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Even when it did start during the first season of use it ran rough. I regret not taking it back immediately. If it ran I would be happy Would not buy another Stihl due to hard to get replacement parts. When I first got it.. Tried to find someplace to buy a carb but seems they keep there parts secret I don't want to bring to a dealer to pay those rediculous prices.

It may just be another of the many problems "ethanol " is causing in gas engines Just back from the dealer for the first of what I expect to be many warranty repairs.

Plus the line around the spools was horribly tangled as delivered from the factory. This product is junk. I bought this FS 45 in When I wanted to use it the first time this season, It would not start. I took it to the dealer who installed a carb. I used it one time and now it won't start at all. He started it up at the shop when I picked it up but it sounded horrible. Now it will not run at all. This is a piece of junk. I will never buy another stihl product again. I can not think of one, except that it is very pretty due to not being used a lot.

Floods very easy, will not start after only two seasons. Dealer will not stand behind the product. This is the last Stihl product I will ever buy. Runs well, seems to be well made. I have had no trouble ever in starting it. Spark plug is almost impossible to remove, vibration will kill your arm, fuel filter inside the tank is impossible to remove, but the worst problem is that the string absolutely will not advance as it is supposed to.

You have to take the thing apart and advance the line by hand every time you want to use the FS It really is overpriced for what you get. Can't think of any right now, since I'm about to pass out from trying to start it! Can't start it, sounds like will start but doesn't, have used 3 times!

Cuts really well for a small weed eater. I had to use a screw driver and my drill with a drill bit to remove the spool head assymbly. I distroyed it and now have to buy a new one. Old one seezed up for no apparent reason. I guess I am lucky here.

My FS45 is only 3 years old and used 20 hours at the most. I would have used it more but my inexpensive Toro is so much easier. Difficult to start, switching from string to blade cartridge is a pain in the rear end. Almost impossible to start!!

I took it back to the dealer twice. They said that it is the hardest trimmer to start on the market. I have had a Ryobi for 10 years, and it still starts within 3 pulls. I wanted a lighter trimmer, so I bought the Stihl. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to get it running. It is not even worthy of sitting in my trash can. If this is "the hardest trimmer to start on the market," then the market has come a long way.

I kinda wish it had a little longer shaft, but I'm 6'6" so that's probably my own problem. It's pretty loud, but that's what you get with a gas trimmer. Goes through the line, but that's what you get using a string-based weedwhacker around hard edges. I now live in Georgia where I took it to another dealer. They told me that I could trade it in towards a new one if I can get it to start. I will not be buying another stihl. I will now try another brand.

Out performed several weedeater units I purchased in years past. Engine ran great great initially. Extremely hard to start after being in service for two years. The pull cord broke after one year. It was replaced by the dealer under warranty. The problems started after year two.

Runs Sluggish when running, but now it want start at all. Bought this a couple years ago late in the season; ran OK the first year but wouldnt start after that. Has been repaired twice at two different authorized repair shops, still doesnt start. Spent more on repairs than the stupid thing cost. Trading it in on a Husqvarna today. Worked well first year. Start of second year, wouldn't start. Took in to Stihl shop for "Tune-up". It then ran for one month.

Haven't been able to start it since. Replaced a FS36, which was a workhorse for me. Very disappointed with FS45, but more disappointed with the after sales service from both the seller and from from Stihl. I can't recommend them to my friends anymore. I own a landscaping business. I talk to lots of people that were potential customers.

Will not start so I guess that there are no strengths. Customer service after sale is very weak and is adversarial. I've only got 3 minutes cutting time from this trimmer. Takes no less than 20 pulls to start because of the unit is impossible not to flood. Then it won't run on full throttle which tells me that there is air infiltration.

BAD GAS is just a catchall for when they know they have a bad product and have no idea how to fix their problem. Funny how all my other equipment runs just fine on that same "bad gas". I have 2 acres and ft of fencing I trim in addition to triming around the house. Sales guy said this is the one I want and he was wrong.

