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I cannot create a spark or stop a spark. There is either a connection or not. I contacted the email on the testimony of Allison? I asked them to give me proof to be sure they are not scammers like others that I have met before and they sent me a proof.

Then I requested to get my card which they sent to me in Germany in just 3 days. Am happy now because I have? Contact their mail securehackers01 gmail. Morris mabel is my name and if you are scared, please reach me through my mail dasinator02 gmail. Do you assist people from Australia to get out of timeshare? We have recently signed up and stupidly didn't realise the cooling off period was only 7 days. Finance has been approved pending provision of payslips.

Is it too late to get out? Hello i am Patrick it was a shock to me that i got an ATM card that change my life from poverty to success i never believe it was like a dream to me i went online in search for job and i saw different comments of people testifying on how they become rich by getting a hacked ATM card from a hacker could Henry but i never believe i said is not true they are all scam but i was confuse i just need money to pay my bills and take care of my family so i said to be a rich man is all about risk so i take the risk and i contacted the hackers at universalcybercard gmail.

Its legit but the tension? Didnt have any,actually the Gent was very nice,Continental Breakfast was great and this Property is terrific. This particular Resort is gorgeous,excellent staff and spotless.

Sorry,but nobody makes me do something I dont want to do,Grow Up,Speak Up but I enjoyed our Presentation and was treated with kid gloves. My husband and I are owners in Bonnet Creek and the resort is indeed amazing. I don't agree with the easiness to get out of the presentations though.

We've been to some of the resorts and we could NEVER get rid of those evil presentation, that always begin with a smiling sales person and end with my feeling of being scammed. I'm not planning to buy any more points, since we have enough, and it's very annoying to feel pressured to buy more points or change your kind of contract.

I actually like Wyndham and the resorts so far, but their sales strategy makes me NEVER recommend to any of my friends. I agree as well. Ii think back and wish that I uld hve walked ou. But their presentation sounded legit. I seem to alwys pay out of pocket in additioon to using points. Itried staying iin Key West and Puerto Rico witth my kiis and nothng was available except for a 1 bedroom with 1 king size bed for 5 people.

I wwant to get rid of this nnow. Its nothig wht they said tis would be. I want to get riid of this ASAP Hello Mike, We are incredibly sorry that this has happened to you.

It is unbelievable that these companies make their accommodations unavailable to their own paying clients. We do know of a few organizations that can help you get rid of the timeshare as quickly as possible, and we will contact you shortly on how you should move forward. Ryan, if you can provide me with the organizations that can legitimately get a person out of a contract that they were coerced and defrauded to get into in the first place, I would greatly appreciate it.

My sister and I bought into the Wyndham nightmare in Myrtle Beach in We have never been able to use this useless thing and are paying monthly payments. We want to get out of this contract ASAP. We are very limited on funds as we are seniors and both single. Just so afraid of being scammed again. If you could tell me how to get out of a Wyndham contract, I would appreciate it. Their presentation made it sound like a good investment in fact, that's one of the things they said: It was a good investment , and I was too stupid to check it out before I bought it.

I would like to cancel the contract without messing up my credit score. If this is possible, could you tell me what company or companies could do this? Ryan, I too fell victim to Wyndham's claims that the timeshare was an investment that would increase in value, which obviously isn't the case.

Aside from the monthly maintenance fees, which continue to increase, the initial investment is lost and will never be recovered. If you know of legitimate sources that can help get out of the timeshare without large lawyer fees or a hit to credit scores, it would be greatly appreciated. Brian, where abouts are you?

We are in Sydney. We are looking at trying to get a group of people together and attack with force! Hey, I bought a timeshare at wilderness of the smokies, I told them that I had lost my job and they told me it did not matter because I had platinum credit Why are we not all Banding together and slapping a lawsuit on these scam artist!! I turned into BBB and I hope you all have also!

I want to sue this fraudulent company! I would love to know how to get out of my timeshare. The only Wyndham program to buy take back is to take our points and forgive any future maintenance fees, and it has to be paid in full.

In essence steal what we paid back for absolutely nothing in return. I would take 50 cents on the dollar, but give it to them just burns me. They told us it would increase in value, that they could rent the points out, and so many other lies. I agree we need someone to get a class action law suit going. There are thousand just like us out there. I would sincerely appreciate any information you could provide in helping get this SCAM off of us. I have a Wyndham time share that has burdened for more than 8 years.

I want out so badly. I've stopped paying maintenance fees etc and now they are threatening to sue. Please advice me on what I can do. Can you let me know as well please my email is athena hotmail. I would like to know if there are companies out there that can truly help a consumer get rid of timeshares.

I have experienced several companies want money upfront. I was told this is a scam when any company want money upfront. My wife and I purchased in N. Myrtle Beach 2 years ago. Even at the property we purchased at. The sales manager Mr. We signed up and it took them 6 months but we just got our contract canceled! Also have a Wyndham account, rooms unavailable, too expensive. Want to name of your company that can help so I can do my own research since some scams have been identified to help rid us of our contracts.

I agree, I would like to know what you company is called. I'm very skeptical at this point because I have already hired the largest re-seller to sell our timeshare, and was told with our , points it would be an easy sell because buyer want the larger blocks. We have been told many times that it is an investment. We know own at Glacier Canyon and the fees keep increasing uncontrollably. They told us we could get in the trust as all new owner are put into and the fees would stop going up, but it doesn't reduce them and you have to buy another , points.

