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VictoriaBrides Premium International Dating Site Review

I'm happy with the service and believe that this is one of the best placed to meet women all over the world. I started surfing the Internet looking for a legitimate dating site to get to know these women.

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I meant to say I have yet to hear about anyone meeting any of the girls on this web site. Of course online chat etc happens but as far as people meeting, I haven't heard about it happening from independent sources so far.

Maybe it happens,maybe it's a big con game. I get suspicious when I get lots of messages with almost no profile. I'm even more suspicious when everything costs a lot and you can't remove your account.

There are free dating sites out there and many legitimate sites offer more for a lot less. On legitimate sites, I get virtually no messages with a blank profile.

I think there is meetings and the woman gets probably half of the money then after that it goes belly up. Tery , you have it so right.

I fucking dont know how to use this app… i am feeling like a shit.. Reply me bck …and leave me ur mail id so that i can msg u. Connect with a lady 29 years old that said it was normal for younger women to marry older men, I'm After about two months I created another profile. Saying the same things she had to me. I then sent her a poem I had written and she recognized it saying , Thomas?? I cut off communication even though she messages on my second profile and she uses my real name from my first.

Doing the same thing. Basically the same thing happened. I'll give it a couple days so there is no mistake that she is the same as the first working for the company. It is my believe also that something should be done with companies like this. Especially if they are in other countries milking Americans.

The only problem I have with this site is I can't seem to block their spam e-mails. I joined the site and reached the same conclusiuion about how they must be using automated software or bots to contact my almost blank profile ; long before I discovered and read your review here… So I haven't been tempted, nor am I stupid enough to even consider buying their EXPENSIVE credits that allow me to communicate with their robot.

Whatever you do, don't even click the link in the e-mail they probably sent you — which was the mistake I made. I can't get rid of them. This list of dating services includes VctoriaBrides.

These services are built on the premise and the […]. After reviewing and investigating VictoriaBrides we concluded that the […]. Hi guys, I want to tell you about the scales of fraud site Victoria Brides.

I worked as an interpreter on this website at Perfect Match. Most of all I was shocked by what you stupid dear men from different countries. You communicate on the site for money not with women, you communicate with their photos. Translators work there and the most successful of them are men. You explain yourself in love and give presents to virtually empty pictures and spend your money on them. I just worked for a month and it made me sick.

Only Ukrainians could invent such a swagger. They deceive everyone and customers and workers and translators and each other. We were explained at the gliding meetings how to draw gifts and money from foreigners, how to hang up a conversation for a long time, so that the client ran every day to communicate with the photograph and gave a minimum of dollars a day.

This review I promised to write to the site's management for the fact that they paid me not the entire salary. I'm dropping you a working document for your reference. On it you can see the schedule of the company's translators. In the first column of the list is number with a girl on Victoria Brides with whom you may have had to communicate.

In the second column — the name of the girl on the site, and in the third column — the name of the translator who works on behalf of this girl and then the schedule of her work.

I draw your attention to the fact that in this group 8 men and they earned the most, because only a man knows what another man needs. So the leader of the group explained to us. Many translators draw money from you communicating with several profiles. And they have a lot of tricks to convince you that they are real women who want to marry a foreigner. The most profiles can work not only on Victoria Brides, but on the all the other services as Natasha Dates, Victoria Dates and so on.

And to be continued this is not the last my review, i have a lot of interesting information for you. Some of the sites include VictoriaHearts.

These are just some of the sites that we uncovered that […]. Anyone saying good things about victoriabrides is either retarded or work for them. Beside fake profiles made with stolen pictures mostly from vk there are other parts to the scam.

If a legit girl joins the site and stop going there the site take over her profile if shes hot and getting many messages. Then a translator runs it. Another part of the scam is pro chatters. These are not translators but very hot girl hired to created a profile. Then the bots send out thousands of messages from these profiles. The girls then wait for men to reply and she will try her best to keep him hooked.

I found 2 girls from my gym on the site after they message me. They both admitted they get a cut of all credits people spend and had no idea their profiles had sent messages to me since I not replied. Its a way for these fitness sluts to work from home.

