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Screenshot of the front page on OnlyHookup where they admit they use bogus fantasy profiles they call "Online Cupids". And the great thing about OnlyHookup is that they actually stamp every fake profile they make with a specific logo, as you can see here see evidence below. This makes it easily identifiable to pin point fake girls. If you take a look at the screen shot below that we've included as evidence you will see circled in red the words "Online Cupid".

An "Online Cupid"d is the terminology used by the owners of the site to brand their phony made up pretend profiles. If you see that logo on a profile then you know you're looking at a phony profile page. There are hundreds of these profiles created by the site.

There are many more fake "Online Cupids" profiles than there are any legitimate female members. At every turn there are "Online Cupids". This website is nothing but a facade, it's a mirage of a dating service. It's a virtual world where everything seems real but it's not. It's there to give you give you the impression of a real dating site when in the end it's not real at all.

Everything has been made up and used against you all in an effort to get you to pay a membership fee. An example of an "Online Cupid" profile. Screenshot of the fictitious profiles. As you can see every single profile was an "Online Cupid" except for one.

It doesn't resonate with them and they will not do any further research they will just automatically assume that it's a female member of the site who's a real person. The first step to creating a successful fake dating site is to create fictitious profiles, that's already been established. The second step to creating a fake dating service is to hire software programmers to build you a software program designed to send out email messages. This is what's happening on Only Hook Up.

The messages we personally received we're all computer-generated. If you take a look at the screen shot below circled in red you will see the words online Cupid. We received numerous email messages from "Online Cupids" and a quick read of the terms and conditions page shows that the website is using computer-generated messages as part of their "Online Cupids" program.

These automatically-generated fictitious emails are sent to anyone who registers on the site. If you try to read the emails or reply to them you'll be sent directly to a payment page where they want you to pay. If you want to know how to spot phony emails all you need to do is look for the "Online Cupid" logo as you see circled in red below.

This is the quickest way to identify if you're receiving legitimate emails or if they're computer-generated garbage sent from the software programs.

Step number 3 in creating a successful fake dating service is the hiring of third-party contractors and employees who are trained in the art of deception. These people are paid to pretend that they want to chat with you and hook up with you. This information is found in the terms and conditions where they admit that they hire third-party contractors to correspond with their members. Hiring people pretending to act like they're interested in members of the site is hard to fathom but the terms and conditions page written by the administrators clearly states that they do hire people to chit chat with other real members of their site.

How many times have you emailed a girl on a dating site who didn't have any photographs in her profile? The answer would be never.

HookUP provided a great balance for me. I love my wife, but sometimes I want to try something different. I feel like my information is safe, and the women on the site are hot, friendly, and honest about their own situations. What more could a man want? I can even schedule a meeting with a woman ahead of time, so sex is waiting for me when I arrive in a new city.

I just login to HookUP and find the right no strings hookup. I wanted at least to be able to search through some local hookup options, have some control. Boy, were there options at HookUP. I found three guys right away. Needless to say, it was a good first night. I knew there would be a lot of choices for me at a site like HookUP. From my imagination to my bedroom with HookUP.

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