How can they require you to purchase more points to be in the same category as a new owner. We have filed a complaint with BBB and Wyndham came back and said nope we didn't do anything wrong so no we won't end your contract when we spoke with a lawyer and they said we had many accounts of fraud but they wanted 5, and we can't accounts afford that. If you can help. I would greatly appreciate it. How can you help get someone out a Wyndham Contract. I recently purchased an upgrade to an existing contract and was given false information to get me to agree.

I stupidly agreed and now can get them to return my calls to confront them about there misrepresentation. Hi , my daugther and her fiance, have just came home from fiji and have been conned into a timeshare bullshit , she is trying to pay for ivf to have a baby , as we nearly lost her last October because of a stuff up with a Dr and now has to have ivf , they are paying of a house both work there ass off and they thought it was a good deal we had a funny feeling about the whole thing and have just been checking the page out.

This disgusting to do this to a young couple that just got engaged there on the monday night, and then stoked them like a shark , they were court up in the whole holiday mode , these ppl need shooting , what can we do , they just cant not afford to do this plus live.

Hi Tammie sorry this happened to your family. We got out of our contract and would like to help you aswell. Please email me at mhesbd gmail. Ceci est incroyable, le jour le plus heureux de ma vie. Je croyais qu'ils changeraient aussi votre vie, vous rendant riche et heureux Rendre la vie facile et accessible, utiliser des outils de grille informatique pour exploiter le monde My husband and I traveled to Las Vegas.

We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel happend on 22 December On our very first day, we never even step in to our room. We were approached at the lobby of the hotel with one of your representative. They send us to another place, and after that a lady approached us to fill up some form….

Well, I do not understand…. I know how you feel. My husband and I went to Las Vegas last nov and we were basically attacked by these Whyndham crooks. Now after 7 hrs of listening to this crap we were so tired I wanted to go back to our hotel. We were only there for a vacation not to but a timeshare of a property that we suppose to own but what property we dont own anything and when we wanted to cancel this sales rep name Kelly was rather rude and told us you should of cancelled within the 5 days if you already knew that.

But here's the thing we didnt know we have 5 days to cancel. So we are going to a company name timeshare-answers. Good luck to you and me!!!! Timeshare Answers has complaints against them at the Better Business Bureau.

Don't go that route. Dear Gie, I think you were lucky not to be called otherwise you would be sleepless like my husband and me! We spent almost 5 to 6 hours talking and finally bought the time share which is not what we thought would be! We wasted so much time and the pressure that you have to make the decision right there We are looking to get out of it, please anyone help us!! By the time we arrived back in Australia the cooling off period lapsed. The only holiday we've taken with Wyndham was staying at World mark appartments October in Cairns, the apartment was 10 minutes out of town.

Have you or anyone else had any other luck please let me know Cheers Julie. When I re-explained that their sales people deceived me with false promises about their product and listed them, he said, "Well, sales people in any industry are in to sell a product and may use any means necessary to make the sale".

They actually are giving their sales people a green light until the very end to lie and intimidate their customers. This is a horrible company. I told him the product should speak for itself and no sales person should need to lie or bully people. To other owners who find themselves in this situation - You do not need to keep paying this bill for life. Research Deceptive Trade laws and Consumer rights. I too own a Wyndham timeshare and I simply despise them and have been conned for yrs.

I decided that I am no longer going to pay for this even if it hurts my credit because it has been draining my ban k account for yrs. Can you please give me a bit of advice on what you did? I too would like to know more about reporting a high pressure, demeaning sales process that was full of lies. We are just finding out how bogus our purchase was, and would like this company to be legally FORCED to stop ripping people off!!!

Gie, Jenee, and Paula: Here at Timeshare Consumer Bureau, we feel the exact same anger towards these deceitful companies as you do. This is what we love to see! Passionate and justified backlash against these companies that prey on honest consumers every single day. They engage in deceitfull business practices and have wielded all of the power for far too long. The first thing I suggest is leaving timeshare reviews online. Every passionate review is another place where potential victims can be warned against being taken advantage of.

At the same time, you hurt their business by speaking the truth. We have an official resort review section where you can detail your experience. We also recommend filing an official complaint with us. Based on the specifics of your situation, we can offer solutions or refer you to someone who can help you. You can find our complaint form link in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Stay passionate, and get involved! Joining this fight against the power of massive timeshare companies is an important one, and we can use all the help we can get. We thank you for your awesome replies. Hi Paula - Stop paying. I was given this advice and it took me a year to take it. I wish I had done it sooner. Hi, I'm interested to know if you stopped your payments to Wyndham and what happen? I'm a timeshare owner too please write to me on my email. Hi Paula, so when you stopped paying and wrote your letters etc what then happened?

Are you in USA or Australia? I am your agent Now she will NOT talk to me at all. I have called six times and no luck talking with her!! I will never recommend this to anyone Wyndham promise to break the contract and to give our money back and it is at the last level now and I really really need help could you please please help us our telephone number it is I must consider myself one of the lucky ones.

My wife and I agreed to the presentation for discounts at the Wilderness Resort in the Smokies for a short 3 day trip. The Sales Rep to his credit did not seem to overly interested in the missed sale when we explain that we could not afford it at this time.

He then informed that they had an exit questionnaire that they needed us to go though. I told her that this was NOT what she had told me, and proceeded to leave the sales office.

