disablings, 2 reopenings.

I deactivated that account after digging a while to find that I had violated their policy. Why then did they open the account if I was still in violation? Why did they not tell me how to fix the problem? I followed their current policies to the letter after understanding them correctly.

The second account was disabled during the second login. So, now, I just think they are a bunch of jerks to enjoy maliciously using their supposed power and are so immature that they avoid conflict all responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

They probably have covered their butts so that suing them is not a viable option for individuals. But, have any of you who can not find any clear violation of their policies in your usage and have suffered financial loss due to their unexplained termination of service ever considered a class action suit? If there are enough of you, perhaps their may be a way to get Facebook to behave responsibly or put them out of business.

I hated Facebook before, now I hate it even more. First FB reinstated my account and said they never bother me again because of the name, but 1 month later they turned off my account and they demanded my ID card. First I refused for 6 months. But then I gave up explaining the harasser situation and I decided to give them what they want. Well, not so fast. I keep uploading my ID and other documents, for 26!!!

There is no way to contact a human, no email, no message box, no phone number, nothing. I had my friends, my photos, and a group of people. I had my account for 5 years there without any issue.

I have no idea what to do, the only thing I can is keep uploading my ID over and over and over and hoping that a miracle happens. How is FB grew this big? How is a billion dollar company has no customer service or something? I posted nothing special. Just tagging some artists like Nas Daily in Nas daily page , commenting on car threads , and nothing is political.

Then my facebook suddenly disabled for no reason. I had my Facebook account disabled 2 monthes ago. Hope Google plus or else do much effort to replace the shit Facebook. Hi my my 8years peesonal facebook account was disable i submit my appeals and then they reply this Thursday, December 28, at We appreciate your understanding, as this decision is final. Been disabled for about a month so far. They gave me no specifics.

I set the account up using my name, and started adding my sales reps and distributors. I sent an email as requested by FB and explained that this was a professonal profile, and included a couple forms of ID and a day or so later I was re-enabled.

Then without even using the account a day later it happened again. Submitted my License and business card and it was unlocked again. I just went to log into this account and yep, disabled again.

I barely even used the account in about a month.. I barely have posted anything and am only a member of newsgroups that are relevant to my companies industry. I have never posted anything with politics attached. This is annoying and of course FB has the worst customer service on the planet. Yes, a few months ago. The grounds are absurd to me. I just want it all gone forever.

I regret joining again. What a load of bullshit! They can go take a flying leap. I despite being falsely accused. It insults my sensibilities and offends me deeply. My 8 or 9years account was disable without reason at dec 28 i dont why? Why im eniligible to use facebook! What a lost dont know how to recover my account i try to quit but i cant my friends and family was there and i need to contact them so i decide to create new but after few days its disable again!

I need it because i have able contact my family i hope the there same at me to recover of their fb acc thats all sorry for my bad english and grammar. I am an Athiest from Muslim background. I was part of nomouros Athiest groups Arabic and English. My account was disabled three times using different emails. Apperantly, Facebook does not like atheists when they peacfully criticize religion and the god delusion.

Although these groups I belonged to for many many years, athiest where still minority when compared to the believers in these groups. I posted my last post featuring ancient gods raising only their right hand. I asked the Muslims in the group by providing verses from their Quran stating , thier Allah is holding the univers in his right hand. I was implying to muslins, could the passages in the quran had been stolen from prior to Islam.

Two hours kater, my account was disabled. That was three days ago. My sisters was disabled. Then they turned hers back on after a month. Mine was disabled a few weeks ago. I rarely used it and i had just made a new one because i couldnt get into my last one. They disabled my new one but my old one i cant access is still up.

Its weird but i had enough and in my opinion facebook is a waste of time. Im done with facebook. Also, facebook has blocked my brother from being able to send messages.

He can recieve them just cant respond. I feel like something fishey is going on with facebook and i dont like it. Definitley regret sharing pics of my kid on there.

We will disable an account if its behavior looks suspicious or if it repeatedly shares things that look like spam or are marked as unwelcome on Facebook. I did nothing of the sort and account got locked out. I guess they can just disable your account for no legitimate reason and give you zero recourse to resolve the situation. The same thing happened ti me, they dont day why, i had many pages,groups, friends, photos and nany on marketplace, they disabled me on 21 December.