It is not large enough for this job. Spool does not hold enough line--I have to change it times each time I trim. My problems would go away if I could use more and heavier trimming line. Sales guy said he would not exchange it for me for a larger maching. His suggestion was that I;m not trimming correctly and if I used the machine properly I wouldn't have any issues. Their follow up service is terrible. Fuel tank is not large enough does not hold enough line on the spool for me.

Unfortunately, after years of satisfaction with Stihl chain saws, I have to agree with those who find this to be pretty a piece of Asian made junk and my dealer response, which was always great on the chain saws, is terribler.

I haver to believe that the dealers are under orders from Stihl not to be forthcoming on the problems of this machine. Everybodies dealer seems to say the same thing "old fuel" -- that's just line. I'm having hour long starting issues with new fuel and Stilh own oil -- the only thing I've ever used in it. This year I got it started once and used it for a little over an hour.

It hasn't started since. Used it for one year with occassional hard starting but. Not worth it if you figure it will only last 3 years and then cost as much or more than a new unit to repair. After 3 years, not dependable.

I need something dependable that will start and run when the trimming needs to be done. Bought another brand and am now very happy. I bought this trimmmer on the basis of a Stihl chainsaw I have had for 25 years. But the trimmer and the new chainsaw have been a big disappointment.

The carrier for the chainsaw is the worst designed thing I have ever see. I will not buy any more Stihl products. After it starts, it runs fine and strong, but getting it started has been very difficult from the beginning.

Its ackwardly balanced and, hence, difficult to hold while starting. I'm half worn out by the time it starts. The string will not advance automatically and I have to stop the engine and take the entire spool apart to pull more string out. Wish I had read these reviews before I bought this thing. I always thought Stihl was the brand you spent more on, but got a better product.

Guess I was wrong. Cuts thru just about any grass,weed,etc. Can't start it after sitting thru 1 winter. I've just started to research this problem, but based on all the negative reviews I've read on this site, I think I have an idea of what might be the problem.

Consumer reports rated this high, which is why I bought it. I don't have the time to deal with getting this thing fixed. It worked ok for the first year, not so good the second year, not at all this year.

This is my second FS Same motor as FS45, longer shaft. The first one May no problems, got stolen. Second one November no problems last year.

This year hard to start. Was able to start it August 18, using Star Tron. Did not use it again until last Sunday. Would not start at all. Had the carb rebuilt; was told it was really bad. I am waiting to see what happens with a rebuilt carb and using Star Tron. You do not expect it to stop working before two years. When it runs, it can chew up some serious grass and light brush. Same problem everyone else is having here. The line advancement nut cover also fell off. Makes me weak trying ti start it,bump string wont work.

I love my stihl fs and am in the process of buying the fs I would gladly put stihl products against any other name brand out there. A stihl fan for life. If you follow the starting instructions which most people don't it starts very easily. Plus a lot of people aren't using the right has mixture or gas. Most complaints come from people who only use it occasionally and probably don't drain it when they put it up for a couple of months and don't realize that the gas goes bad. The line snaps very easy so I bought the head for the 8" pre-cut line and now can use up to.

I have owned Stihl units for over 30 years and will not buy anything else. They work for me and will work for you if you use a little judgement. Stihl does make several ligtweight products that are fort occasional use. The FS 45 is an occasional use trimmer that I have used professionally, and it has held up well. I know it will not last 17 years like my old FS 36 that I used around my home.

That is not light use. Lightweight and very reliable. Can't beat it for the price. I owned a Ryobi and gave it away. The warranty is one of the greatest strengths. I can't believe the statements above where owners have thrown away or destroyed units under warranty. I suppose some dealers are nuts, but that does not include my small town dealer. They are cordial and can repair your It is true that when the warranty is out, some units are not worth the cost of repair.

Stihl recently dropped the price of carburetors, and that will help. Today's gas is a real problem. The exhaust is hot on my are and could have a better shield.

Some units are made in China. Look at uyour serial number. If it start with a 2, the unit was made in Virginia Beach. If it starts with an 8, it was made in China. I do not like that. We will all pay for that some day. Never would have purchased in first place; didn't. Father did months before he passed on. Too small for any real usage, line capacity too low; just horrible. Compares to a 3-cylinder GEO on the highway Oh, and every minutes of use; count on a fuel refill.

