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Upon doing further research we determined that a large portion of the dating profiles on the site can actually be found on other sites many of them being adult porno sites. If you look at the evidence below you will see links and they all lead to porn adult sites and forums. The photos of these women are not of actual real members. Those images have actually been taken from adult porn sites and with those photos they have created fictitious dating profiles that they try to use and pawn off as real members of their dating service.

It's all a con to make it appear as if. This is not a member of XDating. So far we have received 4 emails from fake girls who are not actual members of the site. These email messages are completely automated, meaning no one is actually sending us these messages.

Unfortunately this website has devised a scheme to trick people into believing they are receiving real messages when they are not real at all. This site clearly describes the use of fake profiles they called "online flirts". They also confess to creating and using automated programs to communicate with people on the site. Look in section I6 of the terms and agreement to find all this info. It's much more detailed with new information that you should know about.

If not how can I know for sure? How likely do you think it is for a fake profile to suggest it may want to meet you, especially in it's first message to you? Please let me know your thoughts on this ASAP. I'm really fixated on this one very beautiful chick and considering buying a 1 month membership just for her. I'm a 26 yr old vergin! And awear that I may be thinking with my penis too much on this. I'd apreciate your advice. I've Dona few studies about this site over the last couple of years.

It's one of the biggest scans out there. Before you join, you get plenty of messages from a lot of fake women and profiles. As soon as they sucker you into a paid membership, I promise you , you will never hear back from that person.

Why is that, because they don't exist. Better spending your money on a good porn movie. Im embarrassed to admit that I was duped by the messaging of fake women. Since I paid for my membership, I have communicating with a couple "women"? Their messages have been personalized using my name and responding to specifics in my messages.

But they don't want to meet up, only continue messaging. Not sure why the site does this, maybe to get me to extend my membership.

At least I used a pre-paid card so they can't do auto- renewal. Thanks for commenting and spreadign the truth about XDating. Best piece of advice. Don't throw away your virginity, or your money, on someone you meant on an adult dating site. She's most definitely fake. You can always use paint to right your email on your profile pic. If she's real, and is actually keen, she'll notice the address.

Miguel, this is classic scam. I got scammed a couple of times by fake websites. Miguel, don't waste your money, this site is the biggest scam out there.

You will never hear from that person again once you join. Miguel, don't waste your money. I am on this site, not too meet anyone, because that will never happen. I am on this site too gather info, too help people like you too realize that this site is a big scam. Before I joined, I got message from plenty of women. Like you, a lady from my home town. When I joined for a month and sent them a message too them, I never heard from that person agin.

I did this with about twenty ladies, still waiting too hear from them. They cover there ass in there terms agreement. They clearly say that these profiles are made up along with there photos.

Trust me save your money, it's the biggest scam out there. You are so right. Hi Guys ,am from riverside, California. And moved to Seattle in may. I should have known better. So guys a lesson to the wise, be DAMN careful what u spend your money on! And don't become homeless like I did. I almost committed suicide!!! Sorry to hear about how you got scammed by a romance scammer. Her profile name is yoyino83 so you can check it out tell me if you think it's legit.

Sorry I didn't already tell you that. They have a link on there site that says help, message them and tell them you want the auto renewal taken off, and you do not want too be billed any longer. They have a link on there site that says help, message them and tell them you want the auto renewal taken off, and you do not want too be billed any longer, I did not address this point on my last two post.

This tell how you can stop the billing process. Original was from Midwest, this 1 cleims ot be local. XDating is a fraud. Save your money no matter what any of the women say. Do not give them your FB!! No matter what you think, they are ALL fake. Sorry it's the truth, don't get burned…. Been on this site a couple of times gathering info too put out there to other men that may think about joining this scam worthless site.

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