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I contacted them 3 minutes after all this and told them to please refund me. They said no because I opened the correspondence. Sadly I stayed, to no avail. So that they would not resell my space and earn more money.

My experience was negative all the way, and awful. Profile was "woman seeking man" and there were so many woman hitting on me. Wasting my time and theirs. They kept on changing parts of my profile. Not worth the money. I have had to report several scammers. There is no way to block users that are miles and miles away from you from seeing your profile and contacting you.

I can't log in at all right now and I can't even google how to contact them. I don't know if it is their site or a hacker doing that. They lure you in by telling you that you can see who is on there but you cannot. So they post your pic and personal info when you aren't a member. Then they email you telling you how many people are messaging you. Their website leaves a lot to be desired. Things that you think that would be included as a service to the customer show up as pop ups asking you to purchase as extras.

It seems like at every turn, a pop up appears asking for some extra money for something. I live in Arizona and wanted my search for a friendship person to be local. I don't want to have to drive across the USA to pick someone up for a dinner date. No chance of that happening. When I got their searches these people were from all over the USA. The daily matches that they send are the same people over and over again. One would think that if you looked at a match and didn't like it that it would not keep showing up.

Deleting such unwanted matches is impossible. Selections on their website to isolate certain types of individuals that one is looking for is very limited. It seems like their selection process is non existent. Same old, Same old. I would like to have the option of selecting an age group of people that I would like. Their search for matches is based on your birthday. I am a healthy individual and I have found that a lot of people my age are unfortunately bothered with severe age related illnesses and cannot do a lot of the things that I enjoy doing, yet I keep getting those individuals on my match.

I could go on and on regarding their shortcomings, so do yourself a favor and go elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and save your money and your time by avoiding this site. Having a one star rating is being very generous. I have been scammed 3 time on this site - all lead-up to requesting money. I have had numerous unauthorized log ins to my account. Twice I have had my profile changed by someone else.

You have to subscribe to Ourtime. This dating site is no better than pof. Obviously, they don't screen their clients. I was also sent messages from scammers.

To top it off, my account was hacked. I called customer service only to be told since I used their dating site, I can't receive a partial refund. She reinstated my original profile and pictures. Currently the pictures are of me, but the profile has changed back to what the hacker wrote. Please don't waste your money on Ourtime. It isn't worth it! As Bonnie has stated on the ConsumerAffairs website, I have also received messages from women, old men with no shirt no teeth, men who look inebriated or high on drugs?

I received the almost same exact message from 2 men, with only a change in which they were born. The one I chose to respond to communicated that we should exchange email to communicate off the site. The next thing I knew he was planning our life together, the same thing Bonnie alluded to in her post. At one point I discussed speaking with him on the phone to set-up a time to meet in person. I wanted to know he was real.

He originally provided his number and I responded likewise. Chris, if that his real name? After an email of a really bad day, I decided to call the number he provided. His voice sounded very young for a 71 year old. He then proceeded to tell me he was at work even though it was only 6am his time. He originally stated he worked 8: Caught in a lie?

At this point my friends and I went to Google, obits, public records and guess what? No info on Chris or his wife who died in a car crash 6 years ago. And so I sent an email bidding Chris adieu. Obviously, he had no idea what this meant. He then proceeded to email with a plea for money. This site is a scammer paradise. Hopefully, ConsumerAffairs can address the issues quite a few of us have now notified them of.

I first signed up for free, very soon I had about 15 messages which I couldn't read until I paid so I did. These were from webcam models 30 years my junior doing some "catfishing". Later a lot of messages being sent were accidental including 12 I sent without knowing it.

All have the phrases "You look like someone I'd like to know" or "You deserve a flirt. Well you get the idea, you click the wrong place and you've sent a message or flirt without your knowledge.

There are good people on OurTime, but the site itself is a joke and ripoff in my opinion. One was about lbs heavier than his pic the next was planning my life before I met him in person. I can only describe this site as looking at a prison line up!!!

I have been on our time for more than a year. But that might be my achilles heel. My problem has been more with the quality of men I have met and dated men with moderate to severe mental health issues. I even had to beg OurTime to take steps to consider removing one after proof. Some of these men could actually be a danger. What I'm looking for is to spread the word about some of these very challenged men so women don't waste their time and possibly heart on some of these guys.

My most recent nut no showed twice and then called me a stalker. We didn't speak until 3 weeks later when all of a sudden he had to meet me. He began his initial introduction on OurTime with he just wanted to meet a woman his age that still wanted to be intimate.

Yet twice he wanted to break off talking because he'd never please me due to ED. Next day break up. Yep you guessed it I invested a lot of time and patience into this man. I think there should be a place to let someone else know his name at least first and where he lives. The guy is a fearful nut. It's just been guy after guy like this.

And those who say the same picture floats through continuously are correct. I joined "OurTime" for free, Once I paid for a subscription, nothing worked. Every time I attempted to sign in, it stated something was wrong. I could not sign on. I called customer service immediately, could not get a refund. But I did cancel any further charges, I hope. I came onto the site with honesty and openness rarely afforded to anyone.

I had all good intentions. Except I was the only one with good intentions. And, of course, both said they would pay me back. And one of my personal favorites was the one that had the photo of himself, shirtless, with a bit in his mouth admitting that he was "submissive".

Further, very few of the "Today's Matches", followed my profile. I have requested a refund. Let's see how that goes. I had been communicating with an individual who held himself out as military close to retirement. There were many red flags in the communications.

I finally did some digging and could not confirm the details he was stating and discredited the ones that he did. Fortunately, I have family in the military and they were able to help me with this.

The site needs to have a better vetting policy in order to have legitimate individuals interested in meeting. This was my only time and will be my last. I carefully and specifically put what I am and am not looking for. I have no interest in atheists; I get matched with atheists. I get matched with smokers.

The culmination of emotional and sensory overload. I did meet a few people, but it's just not worth wasting money on this. Getting started on OurTime is super easy — everything is explained to you pretty clearly, so even if you're not the most tech-savvy person, you'll still be able to figure things out. At the top, there are drop-downs and sections to help you move throughout the site.

These include editing your profile, uploading photos, browsing through members, and adjusting your membership type. For the Basic Search, you have filters for gender, location, and relationship type. The Advanced Search goes even deeper into your preferences and includes things like sexual orientation, interests, education, background, appearance, religion, and so much more.

You even have the option to only see profiles with photos in them. After someone catches your eye, you can make a move by sending a virtual flirt or saving them as a "favorite. When OurTime finds someone compatible via its algorithm, it'll let you know in the Matches section.

You'll see a number of suggestions, and you'll see Today's Matches when you hover over that number. Then you'll either click yes if it's a match or no if it's not. If you want to know if the person feels the same way without making the first move, click Match Me. This will place you into their daily matches, and then you'll be notified if they like you back. You have to upload at least one photo to access this feature. When you're ready to take things offline, OurTime has a list of live events that can make for fun dates, including cooking classes and cocktail hours.

Go to the Events page to find out more. Safety is also nothing you have to be worried about on OurTime because the site has a ton of tools to protect your information and prevent scammers from taking advantage of you. You'll remain anonymous until you're ready to introduce yourself to someone, and you can always block and report someone who's acting suspicious.

After that, they won't be able to view your profile or communicate with you. Over daters will get a lot out of their OurTime experience. Not only is it free and affordable if you upgrade , but it's intuitive and really works. Millions of romantic connections have been made because of OurTime, and that includes successful dates, happy relationships, and life-long marriages.

You have numerous ways to look for that special someone and get to know them, and if you every come across any problems, the customer support team is just a phone call or email away.

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