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Fortunately I have not been scammed by any of the sites I've checked out, because I can smell a rat pretty easily.

Where to Eat in Bang Tao


Old World charm fills this historic hotel restaurant, which has seen multiple closings and renovations since the early s. Now fully restored--crystal chandeliers, gas lanterns and original artwork adorn the space--the Bistro offers an eclectic menu of French-Creole, Italian, Mediterranean and American dishes. Louisiana oysters are served with braised endive and melted cheese; gulf fish is pan-sauteed or grilled; and cane-syrup glazed carrots and parsnip mashed potatoes compliment the bone-in short ribs.

If you happen to see this ghost she is always dressed in black and is said to smile and nod politely and go on her way. New Orleans hotelier and restaurateur Brett Smith was renovating an building in the French Quarter, which was to become La Louisiane Restaurant and his upstairs residence. Smith thought he was alone in the building. I do know something happened and another being is here. Chef Erik Veney works with classic local elements, like crawfish, oysters, soft shell crabs in season, or duck confit in his own recipes and does traditional dishes like gumbo and turtle soup.

Muriel's used to be haunted by the ghosts of several slaves. However, many years ago the owners decided to block off an area of the restaurant which can be seen from the street and dedicate it to the slaves. They place fresh bread in the room each day, and ever since they started the tradition the ghosts of the slaves haven't been seen. Although she never actually lived there, in theory Muriel is the woman who would own Muriel's Jackson Square.

It was a a grand New Orleans home in the mids. Egyptian mummy cases mingle with tasseled lamps and a Ouija board in the upstairs Seance Lounge; velvet curtains are suspended alongside trees in the iron-furnished Courtyard Bar; the Virgin Mary hangs just outside a restroom ornamented with African tribal paraphernalia.

Muriel is an eccentric ghost they say. She likes chairs to slide over slippery wooden floors, and she plays spooky Gregorian chants in stairways illuminated by gaslights. One recent report is that she can be seen sometimes as a reflection in the windows looking out towards Jackson square,. The best known is Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, who built this structure as a home in He committed suicide upstairs in , and his ghost can be seen wandering through the building.

The lounge on the second floor is haunted by Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan. Jourdan built his house the building the restaurant currently resides in in The house was his dream home, and he loved it dearly. However, one night in Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan bet his house in a poker game. Unfortunately, he lost the game and had to give up his home. But before he gave it up, he committed suicide on the second floor.

Today people see his ghost wandering around the lounge. His spirit doesn't appear human, but instead he appears to be a block of sparkley light.

The two other ghosts are mischievous and throw glasses around the first floor bar and courtyard. One of them a small girl called francis is said to be heard sining and often slams doors and trips a waiter or waitress. The Cafe is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It closes only on Christmas Day and on the day an occasional Hurricane passes too close to New Orleans. Many say ghost vampires and zombies have been seen from this vantage point looking towards the Mississippi River and Jackson Square.

Many of the locals swear of a ghost waiter that takes your order and dissapears. When the actual waiter shows up they usuall say oh that our ghost waiter walter or Blue as some call him. The Original Cafe Du Monde is a traditional coffee shop. The coffee is served Black or Au Lait. Au Lait means that it is mixed half and half with hot milk. Beignets are square French -style doughnuts, lavishly covered with powdered sugar.

In Iced Coffee was introduced to the cafe. Soft drinks also made their debut that year. The taste for coffee and chicory was developed by the French during their civil war.

Coffee was scarce during those times, and they found that chicory added body and flavor to the brew. The Acadians from Nova Scotia brought this taste and many other french customs heritage to Louisiana.

Chicory is the root of the endive plant. Endive is a type of lettuce. The root of the plant is roasted and ground. It is added to the coffee to soften the bitter edge of the dark roasted coffee. However, people have a personal preference on how they like their coffee. People like their coffee strong and black, or with sugar; maybe with a little more milk, or maybe a little weaker brew. I suggest that the Coffee and Chicory be demonstrated using vacuum bottles to keep the coffee hot, and to give the customer the opportunity to experiment finding their personal preference.