No matter what you say or post they will flag you at one point — and what is the purpose of having an account if you cannot say the truth — they have millions of gory pictures and images which are ok for some and not for others but that can change at any minute — you log in and here you go kicked off of their stupid platform- they want morons to pay and play video games and post flower pictures so they can be happy if you are a lay person- they never SHUT DOWN the trophy hunter fb pages or other terrorist sympathizers , whether they are religious freaks muslims or christians or not — but you the lay person you cannot even describe who these people are really are.

I just want to know why? What term did I break? Or was it the competition just flagging my posts to kick me? Does Facebook think there is only one side to a story? People who flag are scumbags of the Earth. People will flag anything these days just to take a piss. Might as well just delete the internet.

Soon everything will get flagged. And why facebook dosent allow us to claim personal dataphotos videos or merge to new account by one including disable accounts to continue to facebook experience? My account was disabled just today. When I tried to log in it stated that I violated some terms. They then listed a list of terms I may have violated. Wanted to reactivate it, but I refuse to send in an id to reactivate. The only thing was that I tried to report a Facebook account as being fake and posting threats against other Facebook users and I think Facebook picked up on my complaints and disabled my account.

It also could have been my views that I expressed about certain political groups will not say which one but it was only one or two comments.

They can keep it, but it amazes me that all the vile, racist, sexist, homophobic, and fake stuff on that site that stays there and nothing happens. Be glad when someone else makes a better site.

Hopefully Facebook will go away like MySpace. They are privately held company. They can disable who they want. The person wanted to file a class action lawsuit?!? So sorry you invested so much of your business marketing and communication with a free website.

Maybe step it up a notch next time with your own website. My account was disabled and it was even deactivated, for several months. So, being curious about this I tried to log into my deactivated account and I received a message that it was disabled. They wanted my name, name on the account, a picture of my ID, and my reasoning for what had happened to my account.

I have been through this process already 2 years ago and am going through it again which is ridiculous. They should have my name and ID on file now and should know who I am. They also disabled to of my new accounts that I made after they disabled the first one.

I never even thought that was possible. Said a lot of activity on my wall. I have appealed but no answer. Yes I did post a lot about Britain First that I got from my family, that they had post so I shared it. I see a lot of people do though. I am 76 years old. Thousands of miles away from my children, grand children in the UK.

Photos there of my grand children etc. FB was my life lint plus I have about close friends family now all gone. They dont care do they that they can ruin peoples lives. Yeah, they disabled my account for copyright breach, am I guilty sure but lets be real here, what really happened? I had my account for over 10 years, never a complaint, I managed a couple successful art pages and even paid FB time to time for promotion.

On my main page I only had 55 friends and relatives connected, hardly a threat to world peace, on my art pages I had a couple hundred perhaps a thousand followers. So on one of my art pages I posted a couple links to music videos I animated to popular songs how exactly do you get permission to use copyright music anyhow?

This is called creative license and it is legal so I followed these rules but within one month of posting on my page I was warned by FB to remove the content. So I went to delete the content which was targeted and the following week another one of my videos was targeted so I deleted that one as well. On the very same day FB wrote me and asked if I wanted to promote my 3rd and final homemade copyright infringing music video for a fee… I thought this a little hypocritical so I blogged about it on FB, the next day my 3rd targeted warning remove this video!!!!!

Well the next time I logged in I was banned. What FB fails to realize that content producers like myself are tired of FB profiteering off of our backs and many are leaving the platform or like me getting kicked off.

Good luck FB, you are now literally starting to die, and your death will be applauded! The problem is not Facebook. The problem is capitalism. We must destroy capitalism first and then Facebook will not be able to harass people.

All the problems of the exploitation and misery of humans are caused by one single thing: I HATE the fb support team! They disabled my ad account a couple weeks back. During which I tried contacting them but I got back the same generic response each time from a different person.

I am so pissed at zuckerberg. Honestly, the Adwords support team is way better. My Facebook account was disabled one morning when I woke up one morning completely out of the blue.

I sent Facebook several messages with no response. So I had my Facebook since , it was randomly and without notice, disabled in January of I tried to regain access and could not.

I did not participate in political posts as many here have mentioned. I followed their rules, never posted any nude pictures, etc. I made a new one and from that time until today, all was fine and bam… same problem with my new page. We invest so much time uploading pictures and personal info. Facebook DOES stalk you and sell your info to companies.

They have disabled all of us without warning and with no explanation, rendering our personal information unattainable and at their fingertips to do with whatever they please.

See this as a blessing because we invest much of our lives on their platform. So sorry to hear of your plight. You need to click the Report button next to any message that comes in. Otherwise, I would use one of the forms here for reporting harassment. I tried deactivating and reactivating my account.