I was directed to a desk by an exit door. When I asked the girl at the desk for my voucher, she asked where my sales rep was, as he was suppose to walk me to her desk. I told her that's what I thought they would do, but they had only directed me to her.

She gave me my voucher and let me out the door. Glad I happen to read the fine print before I signed, as it sounds as if it might have saved me a lot of money long term. Todd, you were a smar man. I did read about the nine months but I was ok with it because I was planning to go to Maui around that time. They told me Maui was available but they do not have Wyndham in Maui. They I figured maybe I use my points for my European vacation which they told me I could use.

I found out I can only use my trial membership for domestic travel. Staying positive I decided to use my points in Oceanside near San Diego, a beautiful location. No luck getting in during the summer. So I booked for Nov , but they took pretty much all my points for 3 nights. So now I pursuing a way to get my money back or at least additional points. Wyndham preys on couples on vacations for such happy events as anniversaries, being well-aware that people on such emotional "highs" are more willing to agree to less-than-favorable deals than they would be in their normal, everyday lives.

Not to mention that, but they lied to my parents on many occasions in person and over the phone, promising things like "the timeshares will pay for themselves" and guaranteeing they would be able to help my parents in many ways. My father passed away in September, I've helped my mom learn what I can about the program from papers we found in dad's office and my family stayed as a guest this weekend in North Myrtle Beach. When I checked in at the Wyndham Ocean Boulevard, the "parking pass - hospitality" lady Gina took 15 minute just to get my parking pass while trying to play nice to my 9 year old daughter and insisting that I fill out the "demographic" information I refused.

The next day she called "courtesy" call the room and I explained that I had no interest in being sold anything but that I would be interested in gathering information to help my mom since dad had passed away. I explained that dad made all the reservations and understood the timeshare but mom needed me to help her. Long story short, she offered to help me find out about the contracts but ended up being just another sales meeting where she noted on my paperwork " free shot, handle with care".

She and the sales guy Troy and his "supervisor" just treated me as a prospect with a problem that they could help me fix by adding me with my mom's permission as the primary owner. I realized immediately that they were not interested in helping me or mom. I explained that I only stayed here because the rooms are nice and mom needed to use her , points but that I had no interest in being on any deed or an owner because the high pressure deceitful sales and "parking pass" people negatively outweighed any benefits that ownership would bring, from my experience and perspective.

Melissa Monday is the Smokey Mountain sales rep that would not respond to my dad's calls when he realized how much she had deceived and lied to him in January, It was represented to them as a bonus k points that would be offset by a great RCI credit card that would pay the maintenance fees, but it was never mentioned to them that it would cost anything or that they didn't qualify for the card.

I'm pretty much disgusted that the Wyndham Ocean Boulevard sales and hospitality staff in North Myrtle Beach don't have the common decency to help a widow understand her ownership without using their sales tactics on me and trying to add me to the deeds. They just told me to call the number. They also pointed out to me that I would probably end up taking ownership when my mom died because most states require you to take ownership if a deed is willed to you.

Who knows if this is true but it is insensitive and sick sales tactic and motivates me to want to help mom to will the Wyndham deeds to some non existent entity when she dies to get away from these insensitive, disgusting practices. I plan to follow through and make calls to Wyndham with my mom to see if there is a human that really cares in the Wyndham Company. I'm not optimistic, but I will try. If anyone knows a decent Wyndham person or department that might explain to my mom her ownership and options without creating fake issues or trying to sell her on more upgrades, please let me know.

Hello Dwaine, Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to tell us what has happened to you. That is simply appalling behavior, and no business should take part in such heartless actions. We do know of a few organizations that can analyze the timeshare contracts and give your family a better understanding of what she can do with them.

We will contact you will a reference soon. In the meantime, your story really shows how heartless these companies can be. If we may ask, can we use this comment as one of the reviews for Wyndham? You, in detail, described exactly why people should not engage in business with this company. Please feel free to write us anytime if you require any further help. We want to do everything in our power to help you and your family.

Can I have the contact information of the organization. I have trouble in cancelling the time sharing contract. We ran into a woman in Daytona Beach who gave us her phone number and said she rented out Wyndham points for people.

We called her and talked to her on the phone. She sounded very knowledgable and upfront. We gave her a certain amount of points and she has rented them, but so far she has sent us no checks, always having an excuse for why we haven't received one.

The contract we signed with her said we had to give her 21 days notice if we cancelled the contract, but she has sent us no money and it looks like she has booked reservations. I suppose we could give her the 21 days notice, but I think we should just cancel since she is not holding up her end of the deal. I read in one place that people have shown up to check in to their reservations, that they have paid her for, only to discover they have no reservation. What will happen to me, my dad gave me his wyndham timeshare and it's already fully paid.

It was just transferred to me and my husband's name yesterday at the Wyndham office. I really don't know how this timeshare works? Is it really free or do we need to pay something when ever we have to use the property as they say. I really don't understand this. I haven't talk to them about this coz they told me they will mail me all the benefits of having a wyndham timeshare.

I don't want to be charge for anything else aside from the monthly maintainace fee, coz it's all fully paid when my dad gave this to me. Hi Ryan, I am in exactly situation as many others, I felt so mislead by Wyndham, so stupid, misrepresented , forceful Many of my family members own, and love the product, which is what led me to become a part of it. I can tell you that "Free Shot" means that the Rep won't be charged for the tour since every tour taken effects the Reps average I didn't want you thinking it was something negative.