Official Web site www. The great bar and restaurant of the French Quarter is located at St. Operators estimated that possibly a billion people have passed through the grand old watering hole in the generations it has been open. Famous for the ass-kicking Hurricane more than just a pretty glass! Employees from the early shifts, when the old building can sometimes be almost empty of customers, have reported strange cold spots and footsteps in the Piano Bar area. One bartender, restocking the bar alone one afternoon, distinctly heard the sound of footsteps behind him followed by the tinkling of piano keys.

He looked around and found no one else in the bar and no apparent source for the ghostly sounds. Needless to say, he was quick to complete his inventory.

Others have reported cold spots and the feeling of being pushed when no one is around. The Ladies Room is said to be haunted by the ghostly spirit of a restroom attendant.

Ladies who have retired to a stall in a mostly empty restroom have reported hearing footsteps and the sound of sighs in nearby stalls. One woman reported hearing a sudden peal of laughter from the stall areas when only she and one the lone living! New female employees are generally very uncomfortable in the grand old privy, though some of the older workers just laugh and say that they can take the sounds in stride, just as long as they don't SEE anything!

Other employees report poltergeist-like activity in the courtyard area where they insist that a spirit likes to move the wrought iron tables and chairs around, and sometimes likes to hide the workers' ubiquitous green jackets while they are busy preparing for the day's crowds.

An old tradition at Pat O's is to have a photo memento taken of an evening spent there. Although some people look a little worse for wear, or worse than they recall, several have commented in hindsight that the Pat O's photos might be a good place to look for photographic evidence of ghostly occurrences. If you have any Pat O's memento photos and notice anything odd in them, please let us know and we will be happy to post them on our Ghost Photos page!

Pay a virtual visit to Pat O's right now at www. Guests of the Prince Conti don't have to walk far to experience outstanding New Orleans cuisine. Elegant, sophisticated and very popular with the local cognoscenti, The Bombay Club Restaurant and Martini Bistro is tucked away down the carriageway at the back of the Prince. The bar is well known for the best and largest martini selection in town - variations - single malt scotches, ports, reserved bourbons and premium cigars.

Live music nightly showcases a changing cadre of small ensembles, jazz and cabaret performers. New Orleans , so well known for her music, food, and spirits, has surprisingly few venues that offer a high quality sampling of all three. One of these rare places is The Bombay Club, a lovely candlelit spot tucked away in the heart of the French Quarter at Conti Street.

Although the club is located just a short half-block from the infamous Bourbon Street , its ambiance is miles away. The ghost of a Storyville Madame is sighted often, she still haunts the bar area and kitchen area here.

She has been seen and photographed at booth number three in the bar and amongst guest photos. She has walked in and out of the bar area many times and actually is said to bump into people then just dissapear. Unexplained paranormal occurrences have taken place in the kitchen.

The Bombay Club, Conti St Featuring live music nightly, the Bombay lays claim to being the "premiere piano bar of the city" and is renowned for its excellent martinis.

Offical Web Site www. A feast of lavish French cuisine and fine wines is presented with European-style service at the internationally-acclaimed Louis XVI Restaurant nestled in the historic St. A romantic evening overlooking the French restaurant's Mediterranean-style courtyard has become an integral part of the New Orleans experience. When Louis XVI opened its doors in , its mission was to provide true French cooking and service to a city where Creole had reigned supreme for centuries.

After a quarter of a century, Louis XVI remains steadfast in its desire to be only one thing Its standards have always required that the quality of product and service be maintained regardless of the cost. And new ghost sightings as of recen , ex kitchen and current employees say Louis XVI Restaurant is very haunted.

The many ghost are said to adjust the thermostat on the stoves and large ovens. Lock and unlock the store room and rearranges the vast wine Celler Many think it's the past owners ghost! Waiters say they know he follows them to the tables making sure everything is just right. Louis XVI, recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Restaurants of North America DiRoNa Award for unequalled levels of achievement in cuisine, service and presentation, also hosts wedding receptions and group functions.