Is there Any way possible I can go back to the original format at all? How do I tell them that?? I have a question, Facebook has sent me a message saying a photo have nudity in it but private parts were covered and not show. Can you help us? Who should I contact at Facebook? I hope to hear from you soon — thanks in advance. Thank you so much. I mean, the adults all sorted out the funeral things and stuff, but this is something I guess only a kid would think of.

Glad I could help. First, were you able to make sense of this post I wrote on exactly what Community Pages are and how they are created automatically by Facebook? Meantime, in answer to your question about getting your actual fan page on your personal profile as your Employer, there is no other workaround other than the tecchie solution I provided. What to do is the following:. I often recommend Starbucks.

To get your own page ID number, go to graph. Here is a step by step tutorial by W Ching Ya with screenshots: There is no other solution than to follow these instructions. My Facebook wwas supspended when the money scam thing hacked my account on Christmas eve. Im so frustrated, ist there anything I can do? Thank You for what you have done here! Sincerely , Kim Mangum. An ex employee is using our fan page as a way to steal clients. Is there anyway to block him from seeing our fans?

I am glad to have found your page and hope that I can get some assistance. At this time I am in the middle of a seven day block from friend requesting. This is the sixth block I have received in two months and from what I can see posted by others at the non-help center of Facebook, there are quite a few individuals experiencing this same dilemma.

As a social network, the individual I wish to friend request has the opportunity to ignore or deny my request. But, Facebook interjects itself and places these arbitrary blocks.

So I patiently wait whatever block period is imposed. This last time I was blocked was for friend requesting a soap opera character — not even a real person! What is even more bothersome is that confirmed friends of mine are now gone in large amounts, i. I have 2, confirmed friends and after the block I now have ! I go to their pages and they show no pending request from me. So, Mari, any advice? Hi Mari, great information you have here. Recently I have been notified that this individual has been making post about my private and personal health information, things that are liable in a court of law.

How can I notify facebook about this information? I honestly believe this person does not belong on facebook. I have screen shoots that were sent to me by another person of the post that were made. I just need to know how to report them myself. Hi Kim — oh nooo, so sorry to hear this. Ugh, good point — so many of these forms only really work if you can still access Facebook. You might try emailing abuse facebook.

Keep persisting best you can, try another of these forms! Oh dear — how very unfortunate. With our personal profiles, when we block a person, both profiles and activity become invisible to each other. Not so with fan pages. To ban this person, you have to search through your list of fans click the See All link and click the X beside their name — be sure to select the Permanently Ban option too.

Meantime, I would also recommend you enlist the help of an attorney and send a Cease and Desist to this person. Gather as much evidence, screen shots, etc. Oh my — how strange. Hmm, can you find it on a Google search or Facebook search? Yikes, what a bummer. There are SO many other issues that Facebook need specific contact forms for!

Hey Will — this is complete rubbish!! Do not pass along. Try writing to abuse facebook. Hang in there, and try submitting more bug reports and trying different forms until you get a response.

Try also the Help Center — often other User posts helpful answers. What to do is try the Intellectual Property Infringement form as that should get a response for you. There is nothing you can do. Facebook is now forcing everyone to upgrade. Jerry, I do not work for Facebook nor do I have direct contacts at Facebook. I cannot help with specific issues. Hi, you have disabled my account. I have sent my ID card for checking my identity.

Are you going to solve it? I have my bussines web page on the facebook but now I do not have access to it. Please could you solve this issue fast? I appreciate that you have so many links for help! You are a godsend to many! But my problem is not on there. For some reason I have lost ability to post any videos. I never recieved an email warning, and not sure what copyright infringement they are talking about! How do they have the right to erase my stuff and disable me from posting videos?

All of my stuff is personal or travel related. I cannot beleive that there is now way to talk to someone or file a report!

How do I know some mean person or competitor didnt do this. How do I lodge a complaint? Ay yi yi — that is so unfortunate. Try also posting on http: You might also try http: Do you know if there is a way to request a category change? I searched FB help and they say no at this time. I stupidly set up a page as a community page and I want to change it to a business page.

I found your link to the form for the category change, but I am not sure if that applies to my question? I would go ahead and use that category form, Leslie. In error I reported that my facebook account had been hacked. FB disabled my account and although I have sent them several emails following the steps they said to take no account and no response.

I would be happy to delete my facebook account but this is how I keep in touch with former students and friends all over the country. Even with all these forums and various ways to contact facebook, has anyone actually gotten a human response from facebook? Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website.

