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I would love to help any which way I can. The list was endless but by the time all of this was happening, he had me snared and in love.

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The sender intended for the message contents to be secured by using the Barracuda Email Encryption Service. You can retrieve the message from the Barracuda Networks Message Center. The link to this secure message will expire in 24 hours. If you would like to save a copy of the email or attachment, please save from the opened encrypted email.

If an attachment is included, you will be given the option to download a copy of the attachment to your computer. To view your secure message, click here. I highly recommend encrypted e-mail services like Voltage, HushMail, etc. Importantly, sometimes, the money is not raised for creating art, but rather for paying living expenses and buying supplies, which allows the artist to actually work.

Whether you like an artist, want to support art, or want something from the artist, you have a reason to pledge. Art is a huge part of culture, and by supporting it, you ensure that artists continue to create it. The High Tech Society. The Best Arcade Sticks. A New Kind of Game. Are Bots Allowed in WoW? A Review of G2A. Pros and Cons of the Wii U. Apeman C Dash Camera Review. Which Gaming Tablet is Best for You. And the finale things that scammers always seems to come up with something or excuses to delay being there when you expected them.

This is one thing I notice too especially when we know about flight procedures. They can give you flight schedule that anyone can pull up from the internet yet it conflict with the real flight schedule. The one thing that all the scammers will not accept you to buy the flight or bus ticket. I always tell them that money seems more important than Love that usually when they change the subject. Whenever money comes up they would tell you to try understand them.

The next day they would think that you forgot about it and start being sweet. I found out too late what scammers ill do. I lost my husband in In late I was contacted by a man on Facebook who said he knew e. Being a nurse, I thought he was a former patient. He told me he was depressed and thinking of ending his life. My first instinct was to try and help him. It was all a lure and I bit. He was supposedly living in Atlanta, GA.

Suddenly I brought him luck and he got a contract for a job as an oil Engineer in Nigeria. I was dumb and naive. I had been married for 45 years ad never knew about the scams and how the scamers zeroed in on widows. End result, I helped him to rob me of everything. My husbands insurance, my brokerage account nd most of my IRA to the tune of over , He loved me and was coming to my hometown to marry me. Everytime he was supposed to be here someting came up and he needed fnancial help.

His equipment was bening held and not released. His equipment broke and he needed to buy something new from China.

He had oil spillage. The list was endless but by the time all of this was happening, he had me snared and in love. No one could convince me he was a scamer, but he was and is still. Then he gave me th names of women that would send my funds to him because Western Union and others said there were too many scammers.

Now I sit here feeling so hurt because he wanted me to send him He said he was in Nva Scotia but the fnds were still being sent to Nigeria. I asked and he got upset and never answered or said, I should ask the ladies who sent his funds there.

Told me I was asking silly questions. Said he no longer planned to come here because it was always quarrels and fighting. He told me to send him 1, He said I want you to send the funds tomorrow and the next day. He got upset, I guess because he probably ad to ake more contact for money. He finds these ladis on Facebook and loves them all and wants to marry the but he needs funds.

I have cbtacted some of them and they all send the funds to Nigeria because he tells them to. I rally needed that money for the upkeep on my hoe and a car since mine is 16 years old and my late husbands gravestone.

I live on a fixed income and I cannot afford to live on what he leaves me each month from my monthly income. It is all the same man with different photos on Facebook. If you live in west africa be very careful as some of these gang are dangerous! How do you search the pictures that have been used? I have been talking to same guy for a year now. Still never get pictures but recognize the voice is same person over the period of time we have been talking.

His English has improved. Think I could recognize him anywhere if I heard the voice. Want to know who the pictures are of. Have found no information to prove or disprove his story. Is there a scam where the person is real and they actually did meet him in person? I know this guy my friend met is scamming somehow.

He set off every red flag and has is over the top with love and affection. Is there a long term type of scam? Yes, this happens in one of two fundamental ways. In the second case, they will probably have a boyfriend and children though you or he will never see the boyfriend or husband. The rule is if it smells, it is probably rotten, regardless of what your eyes tell you!

Can you check his email add and tell who is sending them and from where??? Yes you can verify everything and should. What would you do if someone asked you to verify your location? Use your smartphone and take a selfie of their town or workplace. Do you have a phone number? Can you call it, and does it go to voice mail or other message — probably a forward number used by a scammer.