Many of the ghost ofen are sighted in ghost photos taken at wedding receptions and around the Mardi Gras Season. Spicy Creole food and music, seven days a week. It was two Creole sisters and the notions shop they owned on this site that gave The Court of Two Sisters its name.

Many locals tell haunted Tales Of the Two sisters ghost Emma and Bertha Camors watching over them as they enjoy their wonderful meals.

Supreme Court, and a future President of the United States. It is not surprising, then, that the original resident of our address was Sieur Etienne de Perier, royal governor of colonial Louisiana between and It has also been rumored that the outrageous Marquis de Vaudreuil, the colonial royal governor who transformed New Orleans from a marshland village into a "petit Paris", was once a resident of Rue Royale.

The two sisters, Emma and Bertha Camors, born and respectively, belonged to a proud and aristocratic Creole family. Their "rabais", or notions, outfitted many of the city's finest women with formal gowns, lace and perfumes imported from Paris. Marriage, reversals of fortune, widowhood - nothing could separate the sisters. Indeed, as the Picayune was to report, the sisters died within two months of each other in the winter of United in death as in life, the sisters lie side by side at St. And today they say there ghost do the very same and or often sighted sitting together at a table late at night.

Official Web Site www. Many other Haunted Restaurant in New Orleans have had reported ghostly encounters. Plan your visit to a documented Haunted New Orleans Restaurants for your next Haunted Louisiana destination experience. For years, New Orleans ghost seekers have been dining and partying along with some Real New Orleans ghost! Le Pavillon Hotel, Poydras. Fiorella's 45 French Market Pl. Flora Coffee Shop Royal Sandwiches. Mama Rosa's N.

Rampart Italian Marigny Brasserie. Mona Lisa Royal Pizza. Louis lunch and local Sandwiches Peristyle. Windsor Court Grill Room. In the W Hotel, Poydras Street. Phillips Restaurant and Bar. Metaire Acme Oyster House. Martin Wine Cellar Deli. Morning Call Coffee Stand. Pasta Serrano's Salsa Company.

Sweet Fire and Ice. Zea Rotisserie and Brewpub. The chef cleverly creates interesting fusion dishes and the result is great food at good prices. Among their enticing items are wood-fired oven pizzas, a range of roasts including chicken, baby pork ribs and beef ribs served with salad and French fries, chicken kebabs, beef and lamb fresh off the spit and a nice choice of beers to wash it all down.

Flame also offers takeaway and home deliveries. The original Green Leaf was on the seafront in front of the luxury Laguna resort complex.

It was one of several local beachfront restaurants that had been there for ages, but they have all been cleared from the shore of Bangtao since late The restaurant not only serves delicious Thai and fresh seafood, but many popular international cuisines. Hong Kong in Cherngtalay serves great Cantonese and authentic Chinese dishes. They specialise in seafood and you can see a few fish tanks featuring live tiger prawns, crabs, lobsters and clams. Recommended menus are, for example, fried cuttlefish meat Hong Kong-style, tiger prawns steamed with garlic, salt-boiled chicken, steamed fish with soya sauce, stir-fried lobsters with aromatic ginger, and sweetened beam paste cake.

Vegetarian dishes are also available. This roadside restaurant is perfect for leisurely lunches and dinners. Light refreshments and drinks are served throughout the day. Beside the all-day breakfast menu, all the items in their Thai food section looks very tempting, including Somtam papaya salad , goong salong deep-fired shrimps covered with noodles , and streamed fish with Thai herbs and lemon. At the Dusit Laguna Hotel there are plenty of options to choose from, but lovers of Italian food will enjoy La Trattoria, a sophisticated Italian haute cuisine restaurant with a view of the sweeping lawn.

Try the delicious homemade pastas and round off your meal with refreshing Italian homemade ice cream. Open daily from breakfast throughout the day. These include Aussie meat pies their No. As the name suggests, this is an upscale club that serves cocktails and food as you relax next to the azure sea.