Would return if I could. Tooooo small unless you have a 10' x 20' yard; in which case you might need to refill it with line after each use. And it is difficult to refill. Lightweight, looks good, and somewhat easy to replace the cutting line.

Would never start and run clean for the first couple of years Today, the starter cord pulled out and would not recoil Except for a few months of running properly, it has been a POS. I own a ten year old Sears Poulan chain saw and a LawnBoy 2 stroke lawnmower and neither have ever given me a problemthe chain saw gets started with old gas maybe twice a year.

Lots of power and runs like a top! They explained that today's fuels are not what they used to be in the past. It does all that I need it to do for a small trimmer. The dealer showed me how to wind the line and it made a world of difference. I am buying Echo from now on, they have 5-year warranty for Home use. It just doesn't want to start or if I can start it up, then it just won't run.

I wrote an email to them complaining that the trimmer needs repair yearly. Stihl'c Customer Service is the worst. A person named Chanda told me he would contact the Distributor to see if anything they can do, it's been 10 days and I've got nothing back from him.

Stihl products are great when they work. Too bad for me, I've got a lemon. Being a small lawn care business owner for 7 years now, I have learned a lot about these trimmers.

A lot of y'alls frustration is due to improper technique more than anything. Not bashing, just the normal person uses a trimmer times a year, they just don't aquire enough experience. There is an exhaust filter nut on the trimmer, remove it and you will notice the steel mesh filter on the nut, remove this filter. It does nothing except clean the air some and clog your trimmer, making it run poor. To do this standing up, wrap your left arm under the handle and overtop the trigger, pull string with right hand.

To wind string, cut your two strings to about 5ft in length, cut your ends at a diagonal, insert at arrows but do not push all the way in, while twisting in string if the head ceases then push the string in just a little and continue twisting in the string.

When reloading, make sure the dirt is cleaned from the trimmer head. Run the trimmer wide open or nearly wide open. This cleans the carb. Tune the trimmer as the weather changes, these trimmers run different in hot and cold weather. There are three carb screws beside the gas tank, adjust these as the trimmer is running and tune to your desired idle.

These are good trimmers folks, I know a lot of y'all have had bad experiences, but don't give up on them too quick. Stihl is better than the Craftsman and Weedeater brands I have had in the past.

One would have to prove a better product to me for me to buy a different brand. Bought in and used on over one acre. Moved in to smaller property, and finally had to have servic in Cuts everything I have needed to cut. Overall am happy with this machine for the price. I have a Stihl blower and chainsaw also. The blower is there "top of the line" model, and let me tell you, It is a machine. It sounds like a well tuned dirtbike when it's idling. I will probably upgrade to a "higher" grade Stihl weedeater next, won't get the best because don't own much land.

In my opinion, Stihl and Husqvarna are where its at. Great power and lightweight. Mine is starting to get temperamental, but I run it hard. If I have continued problems, will buy a higher grade Stihl product, am very partial to this brand from my years of logging.

Bump feed line advance is flakey, I just flip it over , push in the button by hand and pull the string right out, works fine doing it that way. This was the best weed eater in the world. I used it for 5 years straight and did nothing to it but replace the heads. I would buy another any day of the week and anybody who says different just had a bad experience. Good trimmer when it runs right. It never really performed well for me for the first two years, and then it wouln't start, or when it started, would quite after a short while.

Took it in for repair, and it still does not perform reliably! Not a quality product!!! Don't recomend to purchase, I have a Husky 33 in which is 15 years old leaks at seals but still runs strong! Nice size and balance for a person 5'6 and smaller.

Seals went out on second year,now this year won't start,i use fresh gas and stihl oil, also friends fs won't fire up also both of these units were bought in I have two Sthil chainsaws great runners,trimmer is junk! I've had mine for 3 summers now, and it's actually run less than 4 hours.

Gigantic, enormous, terrible junk. I KNOW the problem is the trimmer - all my other equipment, including a Stihl chainsaw use the same gas that's their all-too-convenient excuse.

