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Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. This is our opinion.

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Usually attractive girls can put up a profile and the men will send them hundreds of emails per day. Obviously we are being sarcastic, we don't believe that the email messages we are getting are being sent from real black women.

Even though the website's administrators will defiantly defend their website deep down they know what they're doing, and we know exactly what their website is all about. In the background, behind the scenes there are automated computer systems created exclusively for the task of sending members of Blackwink. All the emails being sent us we would have to guess are probably automated.

The actual probability of 15 different black women sending us messages is improbable. In all likelihood you would likely have a better chance of buying a lottery ticket and winning a million dollars then you would at getting 15 emails from 15 real black women on this specific website. We think that it's just not probable but likely. Don't take our word for it, please be proactive.

You have the same amount of power as we do. All we did was register as a member on Blackwink. All it takes is some time. If you want you can leave your experiences with Blackwink. We value our readers and we welcome free speech as a way of bringing light to this website despicable tactics. Taken from the terms page section 1: Activity Alerts will be marked in your inbox with a specific icon, and some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it.

You may unsubscribe from receiving Activity Alerts, or you may refine the types of Activity Alerts you receive, through your account settings under the menu for "Messages including Activity Alerts ". All users accept and understand that in order to boost their profile amongst users, such alerts about their registration and account update activity such as new photos may be broadcast by us, on that user's behalf, and users consent to such distribution amongst members automatically by our system, from time to time.

A user may choose to send a Flirtcast message to other users, which may be a template Flirtcast with pre-composed text, or may be a custom message edited by the sending user… ". Legitimate sites that we've joined never resulted in that many messages. What is actually going on on Blackwink. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is not on the up-and-up here. If the website is knowingly sending automated computer generated email messages obviously they're going to be sending automated computer generated instant messages as well that goes without saying but since this is an investigation we want to point out all the facts so there is as much proof as possible.

Taken from the terms page section 2. FYI, did you give these people your credit card info? If you did you should be warned that Blackwink. That means every month on the same date your credit card will be charged a monthly fee. This is an ongoing charge that will continue as long as you allow it.

If you forget to cancel your membership on this site you will continue to receive charges on your credit card statement, so it's something that you should be well aware of. Taken from the terms page section 4c: This means that once your initial membership period has expired, for your convenience, your membership will automatically be renewed at the same rate that you signed up for using the original payment method.

For example if you pay by credit card, we will continue to debit this same credit card as each subscription period expires. We will only debit these repeat payments when your current payment period expires and not before. If you purchased a trial membership that will also automatically renew to a monthly paid subscription.

This is an ongoing charge that renews every single month until you cancel your membership on Black Wink. Another way to cancel your subscription package including a free or paid membership is to contact the website. Below you can see we have listed the various options to contact the support staff at Black Wink.

This includes their telephone number, email address and postal address. If you need to reach Blackwink. If you want to find real women on genuine dating sites go here. Marvin, you need to contact Blackwink. That shit don't work and you know it. I tried, just a bunch of bullshit. This is a fraudulent sure. It's overseas so contacting FBI probably won't do any good. But I did anyway. You need to contact the customer support staff or follow the directions in this tutorial to delete your account from Blackwink.

I signed to this service in attempts to hookup with women for sex.

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