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I had someone hack into my PC and change my passwords. I got a really good deal on my German sedan lease and must have a new car for work car plan.

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Keep reading to find out. Be as detailed as possible and take the time to tell your story, because it shows that you're invested in the process. Your photos and your profile both highlight your alpha male attributes, so keep that vibe going in your messages.

Make her feel like she needs to pursue you, not the other way around. You want to craft a message that implies you know you are already in, but you want her to prove she is worth your time. Keep reading to find out how to write an icebreaker message that will have her replying instantly.

The pace on online dating sites is a little slower. You still have to set yourself apart from all those other guys clamoring for her attention. As with dating apps, icebreaker messages should always pose a question that engages her curiosity and makes her happy to ponder.

General topics like travel, food, pop culture, and hobbies work well. You read that correctly… messages! To be assured of getting ONE response. That sounds like a tremendous amount of work.

If you are turned off by the idea of spending hours crafting unique messages for each woman… you should be. Online dating is a numbers game. Or, to look at it a bit differently, you want to put in minimal effort for a maximum response. Most men devote hours and hours of time each week to online dating and apps, and STILL come up empty handed.

Why spend 20 minutes meticulously writing one message to one specific woman, when you could spend the same amount of time sending the same message to 20 women? A message like this works for any woman, on any site or app: You can also craft icebreaker messages based around certain words.

Write a message like this: The general rule to follow is this: For every second longer it takes, the chances of getting a response plummet. Another error guys make when sending that all important first message is trying to mirror how women communicate.

On apps, momentum is key. You want to keep the conversation progressing quickly, with the goal of taking things off the app as soon as possible. That could mean getting her phone number or setting up a meeting.

Many apps limit how long the message exchange can occur. On Bumble, only women can send the first message — and you only have 24 hours to respond to it. Hinge gives you two weeks to exchange messages before the match expires, but both users must join the conversation within the first 24 hours of being paired. On JSwipe, matches expire after 18 days. Tinder has no time limits, but her attention span sure does.

You can do so much better than that, and she will appreciate the effort. Or does she check out your profile, find some tidbit that you both have in common, and move the conversation forward by asking you about your hobby? Using humor is an incredibly effective way to get her attention — studies show that finding funny men irresistible is literally programmed into her DNA. But if humor isn't your strong suit, don't worry. Now she associates you with pleasurable thoughts, which builds rapport.

See where this is going? What you ask needs to intrigue her and pique her curiosity, not make her roll her eyes. The key is to make the conversation flow easily. Most people enjoy talking about themselves, so ask her a question like:.

As a general rule, ask her a question every time you message her, because that makes it easy for her to respond. Dave M from InsiderInternetDating. Once you have been talking to a woman online, it can be tricky to decide when to ask her out.

In general, the ideal time to ask her out on a dating site is after she has sent you two or three messages. Any less and you may seem desperate or overeager. Any more and you risk her moving on. On an app, you'll probably have to exchange up to ten messages before the time feels right. But no matter which term you use, always give her two options when you ask her out.

And the acceptance rate plummets if you only suggest meeting for drinks. Here is a suggestion on how to ask her out in a dating message: When she agrees to meet you, suggest a time and place. You want to stay in control of the conversation, as an alpha male would.

It should look something like this: All you need to do is take 27 seconds to sign up for your free strategy session here. Vi rtual D ating A ssistants is your very own team of experts who set up high-quality dates for you so you can finally meet your ideal woman. Say goodbye to the hassle and frustration of online dating - we'll craft an irresistible dating profile, send engaging messages, and even book your dates for you. Thousands of guys have already made lasting connections with beautiful women, and we're ready to make you our next success story.

All you need to do is schedule your free strategy session with us now. Physical attractiveness Your social skills Your resources Loyalty and protectiveness This is why women often date guys years older than themselves. And the monthly fee means the women are more serious about dating, which is good news for you. A basic account is free, but upgrading to a paid account is a minimal investment, and other features i.

So if you're a guy under 25, it's a must. Create your account using only the basic, required information. Do not enter any payment information. Find the Advanced Search. Enter your search preferences, making sure to filter out users who have not been active on the site within the last 7 days or so. Check out the total number of matches — remember, search only for users who meet your criteria that have logged in within the last week.