Someone is using my name as their campaign page to slander me and my business which is actually causing damages. How do I report this? Hi, I think someone has been on my facebook. I reset my password before I deactivated my account, then deactivated it.. I then went on to facebook again to try and log in, and it said it was incorrect.. Is that a violation of privacy and is there someone at Facebook I can contact, that really bugged me that someone could just call in a favor and someone at facebook could log into my account, see when or if I deleted friends, etc.

All well and good but no matter the link or email I send to FB , I get the same response. Sorry we are unable to respond to emails.

Did you run upon any page or way to add a school to the database? Ok me and my boyfriend is receving alot of messages fron fake profiles with no pic. It made me think I had lost my business page and needed to start anew.

They bait you with a button and then drop an anvil on your head. Is there seriously no other way? I have a personal page and tried to set up some pages for my online selling, however I think I screwed up somewhere and I need help fixing things.

Can I talk to someone directly for help and not on this forum? I monitor everything he does online and I have all his pwds. I want to report these spams to Facebook, but there seems to be no way to do so without first creating a Facebook account with that email address or adding it to my existing FB account , neither of which I wish to do. Of course, there is no way to actually get a hold of anybody. Is there any way to get a hold of them that you know? Also, how long does it usually to get an account reactivated?

It required a verification process and indicated that it would send a code to the cell I entered. Now, when I visit the link, it has a field for entering the code, but no way to have it resent. I do not have a cell number associated with the account, but did enter a cell number when prompted.

What can I do to have the code resent? Facebook Mobile; I deactivated my mobile number because I stopped receiving texts days ago. The someone contacted Facebok and they said the only way is if you change your phone number, only one code per phone. I do not want to change my number. Is there any different way? And now they want a document stating the reason for my name change.

This minor attempted suicide yesterday over this, and is now hospitalized. Im hoping you can help me with the current problem Im facing. Or perhaps its a bug. Obviously this is not the case since Im getting pictures of me wearing business atire removed!! Countless photos have disappeared and I keep getting that Warning when I sign on. Im afraid if I get anymore pictures reported my account will be deleted!!

What should I do?? Thank you so much! I tried to change my name on Facebook after I got married. Suzie being my first name and Que being my maiden name. Now I am unable to change my name anymore because it says I have changed it too many times. Do they block me altogether?

I just wasted about 3 hours on this mess. Hi, I recently attempted to post a video, and was not able to. I then noticed that ALL of my videos had been removed, including those with no music at all. The thing is, the videos included original music that I both wrote and recorded in my own studio.

I need to contact facebook to explain this, so that I might get my privileges back. How should I do it? My share button is gone when I try to comment on pictures, statuses, or comments!!

I cannot reset my password because I never get the email with the reset confirmation code. When I try to sign up again it says there is already an account attached to my email address. I keep getting this message whenever I try to access facebook: We expect this to be resolved shortly.

Please try again in a few minutes. I have been getting this message all day. Last night I had tried to upload a video, it had stopped progressing after about 20 minutes, about 40 minutes later, I canceled the upload and then shut down facebook?

Possibly not allowing facebook to disengage the video upload and causing a malfunction? Please let me know if someone can correct this! What do I do? I has been like this for several days now. Getting syntax error…cannot see messages or comment or like or anything.

I think others are having this problem too. Hope you can help. I am wondering if there is a way to move all my friends to the fan page? Also I know that a company were automatically changed to a community page from a friend page — is there a way I could do this? Hey, I didnt see any answers here. My buddy had a picture of himself in his swimsuit as his profile pic, and it was repoted and deleted.

He did not violate TOS. How should he go about this? How do I report a cyber bully. I have been called the most vicious names none to man. She also has a following. My discussions were deleted, but niether she or her lynchwomen, were. She need to be stopped. Just yesterday, Facebook authorized me to claim my Place, which I was then permitted to merge with my Page. I also had an out-of-date other Page that I wanted to merge with new one, with it in mind that it says I can unmerge if not happy.

So, I merged my two Pages together, but it only kept the old one! I instantly panicked and unmerged, but nothing happened.

Though when I type in the new Page name in the search at the top, it still shows up as does the Place , however when you click on it, it just reroutes you to the newsfeed Wall. Is there a way to get my new Page back?!?! Is it gone forever, deleted? How can I properly display my initials with both letters capitalized on Facebook? The name change feature on the Help site is no help.

My first name has been J. On Facebook, my name displays as J. I have seen hundreds of other Facebook members with their initials capitalized, and have contacted many of them.