They also have a pre written message to send to guys in case the guy finds her off site. Then the girl will pretend to be scared to communicate on vk or facebook because its not safe blah blah blah. I have had the full experience from chatting on these sites to meeting the girl.

Call me stupid but i met 4 ladies in total. I would suggest you stay away from sites like these and they are:. You chat with the girl thinking they are the girls in the profiles they are not: The money you pay to view videos, emails, pictures, gifts are given to the girls only to have pictures and then basically they get money instead of the gifts.

Right after lots of chatting and wasting money etc. You book a date and fly out to meet the lady. One for the so called visitors and tourists. Next day will be going to Salon i. So its not only a scam but also they will eat into your money like it's theirs and would like to rip you off.

Oh by the way the girl i met in mykolaiv she told me she never spoke with me and i was speaking with a man on the chat so yeah staff profiles!!

Oh if anyone wants to have an experience of women in Odesa happy to plan a trip and go there let me know and we can plan something. I also joined with no profile pic and a few breadcrumbs in the blerb purely for a laugh and out of boredom with no intention of ever trying to meet anyone off the site. Never spent a single penny on the site and never will. Most of the profiles are blatantly modelling profiles, possibly used without the models permission.

I have been bombarded with standard generic messages from girls of all ages declaring their undying love and desire to marry me etc on all 3 sites. Messages like "Hi handsome, love your profile and pics etc" are the norm, even though I haven't posted any pictures. This is an almost daily occurance. I want to introduce myself. You know, guys, I watched for a long time and was silent, as men constantly complain about the girls on the site and tell funny stories about the scam and all the deception.

At some point, I was simply terribly funny and my angelic patience was exhausted. And now I want to express my opinion. Dear men, remember once and for all! Before you complain about someone, look at your actions first of all, how you act. And do not be surprised that the attitude to you is appropriate. I'm on the site for more than a year and what experience I got so much, enough to write a book.

And believe me, the title of this book will be the most colorful. So, where to start? Oh, yes, I'll start with the main thing. Absolutely all the men on the site are fucking liars and hypocrites. Telling the stories of each girl that they love her, that she is the only one, etc.

And what fun excuses you have when you start to ignore, ahahah, well, you just can get wet yourself, from this … I work, I just have a phone or a computer turned on, I have problems with the site, I'm sick, I'm busy, etc. Do you really think that girls are so naive and stupid and do not know the real reason? And how do you like to ignore questions and messages in general, a girl can ask a dozen questions, and in response will read … Hello, how are you?

And how do you like to think up reasons to not send photos, so as not to see the video or photos in the letters. What a fuck, can you just be honest and honestly admit that you do not have the money to do it!

How is it done only by units, and not by writing these idiotic excuses?! Most of you, I'm sure, knows very well that discussion of such topics is prohibited. But no, you like stupid rams, write to the girl every vulgarity and really think that you will impress her with this? Do you have a good head? If the girl gave some hint, it does not mean that she wants to receive an offer from endless vulgar!

About what you are writing is generally a separate topic! You are so banal and limited that except for laughter your text no longer causes any emotion. Do you really think that you will make an impression and tell something incredibly new when you say how you will lick her pussy and suck her nipples?

Fucking cunt licked, there who you are! Have at least a little imagination. I certainly understand, maybe in life you did not have a decent woman with whom you could be as open to experiments as possible. But, not to the such extent! Also, most of you should look closely at yourself in the mirror and see who you write it to before writing such. Such texts cause simply disgust and nausea.

Particular attention should be noted about how you think every penny, God forbid, to spend something extra for a girl. At the same time, you spend thousands of your credits, on communication with others, instead of developing an attitude with one girl and giving her all the attention, as it is in the real relationship. But while demanding from her sometimes just ridiculous demands.

I'll give you the biggest advice that you could get in life before you make any claims and generally have the right, something to show …, win her attention and most importantly her heart, show her that you really want to be with her, not only in words, but also in actions.