A family-run restaurant offering food from Thai dishes to pizzas, burgers, pasta, BBQ as well as fresh seafood. Sunday buffets start at It's well worth visiting this restaurant. Palm Seaside is probably one of the best-looking beachfront restaurants in Phuket, with its splendid ocean view and elegant yet very cosy setting.

Designed by Martin Palleros of Tierra Design, the restaurant is modern and stylish, but at the same time goes very well with the surrounding. As for its menu, customers will enjoy lovely dishes Read More The huge selection of homemade Thai food and the relaxing atmosphere create a delightful dining experience. Pam Pam's menu options include popular Thai dishes such as Phad Thai, green curry, garden salad, soup and more. A modern Thai and seafood restaurant set right along the road running from Cherngtalay Police Station toward the Laguna Phuket resort complex, Pan looks lively, especially at night with all the bright neon lights.

If you stay in the area, call for a shuttle service. Pasta adds an intimate, interactive dimension to the dining experience in Cherng Talay. Its menu features more than a dozen pasta varieties from spaghetti to ravioli and nearly 20 sauces.

Among the sauces are the rich and classic carbonara, a marinara bianco with seafood, onion, celery and carrots, and a primavera with sun-dried tomatoes and vegetables. It offers surprisingly good quality food at friendly prices and it even has a award from Tripadvisor. Chef Chu has also led kitchens in some of the finest five-star resorts in both Samui and Phuket before opening his restaurant in Cherng Talay.

Pesto is simply a gem. Recommend dishes are deep fried prawns wrapped in rice noodles and green curry. Live sport and pool table. There are plenty of beers and cocktails as well as wine. The service is known to be helpful and prompt. If you love meat, try their juicy and tender steaks, but if you prefer pizza, you will be happy with their wide selection of these, too.

Ruen Thai, a beautiful Thai-style restaurant set by a romantic lagoon serves excellent Thai food in a traditional setting. Everything, from the 'Benjarong' dishes to the staff members' uniforms is well presented and pleasing to the eye. The Banyan Tree Phuket, known for its health-conscious spa treatments, also has some interesting restaurants.

Saffron features Middle-Eastern and Asian dishes prepared and served on unique pottery dishes at surprisingly reasonable prices for a five-star resort. It has a relaxed ambiance and serves lunch and dinner daily.

The beautifully situated Watercourt restaurant overlooks calm waters. Sala Layan Restaurant is the best place on Layan Beach to savour the fresh tastes of the Mediterranean while gazing at the ocean and nearby islands from the relaxed beachfront. Situated within the five-star Anantara Layan Phuket Resort , Sala Layan is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

Outside guests are welcome, though bookings Read More Owned and run by a Thai restaurateur who, after more than two decades living in Europe and running a successful Thai restaurant in Switzerland, brought back her strong passion for cooking.

This is a well-known place to socialize, network and, of course, to enjoy some first-class food. With a 'California Cuisine' menu and some of the best cheesecake anywhere in the world, this funky, hip restaurant and lounge is an institution among the island's well-to-do residents. Skye Lake Club Phuket is a beautiful setting to enjoy a sophisticated dining and lounge experience in Bangtao.

Effectively a beach club away from the beach, come for the glow of the sunset and the lights of the nearby restaurants and resorts reflected on the lake, but stay for the easy-listening music, great international cuisine, lively Read More The simple open-air restaurant features Thai and European dishes.

True fans of Thai food must try its phad thai, spicy beef salad and the classic Thai pineapple fried rice. Try also the fresh coconut drink, a perfect drink that will help you cool off. Surin Gate Kitchen, part of Surin Gate Hotel is a lovely restaurant that offers a variety of dishes, from traditional Swedish meat balls to Thai and international gourmet food. Tamarind Restaurant in Banyan Tree Phuket is a poolside haven of peace with cooling breezes, discreet background music, well-trained staff, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Located in the five-star Banyan Tree Phuket — a leading light in luxury accommodation in Phuket and host to some five top-rate food outlets, the Banyan Tree is certainly no slouch when Read More At Taste, you will find classic dishes like salads and tapas, as well as hearty plates such as Black Angus steaks from Australia. There is also an emphasis on local seafood on both Read More The excellent and very reasonable Tatonka, also on this same stretch, has made quite a name for itself with its unique 'Globetrotter Cuisine'.

