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The band released their 9-track self-titled EP on July 13, In , Dope released the album titled American Apathy , which Virus co-wrote and received credit for vocal production.

Although released eight years after the band formed, four albums in and on an independent label, American Apathy performed well in the charts, debuting at 1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart as well as 1 on the Billboard Independent Album chart; it was the band's highest charting to date. After two years of touring, Dope returned to Chicago and began to write the follow-up album to American Apathy in Legends of Rock included a song by Dope called "Nothing for Me Here" on the bonus list and mentions that it will be on the band's upcoming album.

Turn Off the Dark , which all the music was written by U2. A proud moment for Virus, since he auditioned for The Edge via video and had to get his approval. When Reeve Carney signed on to take the lead role of Peter Parker, a deal was made to have Reeve's band to be hired as key musicians for the show, which led to Virus getting bumped by Zane Carney Reeve's brother for the chair of Guitar 2.

To fill in the gaps between gigs, Virus started teaching guitar, bass, and song composition at the Paul Green School Of Rock Fort Washington, [9] and also begged for more recording work. No Regrets , which is co-written and co-produced by Virus, was released March 10, Looking for more work in , Virus was asked to play guitar by his longtime friend and band mate Tripp, who is now playing shows as Sinister VH-1 Daisy Of Love [6].

He made his debut on the Sonic Angel Tour Virus will also be doing back to back tours this Fall; first playing with Scum of the Earth in the opening weeks of September, and then joining up with Lords of Acid to finish out until November.

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