In every single case they had corrected the issue when it was still possible to contact a Facebook representative, and the support links they used were no longer valid. Please, how can I make this happen? My photo strip has disappeared from my profile page and when I click on my profile pics, it says the album is empty.

Also it is saying there are 43 pics and there are only It was there yesterday and I can see them on my I phone. She then went to go back on, and now has nothing, other than the same form to fill out asking for help, which facebook does not reply to. My account in facebook has been hacked, and changed the password and I can not login in the acoount, i see that not only changed the password but also add an email address that I do not use.

At my request, the account is blocked. But I want to return my old account. Can someone help me to unlock my account and somehow to send me a new password? If, the first time you made your pw, you told your browser to remember that pw, then you just need to sign into fb with your new pw and when your browser asks if you want to change, click change.

It should remember your new password now. I am having this problem too. It is what brought me to this web site for answers.

You have blocked account too? How many days have passed you contacted them? Hi Mari, I have quite a major problem. I was set to become an admin of a Facebook group, but my friend who was set to make me the admin actually removed themselves as an admin first.

My account has been hacked on 15 FEB, and i cant login to my hotmail too! So, i cant reset my password! So, how they help me!! Anyone know, how long they processing Account Recovery Process, and how long they verify our identidy? The minute I found out I changed everything and deleted comments they put on others pages. FB has deactivated my account, I wrote them through the help page and explained.

How long till they respond and can I get the ip address of whoever was logged on to my account? I create a facebook username. I did not know it would automatically be displayed on my profile page permanently, and that I would not have the option of not displaying it.

Is there a way of having control over displaying my user name on my profile? If it could not be, not displayed, how could I then just delete it? Or if there is anyone that figured out how to not display or delete their fb username, I would love to hear how you did it. How can I become a member of a group after deleting myself from it by mistake? A few admins names are Atrum Angelus, Joy Teskat and Michael Lamgerson you can send them a message and they will approve my membership.

Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you Nasya Emmanuel. Now everything you say in the chat is archived in the messages. No emails are being received at my email address. My account has been disabled because it was compromised. I went to reactivate it and I am supposed to identify photos.

I do not know the photos they want me to identify. I play an facebook game and some of these people have family I do not know. It says I can try every hour. I tried to log in to FB, got a screen saying incorrect password. I typed it in again and got the same screen. Then I tried to reset my password, and got a screen again saying incorrect password. I tried 3 more times to reset my password, but each time I got the same incorrect password screen. When I tried one more time, I then got a screen saying that my password can not be reset because I have reached the limit of password reset attempts.

Now what do I do? In making comments in order to encourage friends, enter contests, shop at small craft boutiques, etc. The warning screen pops up that what I am doing may be considered by some as offensive or spamming and I have been blocked for a few hours or days from making public comments.

Tonight I only made about 7 comments before being blocked once more. Facebook seems to be going nuts with this! I would understand if someone had reported me for negative behavior or spamming neither of which am I engaging in. The comment I was making tonight when the block engaged was an attempt to shop on a public craft auction on a page. That small business did not get my business tonight. How can I get FB to evaluate their policy toward seemingly randomly comment blocking people?

I cannot see my homepage or profile, my husband when signed in cannot see his either, same for my son. I am also an adin on a business account and I cannot access that. I can view help topics but I cannot click on them to get the rest of the story…And I am so beyond upset that I cannot contact FB since this is an issue I am not sure will repair itself.

I accidentally removed myself as admin on my business page which was connected to my personal account. Can you tell me how I can regain admin rights on my business page? Because I officially change my name to???????? Plase you unlock me to change the name by myself or change name to???????? How do I remove a picture, that was intially on my facebook, that now appears in the google image search???

Mari Smith can you please help me im about to die if i dont have acces to my facebook its been over a month now that i havent loged on to my facebook. How do I report a business that it taking money from several facebook customers and not sending products? This past Saturday someone logged into my acct and posted an extremely vulgar status on my homepage. It was posted from a blackberry. Is there anyway to contact facebook and get that phone number from where that data was received?

I have since changed my password. I would just like to be able to stop this person that I suspect. Many children, including my own, were exposed to this inappropriate material. I would appreciate any advice. I would like to know how do I delete an account that has been created in my name and my pictures.

I would like to know how do I delete an account from facebook that has been created in my name, using my photos. My name is A. Im a Musician and have both A fan-page and a personal page.