Gotta adjust carb as the season changes??? BS On 2nd rope, and 2nd recoil spring now. I am ashamed they call this Made In Usa - it gives us a bad name! Never, ever again will buy one of their trimmers. Cheaper to buy a Homelite once a year and toss at the end of the year. Excellent paperweight on my shop's bench and that's it. Take to shop for repair. Stupid idea to have tabs that extend out instead of a notch like Echo. Idle gets worse each time it is started, but it is easy to start.

I have not even replaced the plug. I think most people are having problems due to lack of use or bad gas. This is a two cycle and the carb will gum up if not used enough. At the end of the year I run it out of fuel and put it away. In spring I add fuel and am cutting grass in under one minute. I use it at least 2X per month and use about a tank of gas each time. Could use a larger head for more line, but I usually need a break when it runs out.

I trim a lot of chain link fence so I eat up a lot of line. The problem I've had with my Stihl FS 45 trimmer is that, after having it a year, without using it a lot and not any during the winter , it would not stay running. I'd start it up, but after several seconds it would shut off. He explained that after the initial break-in period 6 months? Now it works great. Hope this info helps someone.

I wish, however, I'd bought the more expensive trimmer that has the longer shaft, because I'm not comfortable with the shorter shaft, which I think would only be comfortable for short people.

I would Not repeat would not buy this edited by poster again. Have had it back to dealer 3 times Say that nothing is wrong with it,will not buy another one. When it runs it's ok if you can get it started. When running it will suck the primer bulb dry and flood it self,Started like a P O S right from new. Looks like new - because if never bloody well runs. Had mine 2 years. I think it has had a total running time of about 30 mins.

It is just impossible to start. I hate it and would never buy another. FS45 trimmer nut from inside the carb fell off and went to the piston and jammed it solid. My FS trimmer is 10 years old now, and it still works like a champ. I can't believe all of the negative comments on here about it, as several of my friends and coworkers use this same trimmer, and I've never heard a single complaint.

Some people just don't realize how hard they are on equipment, and blame the equipment for their issues seriously, you threw the trimmer, and broke the gas tank, and you're blaming the trimmer for that? You left it out in the rain? If you're not good at spooling trimmer line, consider upgrading to the Easyspool head. If you're having issues with your line breaking, then you may have old line.

Try soaking it in water to help. Also, if you keep your trimmer in a hot garage, remember that the line is polymer, and it may become stuck together. I don't bother draining fuel out of my trimmer before winter, and it'll still start right up the following spring. The idea of pulling the rope 20 times is ridiculous; your technique is just completely wrong. Always starts on the 1st or 2nd pull, very powerful, never any issues.

Easyspool head makes reloading very easy. I am very impressed with the quality of this trimmer. No complaints at all. Stihl is a great company with great products. I went through 5 Weed Eater brand trimmers in about 7 years. I've had the FS45 of over 5 years without any problems. I would like to be able to get more string on the head. It holds about 6' of string and I have to put more string on each week.

I trim around several hundred feet of chain link fence and it is rough on the string. I would not recommend this trimmer to anyone. I can hardly imagine what I might say to someone I might sell this to. Difficult to start yes, I know how to start a small engine, fresh gas, clean filter, use the choke, etc. String reservoir too small - I have to rewind string twice per use to cut mustard stems and pasture grass. Difficult to reload string - our Craftsman trimmer had a larger reservoir that we only needed to wind once per season.

We made the mistake of thinking a Stihl would be a better trimmer. Difficult when new and progressively harder. Second year would not start at all. This will be the last Stihl product I ever buy!

What a waste of money! Runs and trims good if you can ever get it started. Just purchased it and have only used it 3 times. It takes at least 45 minutes to get it started. You would think being new that it would fire right up! I like itit really cuts through thick tough weeds. Solidly built made in USA. It looks good too. Can be easy to flood. My 3 other Stihl products that are fed fuel 89 octane and Stihl I've never needed Stihl warranty service or any Stihl service previously.

Unfortunately, the first time is enough to turn me off to Stihl products from now on. Quiet, plenty of power, low vibration. Difficult to start when new. Dealer checked and said it was OK. After nearly 2 years of very little use due to starting problems, the trimmer now will not start at all. Dealer said it's probably fuel issues and not warrantied. He no longer is a Stihl dealer after a zillion years as such BTW. Very Hard to start My Poulan was over 20 years old and never a problem.