The emails themselves are probably the best tool to confirm the location of the person. Are you using Microsoft Outlook? Search online for how to find the email header for your email client, then copy the email header into our tool: Anything other than what you think, and consider them a scammer. But really, it is not hard to tell if it is a real person, real people are messy, they have lives, jobs, and do things. Real people have complex social media profiles, and real jobs.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Find Your Scammers Here. Lisa March 29, at 3: Anonymous July 21, at Gregory Nyman February 22, at 2: Kris February 8, at 6: Kris February 7, at 4: Luis Salas February 7, at 2: Alexander Lembke January 31, at 1: Di Sparrow January 21, at 7: Nancy January 2, at 5: This is not the way to report a scammer.

Use our reporting system in the menu. M May 13, at 5: Leah December 30, at 5: Larry hamm November 23, at 1: Kris February 9, at 2: Anonymous August 26, at Anonymous September 20, at Anonymous September 29, at Anonymous August 16, at Troy Reinhart August 9, at Troy Reinhart August 10, at Kay Whittaker June 29, at 5: Kay whittaker July 1, at 4: Anonymous September 24, at If they want money from you … they are scammers … send them all to hell …. Norman street May 28, at Kathy May 18, at 1: Larry C Robinson May 8, at 5: Robert Harmony April 30, at 3: Ebenezer April 27, at 6: Carol April 1, at 2: David April 1, at 7: Carol April 9, at 3: Anonymous March 31, at 2: Matthew February 11, at 5: Matthew February 11, at Is Becky ellis the scammer or someone else using her Picture.

Matt February 11, at 1: AMeucci February 3, at 6: Beware of a scammer—profile still on facebook—goes by the name—David Betham—and sends a person by the name of Imafiabor Osagie to pick up the loot. J June 10, at 9: Carlos Santana February 2, at 7: JOSH January 4, at Anonymous May 1, at 1: Also goes by the name Mark James he uses the pictures that belong two-story James.

Susan Brown December 16, at 6: Jeff gaboda December 3, at 3: Jonny garatea January 14, at 5: Karin August 27, at 5: Karin August 28, at 1: Sollut Trebor August 25, at Anonymous November 17, at Lorraine November 14, at Tk swfiidh October 17, at Anonymous April 30, at 3: Anonymous October 17, at Anonymous February 16, at John Smith October 12, at 1: Bernardyna April 28, at 6: Matthew Roberts October 7, at 9: I have been talking to an individual with this email address.

What did she ask you? Jefe Jaramillo August 14, at Chaza August 12, at Chaza August 12, at 8: Chaza August 12, at 9: South African accents are very similar to Australian or Kiwis. Anonymous February 11, at 8: Anonymous July 23, at No, there are over 80, individual scammers operating in the world.

Massimo Coltelli August 20, at 1: CJ Duncan June 30, at Anonymous October 18, at 4: You realize the name of this website? We have no way to know if they are or are not scammers. Stephanie l Simpson May 31, at Anonymous May 25, at 8: Can u tell me if Thomas Nick is a scammer says hes in the army aged 50 but looks yonger.

Jacqueline May 13, at 6: Zach May 13, at Anonymous May 10, at 2: Anonymous May 8, at Anonymous April 19, at 1: Thomas Prince April 14, at 5: Anonymous May 2, at 6: Jerome simon April 5, at Sarah pinnock April 4, at 6: Can you help me please Is haik moumjian a scammer says in nergeria. Anonymous March 21, at Romance Scams Now Publisher March 22, at 4: Silly You March 8, at 8: This one has real lots of pictures on whatsapp always needs money from all the women he chats to for his buisness in Malaysia but has a wife in Nigeria that everyone is funding her music career blacknfly blacknspicy Armstrong Percy Percy Delane Delane Tu Armstrong Usio Clan Boss Kaego Usio wife Onoriode Armstrong There is probably a lot more names this scammer uses and will say his real his real except all the lies that flow from his mouth and if you cannot send him money , he gets very angry and just keeps calling and calling.

Silly You April 13, at 5: Lisa February 5, at 3: Anonymous January 18, at 4: Anna Brown January 17, at 7:

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