I have done a few shows with my band and at the end of the show I always get emails. With the intent to keep my fans up to date with my shows and Music releases. However I was blocked from adding new friends for a couple of days. I guess I was adding friends too fast. These are fans who want me to add them on to my facebook account.

Im not spamming or selling anything. So Im confused why Im being blocked from keeping in contact with my fans and adding new ones? These are people who want me to add them. What can I do to be able to add my fans without being blocked??? Some of my videos were removed due to copyright issues. I have several videos of me and my friends that bear absolutely no possibility of copyright infringement and I would really like to share them with my friends. Is there a way that I can have my video uploads re-enabled?

Any email address to contact FB? I apparently accidentally made a username for my business page, but somehow managed to make it for my personal page instead. Anyway to delete this or change it to the correct page? FYI — info facebook. A video of mine was removed due to copyright issues a long time ago.

However, Facebook has prohibited me from posting any videos forever. Does anyone know how this unjust punishment can be fixed? Its more than 12 hours. And there is no logout option. I am signed in!!! I changed my Password and forgot to write it down.

When I went in yesterday, I admit I was guessing and now it will not let me reset it at all! Short of deleting my account and losing all the pics posted, how can I get a simple password reset????

The recent I changed my password in the first place was because I was having so much trouble with my facebook profile. I could access the newsfeed but often when I would click on my profile it would just sit there and flicker.

Someone told me to reset my password and that worked until I switched laptops. Then and only then did they let me answer a few questions and reset my password.

When I went in yesterday, I was guessing and now it will not let me reset it at all! Why is this not an option in my privacy settings, and why was it automatically on there? I belong to a number of related groups that encourage networking of members. They are all global. The vast majority however are more than happy to connect. Its more than 9 hours. I guess to facebook we are just another number.

My situation is actually funny. I owe facebook money. They have disabled my account. Anyone ever been dropped as Admin? How did you fix it? I was sure I was setting it form my non profit page. Also, do they ever release old names can I make the non-profit page have the right username? You have lots of great info here Mari and I think I am going to dig a little deeper on some things just for my own knowledge.

I have a question that I am having a hard time answering though. A friend of mine had a group that she was in the process of shutting down. By accident, she deleted herself first bad option that FB allows an admin to delete themselves, but her oops for not stopping before it was too late.

Now she cannot delete the group, as there is no admin. Any suggestions of what she can do? IS there anyone that can help me?

There is no help and all the e-mails for them come back with links to there useless HELP page. I have 2 businesses linked to my personal page and I can only imagine what they are doing or saying to my customers.

All it says is your account is temporailly unavailable try back in a few minutes….. I have been trying to access my FB account from my mobil line for several hours and it will not give me access. It says that the content is Temp. I had a friend check my page and she said it is not loading like the others and that she cant really make anything out.

I have some very important messages that I need to get to. I have no idea what is going on. My account got hacked and you can not get help from facebook. Why are they the only internet company that does not offer tech help on line by having customer service available? My facebook and hotmail account got hacked over a week ago by Zynga Poker. I have recently managed to regain access to my hotmail. For the past 4 days I have been trying to reset the password for my facebook.

I even waited the recommended 24 hours before trying again but I keep getting the same message. I see other businesses and stores that you friend request. This is absolutely ridiculous. You would think they would be willing to offer good customer service for the people using their site. At least make it easy to contact via e-mail for answers and not have to wait and dig on the internet for something that should be readily available. So, how long do I have to wait before I can attempt to log back into my FB page and reset my password??

Their customer service as absolutley rubbish. Read my post below. I am having a similar problem and am still waiting to get this resolved! Ok, I tried reporting this problem as a bug and as requested by Facebook I emailed them a screen dump of the error message I get everytime I try to reset my password.

They have now emailed me asking me to send them a colour copy of my government ID Card to prove my identity. I am really hot happy about doing this as to be honest I am worried the email may not be legit and with all the experience of my account being hacked I am really dubious.

I offered to confirm anything needed on the account but they are still insititing on me sending them ID. Has anyone else experienced this? To me is seems very dodgy as I cant even phone them to verify it is legit. You should never email such personal info from my experience due to the amount of fraudulent emails there are out there.

For some reason FB did not recognize my password this morning, so I changed it. Now it does not regonize my new password. In the process of trying to log in, I apparently tripped whatever thing is there and now all I get is the error msg saying I have attempted to log in too many times and have to wait. How long do I have to wait? What can I do? Any help would be appreciated!! Help…everytime I try to log in to FB I get a message I get a message that my account is temporarily unavailable due to a site issue…what can I do or how do I contact FB?