Stays clean it's run 3 times in 2 months. Although I prefer it run every time I try Light weight and easy to handle when I try to start it up and put it back in the shed Very hard to start I don't care to mix a new batch of oil gas mixture every week The bump feed rarely works No point in having a primer ball with a choke.

Floods easy and doesn't need it. POS -don't buy it. First year - ok; 2nd yr - so-so; 3rd yr failed completely. Miserable performance if you expect long service life. Very disappointed in this string trimmer. I have a Stihl blower that is my favorite yard tool so I thought the trimmer would be outstanding as well - I was really wrong!

Hard to start, handle too short for tall man, string won't stay in. This is the third summer sufferring with this thing. I have 2-cycle leaf blower, two 2-cycle chain saws, and 2-cycle pesticide sprayer. All of them work fine on today's fuel and my winter storage regime. I'm going to leave it on the counter and walk away. This thing just isn't worth the irritation. Piece of porcine doo doo for a chinese carb that won't last.

Use ethanol added gasoline and the warranty is voided?!?! Starting is very difficult, right from brand new. Oh, you may never get it to run long enough to find out, but the cutting line spool tends to jam and only holds enough line for about feet of edge trimming. I wanted to buy a high-end string trimmer, so I thought I was getting the best with a Stihl. This thing was always hard to start, and it kept getting worse and worse until finally it wouldn't start.

I have a small yard and didn't use it that much. So much for the warranty. They blamed it on bad gas, but my Stihl edger seems to run just fine on the same gas. The dealer should honor the warranty instead of giving me the run around. So they might've won this battle, but I won't be buying a Stihl again, and I won't spend my money at that dealer anymore.

In fact, I went to Home Depot and bought an Echo, and it started in 5 pulls on the very first tank of gas. I thought Stihl was supposed to be good quality, but they are just living on their reputation.

Very difficult to start. Stopped working after two years of light use. String hard to replace and doesn't feed well. Dealer support is poor. Have had this trimmer going on my 4th season. Never had a problem.

Changed spark plug this year and that is the only up-keep I have had to perform. Runs like a dream!! My trimmer is made in the USA. I've heard some poor reviews from some people and I can only assume that their models were made in China.

Starts first time, every time. Pretty easy on gas compared to some other trimmers I have used and cuts well. Wish the shaft was a bit longer. Line spool could be larger. I am beginning to question Stihl and its fanastic reputation. My chainsaw, Farm Boss and now the FS 45c unit. Seeing too much of the repair shop to get both up and running. Ignition coil went south in chainsaw and now a wasted Saturday trying to get the FS 45c cranked up and running.

Ran great for two years, the exact time as warranty period limit. The unit is too short for people 6 ft tall or taller. Must bend slightly to use it. Hard to start, very, very touchy on the gas. Gas must be fresh, staight out of the ground in Saudi or else it won't start.

Won't buy a Stihl product. I bought a new Husqvarna mower in May and it's has been great! I liked the price and the reviews it got. I prefer Honda power products there the best in my opinion. There worth the extra money! Comfortable , durable like the long curved design.

When I had it running right it cleared weeds like no other line trimmer I ever used! I had this one given to me by and elderly lady when her husband passed away.

The reciept showed I've spent almost what it cost new in repairs. And now it again is running awful. I've tried new filters a new plug and gas oil mix. The carb setting are correct. I have to keep removing the spool to get the line to feed out just like all the other users! My old Ryobi I gave away was allot more reliable! ECHO 5 years old is much better than this unit Dealer advised me to buy a new one with a straight shaft that has a better bearing setup if I did not want to pay the price for repair.

Extremely well built, powerful trimmer for home use. Trimmer started bogging down after two years of weekly use, removed and disassembled the carburetor, cleaned thoroughly with carb cleaner and reassembled.

Works perfectly, starts with two pulls as if brand new. Great tool, highly recommended. Powerful engine Easy starting Quick throttle response Durable Low weight.