Your mom does have a good program and can do a lot with it. If you feel more comfortable not speaking to a salesperson, most of the info you need is in your blue Wyndham book.

It should help you navigate through the program. The website has a lot of info as well. I really am surprised to find so many negative comments about bad experiences. I have a great time with my tours whether they buy or not, and I keep in good contact with my owners. Not everyone is out to get you: J If you are for real, then why not start some type of "revolution " within Wyhdham.. If you do what you say, keep in contact with my owners , you must understand you are a "different type of salesperson" than all the folks posting.

If you like your work and want it to continue, I suggest you work to improve the entire company Otherwise, you may be looking for another job based on the angry comments I see on this site..

Just bought a timeshare under one of these high pressure sales meetings and after reading all these negative reviews, I am having buyers remorse. Is there a rescind period for these contracts I look forward to hearing from you. Amy - 5 to 10 days, depending on the state you signed up in. Check your paper work. One of the big contract docs has the form you need to complete and return in the back of it.

After that period has passed I have met hundreds of good people that work at the resorts. But I can honestly say that the people that work for Wyndham's sales force are the lowest form of human beings I have ever met in my 57 years. They give used car salesmen a good name. If I were you I'd quit Wyndham and get a real job. I'm glad I'm rid of them! I recently purchased at Myrtle Beach.

Was lied to on several points. Trying to get out of contract. Do not buy Wyndham Vacation Ownership. If you really want timeshare chevk out ebay. I purchased at Myrtle Beach and was scammed!! Maybe you were my salesman!! Keep up your lies. We bought into this nightmare in and as of yet been able to use it due to being told all the time nothing available.

We started a search back in August of for Fall Still the same old bull. Nothing has been true since in North Myrtle Beach. The deed was suppose to be at Oceans Boulevard which is what we were told. After looking over contracts when we returned back to Ky.

It is at Sea Watch Plantation further south than where we wanted. Now that was a flat right out lie. So yes they do take advantage of people especially senior ladies.

Wyndham sales rep and managementso smart that you go there waist your pprecious time listening to there bullshit. They promised to give a dollars gift card and I can't believe that it is such a dodgy company they give us a gift card with zero value in it. Thsnk god I didn't choose to get there plan when forced.

Are you familiar with 5 Star Vacation Rentals? This is run by Angela Rachael who claims she used to work for Wyndham, and she probably has because she is very knowledgable of their system. She now runs her own business renting out owners points for them. However, I am not sure any of those owners receive any money from her. Thank you so much for posting something positive. I'm reading all of these comments in complete disbelief. I have nothing but very positive things to say about wyndham.

We were treated with such respect and have a lovely time with our rep. At the end of 90 minutes we were given our "gift" and sent on to enjoy the rest of our vacation. Yes there was a little bit of pressure but nothing that I didn't expect. For us the timing just wasn't right financially. We were able to use our vacation cert and it didn't cost us a penny. We spent a lovely weeks vacation with our 3 kids thanks to wyndham.

I see why they sell and are so successful I mean who wouldn't want to do that more often. I also have family who own and they love their ownership! From what they tell me the key is to stay up to date on what benefits are newly added and available with their current ownership.

Going to the "owner updates" is how they do this. Yes there is a small sales pitch at the end but the benefits of what they learn out way any sales pitches. This is actually how we enjoyed our vacation from wyndham. So maybe these upset owners need to learn how to use what they own. It seems it can be a little complicated since there is so much to it.

Invest some real time into what they spent their hard earned money on maybe these owners wouldn't be so upset. My wife and I went to the Smokies Wyndham to try to get some assistance with booking vacations after not being able to vacation for 6 years due to her mother's health.

All they care about is sales. Melissa Monday pretended to be our great friend until she saw we were not buying. These people lie, cheat and do anything to sell. I will never listen to their sales crap for one minute. I would consider myself lucky also.

I attended a presentation and after a shady sales presentation I did not trust what I was being sold. I was offered the place for 40k , points and they later came down to 25k. Everytime I use it there's a sales presentation to try and sell me an upgrade package so I can get all the "Wyndham benefits.

I would just stress people to educate themselves and don't believe the "if you don't buy at this rock bottom sales price it will never be available again" sales line. Their sales reps are scum and the company has very little moral standards. Just check out every states BBB where they are located.

The have an F, and that F doesn't stand for "Fantastic. My husband and our family were in Hawaii in February of this year. We decided to go to one of their presentations and we defintely got scammed.

What we were told we were buying, what rooms we would get, the length of the time we could stay, ect was nothing but a total lie. The worst part is he lied right to our childrens' faces ages 9, 5 and 2. We did not read the whole contract. We trusted the guy - he told us he was a liscensed real estate agent with the State of Hawaii so we never thought that this was a scam or that he would be outright lying.

The amount of points he sold us will get us nothing. He told us we would get two weeks a year but the points would only get us a trip once every three years for one week. We were never showed any books as to how the points were used or how the points were determined. When I contact Whyndam's number I was basically told we were screwed because we signed the contract but to email the agent who sold us the time share and continue to do so for several months.