This time the hacker changed my name. How and who do I reach to get this account back in my name. I am beyond upset. How do I get help to get my account back. I have run out of ideas. LOUSY way to handle customer service!! I am trying to change by email address and I have emailed to you 2 times before and it is also on your facebook and I have sent 10 other emails and no one not even you are attempting to help.

My account was disabled because Facebook claimed my identity was a fake. I have tried to contact them, but they have not yet replied.

I have never done anything to deserve this treatment. How can I contact them as I found this very distressing as I would do no such thing. Does the client still receive the weekly facebook update email? Always make sure that each page has at least two admins. I am brand new to Facebook but have been blocked twice — once for two days and the second time for four days — from sending invitations to people. What do I do to restore my status and keep this from recurring? Am continually trying to verify my account but am not getting the verification code to my mobile number.

How can i access my account.. My account was the target of a very effective April Fools prank — and has now unfortunately been placed in a memorial state. I cannot even login to Facebook to ask you for help. I was acessing my account on Facebook and logged out for the day a few days ago. When I came back I was told I had to verify my account, because it had been phished.

To get back into my account, they asked me to verify some of my 2, friends by picture alone. I do not KNOW 2, people by picture or even name, etc… So I tried several times but it kicks me out because of incorrect answers. Gee, anyone else have problems with matching 2, pictures with names? There are no email addresses to contact Facebook. I did manage to get in once, but then it kicked me out again, with the same message.

I saw no problems with my email, Facebook account or computer. I just checked my computer, after this happened with three different spyware, malware software and Windows Defender. They all found nothing. This all happened the day after I posted that Facebook should switch to green power, instead of using coal to power their website.

Could they be locking me out on purpose, just because of this? Please reply to me via email realestatesolutionsprovider boxbe. Yes, very frustrating search process, but your site solved my problem in seconds!

Same basic thing happened to me — I have been on facebook for almost 4 years with no problems, and on Friday my account was hacked and subsequently disabled. First it was to confirm my new account. It did state if I received this email in error to ignore. Another email came with a last chance to confirm my new facebook account. Today, I received an email asking me to confirm my wish to change my facebook password.

Apparently, not even subscribers of facebook can, so where does that leave me? My brother passed away last month and there is a way to memoralize his Facebook page, unfortunately Facebook is asking for some complicated information that I have no clue what they are talking about. Can you possibly help me out. Please respond to msj yahoo. Change your password on your email address is the quickest way to resolve this issue. Evidently whoever is using your address also knows your password.

I need some answers. Can you explain the process and the things that I must to do, please. I am having an issue when placing a like box on my website. I used their code and am border line frustrated with their help section. Information regarding your account and a new password is attached to the letter. Read this information thoroughly and change the password to complicated one.

I am having the same problem. I accidentally gave my non-profit name to my personal page and I need to change it. I have written everyone and all they say is to reset my password. The picture is mine for the profile, but the rest is from Indonesia. I also play Zynya Poker and had over 16 million in chips and that was taken because it is linked to FB. All my friends say my profile is missing on their pages.

I am so frustrated trying to get Zynga and FB to help me. I had some dear friends and opics of grandchildren. I need hepl loggin in my account is shawn. How do i contact a real person on facebook about a person who is using more then one name and harassing people including me.. I would recommend you call your local police, however. This is a serious matter.

Typically it needs to be clicked many times before Facebook take action. Nothing to worry about. Have you filled out any of the forms above? I would try several of them, especially the ones where you can submit screenshots. Try forwarding it to abuse facebook. Best to just delete. I have a problem with viewing my default profile picture.

In fact many people r having this issue. I want to say thank you for the info. If I have an idea, and platform for facebook to cobrand, whom should I contact.

My guess is you work for Facebook in some capacity. Facebook does not make it easy to cancel your account. Case in point, today I tried to do just that. I received an email that stated it was deactivated. Shortly afterward I received another email that said I was reactivated?

Either someone has compromised my account or this is Facebooks way pushing users on keeping their accounts open. I no longer feel comfortable with anyone having as much or little of me. I no longer feel comfortable having my family pictures in a public space. I strongly feel when any company tries to sell you that they have the greatest security available — beware.

I tried you suggested link to security but as you alluded to earlier, Facebood hides or has eliminated a convenient means to close an account.

I no longer want any of my information to be compromised no matter what preferences you can make to your profile — I Want Out. As for the rest of the Facebook world, you can float whatever you want about your life, family, birthdates, etc.