Take a look at the first 25 or 30 matches, and see what percentage of those women you like from their pictures. Multiply this number by the total from step five. What About Dating Apps? They show you looking your very best. So why would you lead with terrible photos? Chase Amante , dating expert and author of this definitive guide to meeting women on Plenty of Fish , said professional photos can make a huge difference: You should be interacting with your friends in a visually interesting way — posed group shots can be a turn off.

Stand with your body angled at a 45 degree angle to the camera. But the good news is weeding out the bad ones is easy.

Updating your profile regularly on dating sites like Match. Swap out your photos, change their order, or alter your profile text here and there. Look to pop culture or advertising for inspiration: Built like a rock. Jedi powers limited to summoning an Uber. Grammar matters — bad punctuation and spelling are a major turnoff. In fact, a Match. If you must, stick to exaggerations — but remember, your goal is to meet her face to face, right?

My guess is they are just off lease because the mileage is similar k and they are quite reasonably priced I think this is related to the current low price for gas. I bought mine in St.

Louis a year and a half ago and will never look back. Carmax can have them shipped from anywhere in the country for a small price as well. Tummy October 5, , 5: Stockbeard October 4, , Troy October 4, , There are a few tricks to this, but in general, do not ever accept any additional liability insurance, it is not necessary. Perhaps someone else can clarify what that actually buys you, but its nothing worth 8 bucks in my personal situation.

Andrew October 4, , RN October 6, , 1: Note that credit cards, such as the Visa Signature I carry, covers damage to the vehicle but NOT liability for casualty losses suffered by those you might hit in an accident.

I have a supplemental policy plus an umbrella to be covered from a liability perspective. I have been car free since November and rent a car once a week to visit family. Patrick October 21, , 4: My Umbrella policy required me to vastly increase my car liability coverage guess I was really underinsured previously. Stockbeard October 4, , 4: Necessary for me as far as I can tell: Both are very precise about it. Leigh Ann October 5, , 6: Brian October 6, , Mark October 7, , 1: AdamP October 9, , 6: Primary rental insurance offered by credit cards is not the same thing as liability insurance.

The credit card insurance will cover damage to the rental car, but it will not cover damage to anything or anyone else. Michal October 6, , 6: If not insured, the excess was EUR. And Spanish drivers are pretty crazy! Steve October 14, , 1: Generally speaking higher deductible is a slam dunk for those of us with the means to pay the deductible.

Robert October 5, , 9: How is this done? I called my CC company and they will only provide insurance on the damage to the vehicle while in my possession insurance. Not the most important while driving around and not hitting anything or anyone insurance. Eldred October 30, , 6: Brendan Long October 4, , It covered me when I visited the U. Allison October 4, , I know my Capital One credit card offers collision and theft coverage when I purchase the rental with that card.

Worth looking into before you pay the insurance to the rental company. Doug October 9, , 9: I would be hesitant to even drive the car in the parking lot without liability insurance. Jacob B October 4, , Check with your credit card with which you book the reservation. I book all my non-business rentals through Autoslash. They even automatically rebook your reservsation if a lower price pops up. Clark Howard turned me on to them: Florida Mike October 8, , 4: Caution to those who rely on the credit card to cover them….

I rent cars alot and never get the insurance. This past March I rent a car and the windshield gets cracked overnight while its parked. Took me 4 months and countless hours on the phone with the credit card and then rental car company a large name I might add to get it paid. And when you are 1, miles away, its not easy to contend. For this to pay off you would have to end up with a cracked windshield one out of every 32 rental days. I find that pretty unlikely.

Greg December 8, , 7: Plus, I asked the agent last time I rented and they added the little detail that, if you decline their insurance, you are liable for the daily rental cost for the entire period that the car is out of service being repaired. That info sealed the decision for me right there and then. On the other hand, I am more and more often trying to use a ride sharing rental like Turo — which has been a lot of fun, and cheaper.

When in college, I worked for car rental outfit over one summer and based on that experience, was always convinced that the damage waiver was a great deal. Years later I had the opportunity to experience how great it was. I was parking a rental in the garage at work and accidentally backed into another car.

I left a note on their windshield to contact me and then immediately contacted the car rental company — it was hertz. Bottom line, they took care of everything. So in total, it took me three calls that all took less than 10 mins — First one to Hertz to notify, then received a call from the owner of the car I hit to exchange info, then a follow up to Hertz from me to give them her info — DONE!