If we did not hear back from him in "several" months we could then bring up the issue again. Thing is they made us put a huge deposit down on our credit card and we cannot challange that charge because mastercard told us we signed a contract. We are to have a high payment come out every month as well as a payment for maintenance. We do not know what to do or where to turn to. We are from canada and if anyone has an advice or where to turn to please let me know. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

HI Jodi - My best advice is to stop paying and write to Wyndham to let them know why you are not paying. If you wand to protect your credit send the 3 credit bureaus letters about your dispute. Eventually Wyndham will prefer to give you a deed in lieu than have you foreclose. I've gone thru it myself. It's painstaking but you can get out of it - but they will not take you seriously until you stop paying. Don't worry - consumers have rights too!! We submitted a complaint with BBB and the Wyndham.

Let me know what process you took. We are trying to buy a house so I am worried it will affect our credit and we won't be able to buy a house in a few months bit I don't want to give these people another dime of my money.

I am disgusted with what they have gotten away with. Call Wyndham Corporate office and they will assign a corporate liaison to work with you. My situation was different. We were already owners and loved it. Never a problem booking what we wanted. Bottom line a few more points but a much higher payment. I will do the training for me it is extremely important to be trained and coached. I like very much the concept of WA. Simple and direct very clear in the goals and the best point is helping others really.

Thank you so much for your work. Training is the most important factor of every business and the online industry works no different.

Too many people bounce around from one program to another without learning valuable skills, and without that, the struggle will be long and hard. If you follow all the lessons step by step there is absolutely no reason why you can't have success. Always remember to ask if you have any questions at all - I will help out gladly. Hello Christene, thanks for your honest review. I tried registering a new account with WA, but I keep having errors. I think maybe their site has some problems.

Don't really know what to do now, maybe will try again tomorrow. All the same, thank you Essang Victor. There might be a few possibilities that keep you from signing up, normally an account created from the same IP address may cause difficulties. Feel free to contact Kyle directly at: Thank you for your review, I enjoyed reading it.

At this moment I like to start with an MLM program. Therefore I like to use the internet to generate leads, can you point me in the direction of a good program who can teach me? Me vriendelijke groet, Martin.

Hi Martin - thanks for the comment. I worked with various MLM programs in the past and must admit that it was a struggle. I had bought a Clickbank product named; mlmwealthtraining some time back and it was the only training that I thought was worth the money. They have a free trial available, feel free to have a look.

Hi Christene, Thanks for the fast reply i'll check it out. I had spend thousands without making much, and then they tell me after 3 months that I am not blogging enough to make money. I am tired of these schemes that promise the world but deliver nothing. I am interested in joining Wealthy Affiliate but scared that it would be the same as EN. I just want to start my own business without been pressured to upgrade to all kind of products all the time.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune with EN. There are so many aspects of marketing that they fail to teach to members. Blogging alone won't actually make you any money with Empower unless you can manage to get good page rankings, and that alone can take months with the EN blogging system.

Wealthy Affiliate is the complete opposite of EN and you will only have two options on the platform; the free option that includes your 2 Wordpress sites along with all the training to set it up correctly and the premium version that will allow you to have unlimited websites and more advanced training. We have quite a huge amount of members on the platform that has managed to build themselves some awesome sites with the free option. No pressure or up-sells. The Wealthy Affiliate sites have some good reputation with Google and usually does not take long to rank well if you follow the training and implement it.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. Hello Christene, I just want to say Thank You so much for all your help, I was just about to join EN, but after finding your review blogs, I've decided to go with WA and join under you because I like and enjoy reading your quality content it is very informative.

Keep up the Good Work you are such a Blessing to all of us. You are welcome Maria. Your positive feedback is appreciated.

I am glad that you found your way to WA and friendliest online community. It is always a good feeling to see others succeed and reach their goals. I am sure that you will see results and make progress with WA. Remember to send me a Private Message or email if you have questions or need advice.

Hello Christene, Thank you for the brutally candid review free of smoke and mirrors with so many Marketing and Affiliate Marketing platforms out there, many of whom aren't there trying to help you earn a dim but rather after your monthly membership fee primarily.

Thanks for the positive comment Howard. So true, many promise online riches and the support that comes with it but when you enter your credit card details all that promises goes out the door. People do not realize that if they truly help others to succeed, they will have success as well.

I joined so many programs in the past and only lost huge amounts of money. I am not afraid to work hard and I am not greedy, but at some point I would like to see results and not only debit orders from my back account. How long did it take you to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? I absolutely understand your argument. There is no use in spending money constantly without gaining success and profit.

At some point all of us need to invest in our online businesses but when it is the wrong program or learning platform people eventually give up. Constant failing due to scams cost individuals dearly, because they not only lose money but also the hope of earning a real income online.

I started blogging quite some time ago but only after I had my fair share of scammy products and individuals who promised the world without delivering much. Blogging was my own attempt and failure did come with it. Took me some hard learning all by myself to get successful. WA is hugely based on blogging for profit but you won't need to do it by yourself like I did. If you follow the training and keep consistent without giving up easily you can earn a good amount in a few months.

Wealthy Affiliate was not my learning platform, but I wish I discovered them 2 years ago, it would have made my online journey so much easier. I earned my first commissions with WA within the first few days of joining, but you can hardly compare, because I have traffic and marketing experience. I benefit hugely from the training because fresh content is added daily and it helped me to even fix flaws in my own business.

Never compare yourself to someone else Riaan, each person is unique and have different skills and motivation. As long as you are willing to give it your absolute best and don't give up easily, you will have success. Most online programs are not approved because of various factors. Thank you for your review of both EN and WA. I have been researching EN for about the last weeks and was seriously considering signing up; however, as I researched, I realized that I was going to have to pay out a large amount of money each month that I don't really have right now.