Prove that you are a real man and know how to keep your word! Moreover, these ridiculous demands and tricks, like trying to get know or send contact information, you know perfectly well that it is forbidden on the site and that this leads to a blocking on the site and the one normal way that proves your seriousness is to make a request. When you signed up, you agreed to these rules. But no, you begin to behave like little baby who make hysterics and go down even to insults, because they did not give you what you want.

Thus, exposing the girl to danger. And when a girl refuses you, and by the way does the right thing, then you just stop writing to her. Do you consider this a normal and a man's act?!

Or even better, the very first message, not even a greeting, but just a phone number and an inscription call me! Are you out of your mind?

Who the fuck are you to call you? Who does not even have the mind to say hello! Most of you who still decided to come to Ukraine and meet the girl. They just make brilliant mistakes and then with a naive bewilderment they complain that the girl did not meet with you.

Do not write and do not communicate with the girl, but simply at best a week before the arrival, to report that he will be in Ukraine and wants to meet. The girl does not even know you, you did not communicate, with what reason, she will meet with you?

Or ignore her for a couple of weeks, or even months, and then report it. What do you expect that after such an act? That she with wet panties will jump with happiness? Make appointments with several girls at once and hide it or even say it. Are you on the market and choose the product? If you think that a girl will normally react to this, that you will meet with others, then you are simply morons!

Behave on the first date as a miser, who constantly believes every penny. So you think that you will impress the woman? And this is usually after beautiful words on the site, that you will treat her like a queen!

The queen of what? I had two real meetings from the site, which I do not even want to talk about, because it was quiet horror! I could continue for a very, very long time, but I'm afraid that my post will be incredibly long, and maybe it will not even fit into the limit. Require a girl to come to you. At the same time, you also want her to pay for the visa and tickets for the plane. Do you even understand with your dull head, where do you live and where does the girl live?

What level of income do you and she have? Or is your lean brain not capable of such a logical question? Not to mention that you are a man and these actions must come from you. What kind of relationship are you talking about and what can you give the girl if you are not even able to organize her arrival to you?

So, before you write about the scam and deception, before you complain about any actions of girls, I will repeat once more, first look at your actions! Most of you deserve this attitude. So be first relevant, and then complain. Be honest and sincere! That's the real guarantee of success! I agree, this site and many more from ukraine or Russia is the same.

And I have tried in many years, some sites pay ladies too write with you. And yes they bomb you with e mails so you using much money on nothing, if you try and get them to write to you private. It's not coming from private e mail but from the site, I have almost not used money on this site's because everything is suspect. Have you been on other site's before you understand here is something very wrong.

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December 5, at 8: December 12, at 6: December 16, at Our Review Shows AsiaCharm. January 12, at May 12, at It can be reached by instant message or filling out an online form. I speak English and have no problems using this site. To join Victoria Brides, you will have to register in a quick and simple process.

Just enter your name, email, and a password in a registration form, after which you will receive an email verifying your address by clicking on a corresponding link. As I have managed to find out, VictoriaBrides. You will be able to search for women who are online at the very same moment that you are in the advanced search engine. In merely performing the search and visiting their profiles, they will be made aware of your presence and will begin to send messages, chat invites and Liking your photos.

On the righthand side of your screen, you will be able to view your statistics, which include the following information: VictoriaBrides offers a modern and convenient mobile application that works with any tablet or smartphones , including iPhone and Android users. Therefore, my favorite girls will always be within close reach and I can communicate with them any time, whether in the metro or at a coffee shop. Here are the services available to you once you acquire a larger credit package: VictoriaBrides is a serious and legit dating site.

Moreover, it actively fights against scammers and encourages its members to help, having implemented a thoughtful and multifaceted anti-scam policy. Those members found to have solicited money or gifts are banned from the site, while their targets are refunded their money spent on communicating. Additionally, the dating site uses the newest bit data encryption technology and confined https: VictoriaBrides has a very professional and helpful support team because the site administration realizes how important this service is fo customers.

It is available round-the-clock, every day.

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