If you know someone live I can talk to please tell me. Someone used my email to register for their facebook account. I changed the password and deleted their account, then added that email address to my own account. There are no support forms for this issue. This is abuse and a breach of my privacy. And it still wont let me login. What do I need to do? Have I lost my page? A person on my page was being abusive and vulgar.

Someone must have reported them but inadvertently reported me instead. Each time I attempt to post or comment on my board I get the prompt that content has been flagged as vulgar or abusive.

The prompt offers a link to report this prompt if I feel I am receiving it in error. I have done so, multiple times, but not have been contacted by Facebook. I attempted to change my password and got frustrated,pushed too many buttons and they blocked me, it says only temporary, I hope it also states that if I abuse this privilege too much theyll block me permanently, all I wanted to do was change my password and got a little key happy , now what?

I have also got the same issue here. Now every time i try and log in i get the message Mindy is getting. Here is the actually prompt I receive when I attempt to post. This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy.

Let us know if you think this is an error. I hope this helps you solve my problem. Please help me in finding someone to help me deactivate this account. I do not see a form here to help me with my issue.

For some reason, I cannot add friends at all. I only have and FB will not allow me to send friend requests. The only thing I can think of is that, like many others, I attempted, in my naivete to make a 2nd profile page using my same name, but adding my middle name. I wanted a page separate from my family etc page.

I did nothing with that page and was told by a friend that FB does not allow more than one profile page others must have done their 2nd one in a way that was less recognizable, I guess.

Anyway, I finally figured out how to delete the 2nd profile page about a month ago. Still, I cannot add friends. None of these forms seems appropriate. Should I just start a fan page? Divya, I have had this problem now for over 3weeks, and i have been informed by Facebook support team that they cannot assist, They keep saying wot to do over and over again.

They do not do personal requests to my dismay. How can I report it? I get emails that I have notifications…I keep getting dating emails, too. I am very frustrated. I have been receiving email notifications for a facebook app, even though I set it not to receive notifications from them more than a week ago. Nor can I see my friends or post anything! I have a problem with http: I have serious family problems and I need help.

Please send me only e-mail or tell me who I can contact about this. Still love facebook so much. Facebook will not allow Facebook for iPhone status updates or photo uploads to appear in the newsfeed. They show up on my wall only. The app does not show up in my settings on my page, so I am unable to change the authorization settings for it. I have deleted and reloaded the app multiple times and sent dozens of questions and complaints to the various forms above with absolutely NO help at all.

Extremely frustrated, please help!?! Yes, I am contacting you on the behalf of my 17 yr old nephew. Someone has opened a Facebook page in his name. I can assure you that he has not opened this account.

He is the oldest son of my brother who is a single father of 4 children and they do not have internet in the home nor do they even own a computer or cell phones. My nephew has been thru a lot the last several months, in Jan he lost his left eye due to an assault by a 14 year old with a metal pipe and ever since then the boys family has done everything they can to cause trouble for my nephew and our family.

We really feel that they are responsible for the fake page. I have tried to get an IP address for the page so that my brother can go and press charges for it. My nephew has had several people come up to him trying to fight him over comments that they say he has been making on the page.

He has tried to tell them that it is not him but the person responsible for it has taken old pics from over 3 yrs ago that was on his myspace page when he was living with his grandmother.

He is like my own son I have helped my brother raise him since he was a year old. I need to get an exception for a page for a local non-profit. Their name is an acronym all caps so their page should reflect that. This is a non-profit that offers support for victims of abuse.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am the creator of a secret group and Facebook somehow knocked me off as administrator and I am now unable to edit my group. But i just cannot find how to send them a message or contact a facebook employee directly. Hi my account has been blocked because I tried to log on using my mobile phone, I have been asked to change my password which I have done, then they asked me a security question to which I have no idea what the answer is as I never se a security question.

Does anyone know how to get round this problem or how to contact Facebook to explaine this problem to them???? Please help, I had someone make fraud charges to facebook through my credit card. Now the credit card company wants me to contact facebook and see where these charges were posted from. I have tried to find a form or contact person to get this information so that I can get my credit card company to not charge me for the fraud charges. Can you provide me with that help? If the game is not working properly then shut it down…: My company has an official corporate site that I manage as the marketing manager.

However, some other employees in one of our other offices has made their own unauthorized corporate site, which has made thing confusing. The major issue is that I do not know who made the account.

I want to know if there is a way to contact FaceBook and request the unauthorized page be removed.

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