Don't let previous reviews of faulty line feed mechanisms scare you. The bump feed works perfectly, I have added string to the head dozens of times with no issues. Use the recommended string and follow directions. No failures or issues in over three years of weekly use. Line feed works perfectly when the correct line is installed properly.

String can be wound incorrectly if directions are not followed. How can someone who makes such great chainsaws make such a shitty weed trimmer? I have a Farm Boss never had a problem my fs45 never worked right and now doesn't work at all! Piece of junk since day one, runs like crap, impossible to use bump and feed. Even got additional ez feed head from Stihl dealer, same results. Unfortunately I thought that because my Stihl chainsaw is excellent that this trimmer would have the same quality.

Not even close, you couldn't give me another one. This trimmer will cost you more to keep running than to purchase. You get what you pay for! It was in the shop for about 4 weeks. Ran good for about a month back in the shop for a couple of weeks. Ran for a couple of weeks and back in the shop. Told I needed the carburetor rebuilt and parts not available. The next year would not run so back in the shop fixed quickly as the shop changed owners.

The next week it doesn't run again. I have used stilt trimmers for 15 years and always been happy. This one is junk out to the trash it goes less than 18 months old. I will not try another stilt trimmer. I thought that I was purchasing a quality product. I wished that I had never seen this trimmer. It is extremely difficult to start because it floods very easily. I am successful 1 out of 3 times that I mow the grass. Stihl should buy it back and try to use it. I would rate this as a zero but that is not an option.

I would not ever buy anything else made by Stihl. Extremely difficult to start! I had to pull it about 30 times the other day to get it to start. I asked the dealer before I bought it if it was easy to start. I was assured that it was. I should have gone with my gut feeling and bought a Husqvarna. I do not know what sthil has changed but it is not working. I use to brag about how great sthil was. You can use your stihl chainsaw when the fs45 does not start. Runs good but thread advancement mechanism is bad and causes considerable delay.

Ten year old electric Toro is much more reliable and nearly costless to use. Used weekly to trim about ft of yard edge. Basically a good machine except for thread advancement. Screw inside carburator fell out when new after only a few hours of use. Stihl will not supply parts diagrams or give advice, therefore must pay dealer for every minor service. Engine floods easily making starting difficult. Thread continually jams on the spool making it necessary to open the head, rewind, and advance by hand often after a just a few minutes use.

Operating at slow steady speed reduces jamming, but still a nuisance. I do NOT recommend. My first unit could not start right out of the store. The second one started not easily , but the cord simply kept breaking off forcing me to constantly stop and let out more cord.

The unit does not hold much cord and is next to impossible to reload. Overall, I would not recoomend this to anyone. Paul was very knowledgeable. It was definitely the highlight of our trip!

This is an awesome walking tour, and I've been on plenty of them. Paul speaks perfect English for a Frenchman. Has a tremendous knowledge of history of France and kept everybody engaged. Due to the fact that this tour is based on performance and not My husband and I first did this tour in June on our own and, when we returned to Paris with our adult sons 20's a few months later, we went again! We loved it the first time and loved it just as much the second Paul was warm and friendly and he has lots of energy and enthusiasm towards his city.

And he seemed like a nice guy was careful about helping my 69 year old mom at places so we were very happy to have spent the 4 hours Amazing walk, visiting most important places in Paris, the explanation was super detailed and entertaining. Totally recommend booking it! The first sign that we were in for a great tour was that three people who were gathered with us had actually already been on this exact same tour with Paul.

The second sign it would be great is that Paul is one of the This is the only walking tour I would recommend in paris. Paul is friendly and energetic but most of all so knowledgeable. Paul not only showed the iconic and well known landmarks like notre dame and the lourve but also the site for Napoleons tomb He personalized each and every tour to suit the guests Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.

All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Wego Walking Tours, Paris: Sun - Sat 9: Pont au Double , Paris, France. Review collected in partnership with this attraction This business uses tools provided by TripAdvisor or one of its official Review Collection Partners to encourage and collect guest reviews, including this one.

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All reviews paul's enthusiasm high energy guide paul paul's tour great tour his passion his knowledge great introduction to paris would highly recommend this tour hour walking tour informative tour fun facts french history great stories free tour notre dame paris history.

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