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In the new Red Sonja series written by Gail Simone , the character's origin story was retold, removing both the rape and supernatural elements of her story. We had only 2 bedrooms.

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In the reboot her original name is revealed as Sonjita rather than Sonja, and she was the daughter of the chief of a Hyrkanian village. The village was attacked by vicious raiders and Sonjita's family and the rest of the villagers were slaughtered, leaving Sonjita the lone survivor. But she was not caught or raped by the attackers, nor was she ever visited by the goddess Scathach.

Instead, Sonjita escaped into the wild and relied on her own hunting skills to track down and kill the raiders one by one. She was then captured by slavers and forced to fight for her life in an arena for three years, through which she gained her unrivaled fighting skill and became known by her 'arena' name: Re-imagined and adapted for comic books by writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith in , the original inspiration for Red Sonja was created in by fantasy novelist Robert E.

Howard , the creator of Conan the Barbarian and the mythical Hyborean Age. Howard's character was named "Red Sonya of Rogatino," and she first appeared in the short story The Shadow of the Vulture which was adapted into Red Sonja's first comic book story by Marvel. However, Howard's Red Sonya was a saber-and-pistol wielding heroine of the Renaissance era rather than a swordswoman of the Hyborean Age. In the 's, after Conan the Barbarian became a hit series for Marvel Comics , other Howard characters were considered for introduction into the series, including Red Sonya.

In order to transform her character so that she could be a contemporary of Conan, writer Roy Thomas altered the spelling of her name to the more exotic "Sonja" and made her a barbarian swordswoman from the land of Hyrkania. Red Sonja was a hit with readers, growing from a supporting character in Conan to starring in several volumes of her own comic book series. She has become the archetypal example of what is now a fantasy staple: The fierce and strikingly beautiful warrior-woman clad in revealing bikini-like armor.

Red Sonja first made her comics debut in , as a supporting character for Conan the Barbarian in his monthly series. In her earliest feature story The Song of Red Sonja , drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith, she wore a modest scale mail shirt and red shorts and her figure was less curvaceous.

In subsequent appearances she donned the famous bikini armor for which she is now known. Though Red Sonja and Conan were generally portrayed as allies, their relationship was often tenuous due to her fiercely independent nature and the fact that as mercenaries, they would sometimes be in competition for the same prize.

Occasionally they even came to blows, though the threat of a common enemy invariably caused them to join forces later. To complicate matters Conan was attracted to Sonja, who repeatedly rebuffed his advances due to her personal code of never laying with a man who could not defeat her in combat.

Conan was never able to best Sonja in a fight, despite making several attempts, and this often added to the tension between the two. By , Red Sonja had become so popular that she was given a solo debut in the Marvel Feature title. After headlining Marvel Feature for seven issues she was given her own title, which ran for another fifteen issues. Artist Frank Thorne became indelibly associated with the character during this run.

Through mystical means Sonja was transported to modern-day New York City by switching bodies with the similarly red-haired Mary Jane Watson , the girlfriend of Spider-Man. There, she fought alongside the web-slinger against Kulan Gath, who had traveled back in time along with Sonja. Spidey and Sonja were victorious and Sonja returned to her own time. In the mid's, to help promote the upcoming release of the Red Sonja movie , Marvel released a two-issue miniseries based on the film and also gave Red Sonja another volume of her own title.

Her metal bikini was retired and she wore a less revealing blue tunic for this series. The reboot ran for thirteen issues, after which Red Sonja continued to make guest appearances in Conan.

In , Red Sonja: Scavenger Hunt was the last Marvel comic to feature Sonja as the titular character. In the late 's, Marvel, deciding to focus exclusively on their main superhero universe set in modern times, declined to renew their rights to the Conan universe and characters.

Red Sonja made no new appearances in comics for several years. In the early 's a new publisher, Dynamite Entertainment , acquired the comic book rights to Red Sonja. In addition to her own title, Red Sonja has starred in the title role of many Dynamite miniseries. In Marvel, partnering with Dynamite, welcomed back Red Sonja for a five-issue miniseries in which Sonja and Spider-Man met again in modern-day New York City in a scenario very similar to their first team up.

In the rebooted series written by Gail Simone, Red Sonja is notably different from her previous incarnations. Though she still loses her family to raiders at an early age, she is never raped and never meets the goddess Scathach.

Thus she does not possess any divinely-gifted powers, nor is she under any oath of chastity. Instead she gains her supreme fighting ability entirely through her own training. This Red Sonja is as feared for her fighting prowess as her previous incarnations, but is more lusty and hotblooded, with a love for both alcohol and sex unseen in other versions and a ribald, almost crude sense of humor.

Marguerite Bennett has picked up where Gail Simone left off. Sonja returns to Hyrkania to find herself a stranger in a strange land. She must halt her people's slide into militant fascism and overthrow the king. Red Sonja has been wandering the world. She eventually enters a town where most of the men have left for war. Women were being treated like slaves, however, Red Sonja did not help them as they did not want any help.

She goes into a bar and chats with the bartender named Jessa. Sonja drinks until she passes out on the table, some men came in to take advantage of her being passed out. It was all planned out, make her pass out, and kill her easily. However, Red Sonja was not a warrior that is easily defeated, as she woke up and defeated all the men easily and left afterwards. Sonja then spends the night in the woods with her horse, Throne. She then shoots an arrow and kills an owl for food.

After she finished eating, she continued her search for the Hyborian Kingdoms. Sonja runs into a group of bandits attacking a messenger on a horse. Sonja uses her skilled marksmanship and kills most of the bandits from afar with a bow and arrow.

Once they began closing in on her, she drew her sword and finished off the rest. The messenger begins hitting on Sonja due to her revealing armour, but she assures him that it distracts men long enough for her to chop off their heads. They then get straight to the point, he mentions that he is a messenger of Gathia. He tells her that he was bringing a message to the Zedda Tribes the bandits that attacked him about surrendering.

The two of them head for Gathia, which is a city that Sonja had been looking for. However, it was a days ride to get there. They rest near a pond, where the messenger warns Sonja to be careful of the monster in the pond.

He begins telling her about how pure his city has become thanks to their King, and that the only reason she is allowed to come is because she saved him. Just as the messenger finishes drinking the water, he begins chocking and a vine type monster emerges from his mouth. Sonja was forced to decapitate him in order to kill the monster.

Sonja decides to take his head to Gaitha and deliver his message for him. Once she arrived at the city, she shows them the decapitated head and they recognize her as Red Sonja. She tells them that part of their land is corrupted but they do not believe her, so they decide to attack her. The number of soldiers did not overwhelm her at all as she easily killed soldier after soldier. However, Sonja stood atop a trap door and it opened, causing her to fall in it. There is a monster inside the area, and Sonja begins preparing herself by grabbing hold of a skull and lighting it on fire for distraction.

Sonja gains the upper hand and stabs a broken sword in its head, she then takes the skull and drives the sword deeper in, killing him after multiple blows. Sonja passes out after the battle and the guards take her away. She awakens in a white dress with hand cuffs chaining her down.

A woman was cleaning her and Sonja becomes angered that the woman is forced to bow before anyone. A priest comes in and tries to get her to worship his God. Sonja is then tied up to a pillar out in the open as the priest drives a dagger through her heart.

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