In fact, I forgot I was even a member! I will start the program right away. You should definitely put all your effort into WA, it will cost you nothing but dedication, time and effort. You won't be pressured to upgrade or purchase various levels or additional up-sells. Empower Network is costly especially for total newbies and without the right support structure it is virtually impossible to make success.

You will have to pay the large amount a month for quite a few months without making much, and that can easily put you into debt or financial strain very quickly. Research proved that members who are under "billing pressure" fail to get successful because their focus is on money not success. With WA you don't need to stress about a huge monthly bill and this will help you concentrate on building your online business. I have a website and a niche and still not making any money.

Will this still help? WA help with almost any training that you require to build an online business. The fact that you already have a website will make it easier and allow you to participate in the advance training. WA helped me to fix major flaws on my blogs and my rankings had improved since I joined. Most defiantly useful for any blogger or site owner who is struggling to profit. Hi, Thanks for all the information in this article and also in the form of the replies to comments.

I have a few more to ask. I have no website and no product to sell. Will joining WA still be of any use to me? I do not live in US. I am in Asia. Will it be a problem? Do I need to write articles for a blog in order to make money at WA? How exactly does the website work? I am interested in joining. But a little apprehensive for I may loose money if I am unable to keep pace. Hi Alex, hope all is going well.

Questions are always welcome and I will answer them gladly. WA is the home for total newbies and they teach people to build their sites and pick the most relevant product that will benefit you the most.

You do not need a website or product Alex, you will learn to create your first site with the "Getting started" training. You can live anywhere in the world and join. I live in South-Africa myself and run a successful online business. Wealthy Affiliate teaches members to make money with their sites, there is additional training as well that will help you to earn in other ways, but yes you will have to write posts for your own blog to get traffic and make money from it.

The websites at WA are Wordpress blogs. They work similar to keeping an online journal. Basically if you choose to create a site around Dog training you will write daily or weekly articles around the subject and publish it.

The hardest part of starting a blog is not the writing but choosing a topic niche. If you choose something that interest you, you will have no problem writing about it If you do not prefer to do writing, then I don't recommend that you join WA. Hi Christine, it's me again. How exactly writing a blog translate into money?

Say for instance you have a blog about "dog care" you will add your own product, like dog shampoo or something relevant to your blog and make money each time someone purchase a product. If you do not have your own products you can then add affiliate products and each time someone purchase the product you will earn commission from it. Affiliate products or programs are other people's products and you earn a commission if you sell it on your blog.

You can also add advertising from sponsors to your blog and earn from that. If your blog is about a specific topic that includes your personal services, you can advertise yourself and get more business leads. Just have to say that this is a very well written review, the best out of them all. Clearly you have a passion for Wealthy Affiliate and know they system inside out. I want to ask a few questions as well, hope you don't mind Why did you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate?

There are hundreds of other similar programs that promise to help new online entrepreneurs to build a business of their own. Does WA help you to better your current online business? I know that you are not a new to the marketing industry and does not need the beginner training at WA nor do you need the classrooms.

Do you plan to stick with Wealthy Affiliate for a long time, or did you join for the purpose of giving a review? Thanks in advance for your reply. I know by now that you will respond swiftly. Keep up the good work Sasha. Great questions Sasha - let me start from the top; Since I started my blogs I joined numerous programs to help people in making the right decisions. My main income comes from other means of generating money online, but these methods I use take a long time to perfect and they are not intended for newbies.

I have a soft spot for new marketers because I know how easy it is to get scammed over and over again. Finding a program that could actually help individuals overcome most of the difficulties was not easy, took me 10 months of reviewing one program after another to find a platform that will suit all my requirements like trust, reputation, success rate and support. Wealthy Affiliate's training is up to standard and members success are measured by doing the work. Building an online business is not impossible Sasha, but if you have to do it by yourself, it becomes impossible.

WA have the best Support structure I ever came across. I know that when I send newbies to this membership site they will be looked after. My own business had shown better results after joining the platform, the training and discussions is not just random but also targeted to improve any online business.

WA's community is the best, and savvy marketers will gladly point out mistakes and then recommend a solution. Believe it or not, but I did learn a lot of new information from the classrooms not to mention the discussions. The online industry is ever changing and I like the fact that information is kept updated. Initially I joined Wealthy Affiliate to write the review but also in search for a platform that will be suited for newbies and advanced marketers.

No business is perfect and that includes mine, I will benefit from this platform for a long time to come and not planning to go anywhere soon.

WA enables me to correspond with my referrals directly and help them out whenever it is needed. No other platform has such an interactive community - Defiantly the place for me. Hope this answer your questions, feel free to ask if you have more. Just like Anon, I'm a total newbie to the online business and would need mentorship.

I really wish to get started right away cos the only thing I have lots of these days is time. I am quite sure that WA will help you to reach your goals. Mentorship and quality training is the most important part to get you started. Just keep motivated and persistent. If you have any problems or questions just ask, all of us on the platform help each other to reach our goals faster. Hi C awesome blog! I have been been scam a few times but every-time it's been a big learning curve.

I live in South Africa and my question is; will WA work in my country? Yes it will work in South Africa. I am from this SA myself and have huge success with the platform. WA have quite a few members from SA already. Empower Network is difficult to promote. They make it out to be easy to earn lots of money but it is not. Most newbies take months to get successful with EN and a big percentage give up eventually. The best way to earn an income is to build your own online business over a period of time because you will earn what you put in.