Chef Harold Schwarz traveled from Europe to North America to Southeast Asia, picking up cultural techniques and flavours along the way, all of which find expression in this airy, attractive, great-value dining establishment. Opposite Toto you'll find the intimate Tawai, a very good value Thai restaurant that offers home-cooked Central Thai food as well as an excellent selection of wines.

Every Saturday, a dozen stalls are installed in front of the chic restaurant, each of them displaying an assortment of Thai specialities including spicy salads, grilled meat and seafood, fresh fruits, sticky rice with Read More Toto is well known for serving gourmet Italian food in a fun but classy setting. If you prefer to dine outdoors from the same menu, try Toto's Garden situated just opposite the main restaurant. It combines the feel of a boat cruise without the motion of the ocean or the inconvenience of finding the piers and marinas of Phuket.

Instead, get off the beach and on-board these adorable donut-shaped boats with a built-in grill, cooler, umbrella, Bluetooth speaker and a Read More Tre Restaurant at Banyan Tree Phuket practically guarantees a romantic evening: The menu focuses on light meals, healthy food and tapas, with creative combinations of Mediterranean and Thai tastes in eye-catching presentations.

Xana is an Read More Watercourt at Banyan Tree Phuket is aptly named. Set by a tropical lake surrounded by exotic shrubs, trees, and flowers, the sound of running water pervades the peaceful atmosphere at this large L-shaped restaurant. With inside seating for 52 diners and outside for 32, cooling breezes as well as fans keep things fresh and comfortable here Read More Beach clubs are the latest hot trend in Phuket.

After long discussions, during which the Phuket. Phuket Adventure Mini Golf in Bangtao is a new addition to the fun and challenging activities on the island. We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, if you are planning to travel it's a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises.

Most Booked Hotels Rating From. Sunwing Bangtao Beach 4. Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort 4. Banyan Tree Phuket 4. Angsana Laguna Phuket 4. Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket 4. Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort 4.

Angsana Villas Resort Phuket 4. Most Popular Restaurants in Bang Tao. The Floating Donut Company. Taste Restaurant - Phuket. Albatross Albatross is a charming and pleasant dining venue as it has one of the best locations in Phuket. Andaman Bang Tao Bay Resort Restaurant If you are looking for a place that is not too crowded for a nice start to the day, check out their breakfast or later on you can just sit and chill out with a cocktail at the open-air bar and restaurant while enjoying the amazing sunset and white sands at Bang Tao Beach.

Baan Talay Restaurant An extensive menu of fresh local seafood specialties for a truly authentic Thai dining experience. Angsana Laguna Phuket, Bangtao Tel: Thai and seafood Price Range: Affordable Hide Map Show Map. Bake Bake bakery is run by the stylish Twin Palms Resort. Coffee and bakery Hide Map Show Map. The Bistro Bangtao The Bistro Bangtao is a popular bar and restaurant located in the small village near the southern end of Bangtao Beach.

Black Cat Restaurant This is a friendly semi open-air and bamboo-style French restaurant, where locals and visitors mix for good food and a friendly ambiance. Fri to Wed Black Salmon This restaurant and deli comes with a minimalist interior style. Just before the traffic lights at the main junction into Laguna Phuket Resort complex Tel: Scandinavian Hide Map Show Map. Southern part of Bangtao Beach Tel: Chaba Chaba serves Thai and international dishes. Thai, seafood and international Hide Map Show Map.

Damaria Who would think that, in the heart of a small village like Bangtao, there will be such a variety of eateries? Dirham Dirham is a halal kitchen that serves Thai and international food. Deepavali Indian food has become more and more popular in this resort town, as you will see from the fine Indian restaurants in Cherngtalay and Bangtao neighborhoods. For lunch and dinner Location:

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