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So, when I found Asian Dating I was so glad! September 14, at

When you get there

I am absolutely in love with my bride. We met in March , and after talking for two weeks, we have met in Kiev and moved in about a month later. I am so glad we have started a family, and now we are planning to have our first child. It was definitely easy and very entertaining. I had several matches which made browsing for a date fun. I am currently dating my girlfriend from Ukriane for over 6 months and we met on Russian cupid.

So, I am very appreciative Russian cupid brought us together. Online dating can be very frustrating. However, most people on Russian cupid did provide a good amount of detail about themselves so that I could do so. I did end up meeting my long-term partner through the site, so it works. It has perfect navigation, convenient chat options and it also gave me a lot of auspicious online dates.

AsiaCharm provides users with numerous profiles of amazing girls, who are looking for a real relationship. And what pleases me most is that service includes translation option when talking to foreign ladies.

Now I understand that online-dating is what I needed. Not only can I find the perfect girl according to my preferences, but I can also be sure that she is looking for the same thing I do, so I am not wasting my time.

I think AsiaCharm is just the best!!! They are so engaging, I think I stop breathing when I look at them… Just look at their cute-cute-cute faces! The support team here is great! So kind and helpful people!

And even if I found her on my own, how would have I managed to communicate with her?? Nice site, but could have been better Thank goodness, everything is going seamlessly.

I could even send my lady in the Philippines some flowers, can you imagine?! AsiaCharm is the most significant option for dating oriental girls, trust me. None of the sites was so efficient before. I was lonely for 5 years. I went through a painful divorce with my first crush, and then I dived into business and buried all my hopes for the better life. How silly was I! Later when I have a couple of free minutes, I went to learn more about the site, and was shocked!

I joined this service in August and still think it is quite good. After entering my personal information and starting a search, I noticed that this site uses advanced matching algorithms to find a perfect girl. I joined several dating sites at the same time, but asiandate impressed me the most. I am sure that I will find true love there and eventually marry a wonderful girl.

Great job guys, keep it up! I do adore their beauty and the way they behave. All those tiny cultural differences between American girls and Asian ladies make the latter so peculiar! International websites are usually too heavy to deal with: So, when I found Asian Dating I was so glad! But I look at those empty profiles that contain only the name of the girl and some model-like photos I become suspicious.

It seems to me that they might be not that sweet as they look. I do not understand Chinese or any other Asian language. But I expected to get some assistance in translation when I registered on the site. But the Platinum membership costs too much! And as far as I understood the translation is automatic. How can you charge that amount of money for automatic translation? That seems a bit unfair to me. Good quality for a reasonable price.

There are services with more options but they are much more expensive. So I consider Asian Dating to be the best choice I have now. I need some time to get used to the environment, to look around, to become comfortable. I prefer to spend a month looking through profiles and to find one really attractive lady than to attend four dates.

But what makes me anxious is that I need a subscription to text the lady. But is everything fails and we are done in a week what should I do with the subscription? Asian Dating gave me an opportunity to meet a few really great ladies!

When I met them I understood that the decision to look for an Asian wife was right! We met a few months ago but since that moment we text each other every single day!

I was dating a girl online for a while and we agreed to meet in Hong Kong. I know that Asian Dating is not dealing with offline dates and stuff. But I wanted to ask the customer support team about a few basic things which you have to know when you are going abroad.

I bet they know what a foreigner should better do and not do when he is there! But they never replied! I mean, they texted me that they are not providing such services and so on and so far.

I wanted them to answer a few simple questions! That was pretty disappointing about Asian Dating. The site is quite convenient and pleasant to deal with.

The only thing that irritates me a bit is the quality of translation. I feel sorry for all the men who had not the best experience during online dating. There are so my tips on what you should not do! How can send money to a stranger and hope that she would some over to see you in the U. If you are 50 and she is 21 you might suspect something. So far Asian Dating seems to be cool. I will now try to delete my profile and update how I get on. They try to run on long chat sesssoin, which cost "credits" whch are expensive, the photos are mostly fake.

I phoned them once and used live chat twice, and they make excuses and tell you to ahve a nice day….. I don't regret having spent my money but I was very dubious of them from the start and I've had two goes at it.

I guess they must have a lot of fun exchanging notes after they finish their shift so I encourage two of them to be frank with me they must've felt a little sad when I finally gave up on them. When you tried to nailing down to a specific time or day they tend to be rather evasive to the point where when I told them I was coming to visit them they pretended they didn't understand what I had to say. Like I said I had a lot of fun and I'll always put it down to experience but what I experience it could have been if it was on Facebook.

I don't think there are any real dating sights online. When the Internet was created there weren't many. To start with they were questionable but possibly better than now. I've met several women online. However only a couple were from dating sights. Most were from free chat rooms that were on msn. Now of coarse they no longer exsist. There are many sites now. All look the same. All owned by same. All are the same.

In the late 90s I was talking to a customer support person who finally admitted to me their scam. After much debate she angrily said " Well you know how hard it is to get girls to make a profile? And then for it to be someone you would be interested in. They're just not there. We don't have any. So we have to make them up.

She truly thought it justified it. As I told her if that's the case they shouldn't be there. Get a job like the rest of us. They just keep changing names creating new businesses. Keep trying to find new ways to trick people. And if you watch you will even get repeats. Get a message then a photo. Hey I know you you haven't aged a bit. You look exactly the way you did 10 years ago..

But you changed your name, and moved. Hey you only live 3 miles from me now…. They are all scams. They should be outlawed. Should be banned unless they can prove different.

They can't do that but will refer you to the new real not fake site just created by the same bitch I argued with on the phone so many years ago. I am a 67 year-old pensioner and want to warn people about Asia Charm website. I joined for free and naturally thought that I could keep chatting to the lady I fancied but found out that it was not exactly what happens. To continue chatting to this lady I had to get credits and there's no sign of how much it was going to cost..

You had to click on the get credits button and then fill in your credit card details. Then you have to get more credits if you want to send some photos of yourself. Also you have to make sure that you have enough credits so you can send a letter to your lady. I am suspicious of this site because the lady's profile picture is different to her private picture. This is what you're allowed to see when you have been chatting and sending emails nearly all day. Also they send you messages about how they miss you but I have only sent my lady a good morning this morning and I never waited for an answer.

I checked later and she had replied with a good morning message and a message saying that I have read your profile John Alchin. That has made me more suspicious because no asking me why haven't been in contact with her.

I had fun on here too. I uploaded a picture of a horrible looking dude and put in my profile that I was a serial killer. Got tons of emails saying they wanted to marry me. Yes, it's a total scam. More than likely, the call centre is based on the Phillippines were the speak English fairly well. No, most Chinese cannot speak English that well. You will see many grammar mistakes like not using the definite or indinite articles.

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AsianCharm Has Connections To Numerous Fake One of the things that stuck out as a huge red flag while investigating Asian Charm was the fact that it was connected to many dating sites that we've already exposed as being ficticious. Examples Of Models We've taken a screenshot asking you our readers what they you think?

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