If you work hard you will get success. Programs like EN have massive competition and the failure rate is huge when you are up against skilled marketers who do the exact same thing you do.

By building your own blog in a niche that is not so competitive you will have a better change to get successful. WA will teach you to build your site, drive traffic and earn from various products that you can add to your site. I'm completely newbie to online marketing and hate writting articles I have already joined WA I don't have product or website how do I go about it?

With WA you do not need a product or website because the training teaches you how to build your site and add affiliate products to it. Very few people add their own products. They sell other people's products and earn commissions when they make a sale. After joining WA, you should immediately get started by doing the "getting started" training and then the classrooms.

I stumbled upon your blog looking for info on EN and I'm glad I did! I have been thinking about joining mainly to get training and support on how to get started blogging and affiliate marketing. I will def look into WA but my question is about EN new blogging platform EnV2 and how that opportunity compares to word press?

I personally feel that like any new technological innovation other companies will just adopt the same process eventually? What are your thoughts on how they have changed the use of their blog, the option to have multiple blogs and different domain names that are not EN? I have been searching around for other marketers opinions but have seen non? I'm personally still on the fence because of the monthly fees for basically just learning , but find the ease of setting up the blog tempting.

You seem to be objective even though your not with them any more and promote a different platform, so whats your thoughts and advice for a newbie like me?

Hi Sonja The new blogging platform from Empower Network is not actually new. They just developed an App that will allow you to blog from your phone as well. All hype but nothing major. The blogs are still branded with EN advertisements and the ranking is still non existent. Wordpress already created similar apps along with some of the most popular blogging platforms.

This is not new technology and blogging on a smart phone comes as no surprise. Many WP bloggers integrated to this months ago. This technology is not commonly used because serious bloggers do not like to write out a word post on a phone. The blog might be easy to set up Sonja, but keep in mind that blogs do not rank themselves and they do not fix their own errors or SEO flaws each time a Google update pops up. If you are serious about building a proper blog that will rank and have traffic, you need to learn how to manage a blog properly.

EN blogs are limited and you are stuck with what you get. The only control you have is the control they give you. Wordpress is currently the most popular blogging platform and still growing.

You can customize your blog to suit your needs and use it for any niche. EN blogs can only be used with the marketing niche. There are plenty of things you can do. Affiliate marketing is the easiest and that is why most marketers take that route. You can develop you own products and become a vendor - Difficult but you can become successful if the products are in demand and set up well. You will have start up costs. You can buy and sell products on the popular classified sites. Also good method of earning if you know how to do drop shipping and handle sales.

You can work as a freelancer and provide online services that meet your skills. For this you need experience in a certain field. Start a membership site that require a membership fee. Not easy to set up and it can take years to become successful if you do not have strong marketing skills and advance training in website design. You can also pay someone to do it for you. This is just a few suggestions out of the hundreds of methods.

What is it that gets sold seems to be what I am missing unless the sale of the WA or EN system is what is for sale. Does WA teach me how to sell a product line I have in mind? I have a business idea and am looking for the best way to market it so I make money selling the product. Others selling on my site would be a plus but for now I need to learn how to set it up and run it.

Is this something WA does or am I in the wrong arena? The learning materials are focused on setting up your site correctly and getting traffic. Many other learning materials are available that also help you to grow your business, like email marketing, social media and so forth. WA do not explicitly just focus on the "marketing" niche itself. You can basically set up a site in any niche you prefer and add your own products.

May I add that the training is based on building a site with WordPress. If you plan to build your site using Drupal or Dreamweaver I would not recommend signing up. Hey Christine, I sell Thirty One and was wondering if this program would help me learn how to bring traffic and help my business? It all depends on your marketing strategy Nikki. Do you have a website yet? WA teach members how to set up a website correctly and give useful training that will help you to get the best out of your site.

It does not matter what niche you promote, a website or active blog is needed to get organic traffic and targeted leads. Other methods is not always effective and can be costly.

WA provides a solution for new marketers who do not have their own "online space" yet. I know that these are not something which guarantees us enough money to survive for a month. Is it possible that i may not earn anything right at the beginning or after paying through my card. Eager to know thanks.

The changes are good that you will not earn anything in the first few months. Building up an online business unfortunately takes time like any other business. Many programs promise riches online and give people the impression that instant riches is possible.

Without a website, traffic and a big social following you will not be able to sell your products or services.

Paid traffic is another option but it will be costly and there is no guarantee that it will earn you enough. Building up an online business is one of the hardest things to do because it takes time and hard work. For those who push through the reward is great in the end and you can eliminate your day job and live financially free.

It is all about your mindset and how you choose your long term goals. If you give up easily and do not have patience, you will fail. If you are willing to sacrifice time and effort to provide for the future and not the present you will have success. Programs like WA offers some free services like basic training and 2 free websites. You can basically create your online business for free and earns from it in a few months from now.

Hello Christeene, I am PaulMarie and also a struggling internet newbie. I will be back tomorrow hopefully you'll have answered, I to would like to be on Your Team Dear as I've had alot of questions unable to get answers when needed, even if I write them down after a couple of days I do not know where they are so I continue in my newbie struggles alone in this venture.

Hi PaulMarie You are absolutely right. By helping others, you also help yourself. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like. WA have an excellent support structure that helps newbies to build up their first business.

Many people think that they can become successful on their own and although it is possible it is a struggle because questions are not answered directly and flaws cannot be recognized. This is the major reason why I recommend WA because of the awesome support. Help is available whenever it is needed and the platform has many skilled marketers who are more than willing to answer questions. I am quite sure that you will enjoy the platform and eventually be able to help others as well with your learning skills.

You are welcome Eric. Always a good idea to finish training before you move on to the next. Keep up the good work and best wishes.

You are welcome Michael. Feel free to send me a message at WA if you need any help or just need advise. Hi Christine, Nice reading your blog. Am actually a WA free member. Have yet to sign up as a Premium member due to financial constraints as i have 3 kids to support. Would really appreciate your kind advice.

You can absolutely earn money with the free membership if you are dedicated to the basic training and building your blog. Many members had done that in the past and still do. Feel free to contact me at WA on the platform or just send a message to my personal email: Thanks for the good feedback Maurice. Glad you started at WA, the site will defiantly help you to build a website that you will be proud of.

Feel free to get in touch on the platform and ask if you have questions or need advice. I am considering joining a free company called Online profits for dummies. There appear to be no strings attached, however the presenter does ask you to consider Empower Network to create residual income.

I will be in touch. Yes Online profits are a free platform, BUT you will not earn much. In addition you will need strong leads and a solid social following to make it work.

Basically it is just a diversion to get individuals to purchase Empower Network. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or just need advice. Hi Christene thank you for this review I am from south Africa I have been scammed a few times and lost confidence in being successful with online marketing.

I'm definitely giving WA a try and I have so much hope that by this time next year I will be in a better position. Thanks for the reply Anele. Yes online scams are the major culprit that cause people to give up when it comes to online marketing. It is a vicious cycle because individuals will purchase all the shiny programs that promise lots but deliver nothing.

Eventually they are broke and lose hope. There is no such thing as getting rich quick. It takes hard work and patience to climb the ladder to success and many programs and fake products fail to mention it.

If you dedicate yourself completely to WA, follow the training and implement it, you will definitely be in a better position next year. We have quite a few members from South Africa and you will not feel alone.

Feel free to send me a message at WA and introduce yourself. Always great to meet a fellow South African. Also feel free to ask if you have any questions or need advise. About the discussion part at bottom of each lesson. I had just found out that after 7 days, when I still watching and learning the video in each lesson, I can't complete those task which require me to write something at bottom of discussion because I am not a premium member.

I can't even contact you at there. I though they should allow non-premium to complete the task at each lesson by allow them to do discussion at bottm part. Unfortunately discussions are only reserved for Premium members. Free members are allowed to use this functionality in the first 7 days to ensure that they communicate with other members to build up a "follow" list of people to help them when the 7 day period ends. Like I stated, you are more than welcome to send me an email whenever you need help.

Christene I just came across your site few minutes ago when I was looking for honest review on EN. I thought it was a scam site considering the amount of money they required from people who want to do home business as an additional income to their merger earnings. Thank so much for enlightening me about this website.

Please do you have any idea about the website? The founder is one Stone Evans. I will be highly glad if you can review them too. Thanks and God bless you. Keep up the good works.

I will join WA soonest and meet you there. Thanks for the comment and positive feedback Emmanuel. Yes, You are absolutely right. EN products are pricy and you can end up paying thousands without earning much in return. Most definitely not for new marketers. Ever since I left more issues came up and many members complained about the platform not being up to standard. I will make a point in the near future to go back and investigate again. Looking forward meeting you at WA, you will have my full support.

Christene, you may want to edit the paragraph in your closing section, which reads: No program or platform can make you rich or successful Elliott. Those who sit idle and do nothing will not make it no matter what. You are responsible for your own success rate and by working hard and keeping persistent you will pick the fruits.

WA is the best learning platform that I came across. The support is outstanding and the members are helpful. Still, we get can not force some to participate and take action on what they have learned.

Yes Christene, I now see what you are trying to say in the conclusion of your review, and I still think it would be better expressed if you'd edit your statement a little. For you are saying that by simply joining Wealthy Affiliates, but doing little in the way of further action, you certainly would not become wealthy or successful. I wholeheartedly agree, taking action is the key!

But the sentence I quoted in your conclusion is put together a bit awkwardly in my opinion. I suggest something like "Simply joining Wealthy Affiliates with little or no further action will most certainly not make you rich and it will not make you successful Just trying to help you communicate exactly what you're trying to communicate. Thank you for your review.

Thanks Elliott, your help is appreciated. English is not my first language and I am still battling to overcome the impossible! This post will be updated very soon. WA added some new features that will be added to the review. Will use your advice in the closing line. Have a great day! Hi Christene, Thanks for the reviews.

Wow you really do work hard. It is very admirable to see that you make a genuine effort to help others and respond to everyones comments also. I was very close to joining EN but thanks to your reviews and the feedback from tue comments I feel it may not be for me. I feel the product is losing integrity and whilst I havent been offended myself, I have certainly experienced the forceful and bordering arrogant nature of some their team. You have helped me see it that way.

I have spent a long time on myself and making sure I am able to help others with integrity and humbleness and I cant help but feel that buying into the wrong program may conflict with my sense of pride. I think I will be joining WA. Thank you to you and your followers. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for the positive comment Damien, it is appreciated.

You are absolutely right, EN is losing integrity fast. I do not get this myself and frown upon many of their actions.

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