Always take the damage waiver. Chad February 16, , Roberto April 26, , 6: I use a third party insurer. Julia October 4, , 1: Daniel H October 4, , 3: If you lease an EV the dealer gets the federal tax credit and this should reduce your lease cost. In California if you lease for 36 months or more you can still claim the state refundable tax credit and this credit can be paid immediately, not only at tax filing.

Leasing might be a good option for those not able to fully take advantage of the federal tax credit. Steve Ferguson October 4, , You can spread the credit over multiple years two years in your case so you would still benefit for the full credit amount regardless of your low tax situation.

Josh October 5, , This is actually not true. The Federal EV tax credit is a one and done type credit. Form Instructions, Line Charles December 8, , 3: The Wealthy Accountant December 9, , 2: Depends, but probably no. Since most business owners are organized as an LLC treated as a S corp, the credit flows to the personal tax return or is put there in the first place. The credit is use it or lose and is not refundable. I stated in an earlier comment that this credit only works for people with an income tax to reduce.

Therefore, this credit will not reduce self-employment taxes or IRA penalties, etc. Jeik October 4, , You can manufacture some tax liability by converting some retirement funds to Roth in the year that you purchase. Or plan ahead and contribute to Roth accounts that year so you have a bit more tax liability. Works well for the solar tax credit too. Jeremy October 4, , You could take steps to create taxable income in the year you want to get the credit. Kenneth October 5, , 6: Don October 4, , 2: Jane October 4, , 8: NO, which we should lobby to change.

You can only receive as much credit as tax you owe that year. Andrew October 4, , 9: Nik October 4, , 4: Devin October 4, , 9: Yes, sometimes a pain, but sometimes not. For sure it requires more planning and limits you, but it also would be possible to do this kind of thing. The Model 3 and Bolt should have more than ample battery packs for these types of excursions, and the supercharger in Dillon Frisco means that Tesla has absolutely no problems getting up to the mountains and back.

Stephane January 5, , Aye, now you understand the use of having a charger at your destination, or a fast charger along the way. Thing is, any plug anywhere could be a charger, just need to ask permission. It is also true that not everyone benefits the maximum amount as MMM has in his case. My current salary is about 70k, I recently bought an electric car in electric car in CO as did MMM and my credits were much much less because I did not pay that much in State Tax.

MMM must have a very nice salary! Viraj October 19, , 2: Its actually a situation created by artificially low interest rates. Nissan has its main financial holdings in Japan.

At the moment, the rates in Japan are slightly negative or zero. Further, there are tax incentives for moving larger inventory through from the Japanese government. At the same time, they get their revenue higher and get the tax incentives as well as moving inventory through the system which stimulates the sluggish economy.

Its a hokey way to encourage economic activity, but thats what the BOJ has been doing last few years! Money Mustache October 20, , 8: It also has a lot to do with dealer financing and their relationship to the manufacturer. Also, I imagine Leafs Leaves? On top of it, the manufacturer is pressured to sell low emission vehicles to meet their CAFE requirements.

Finally they are banking on you to change in the car when the lease is up and make money on the residual. Long story short, including what Viraj said above, it is a host of different factors that push certain car prices so low. DeeTee July 30, , 8: The reason is actually simpler than this. To package car loans into a securitization that can be sold to insurance companies and other financial market participants, you need a certain amount of high FICO score loans in the pool to make it seem safe.

But most car buyers have low FICO scores and the high quality borrowers are in shorter supply. Mr Crazy Kicks October 4, , 8: Especially if you have extra disposable income and are helping promote environmentally friendly tech. Fiscally Free October 4, , 7: We just bought a brand new gas powered car to replace our disgraced Golf TDI. I have driven the current Leaf and I can confirm the tech feels very dated. I have a question, Pete, I think you have to wait to answer.

How is the range in colder weather? It gets frigid in NE Wisconsin and batteries tend to lose some oomph as the temps drop. Kyle October 4, , 9: Extreme warmth and cold definitely affect the battery life. We are luck to live in a temperate climate where this is of little concern. The Wealthy Accountant October 4, , Kyle, so you are saying your Leaf goes miles on a charge in colder climates? If so, that would still work for me.

Anything under 60 miles and I could have a problem if I have a sales call. Kyle October 4, , My Leaf goes about miles on a single charge and is on the slow decline due to the battery aging. One other thing to note about cold weather is that the heater is a gigantic energy sink although the seat and steering wheel warmers help tremendously. I think you are right, waiting is what I must do.

Nissan switched to a hybrid heating system resistive and heat pump for and newer model years. This is supposedly less of a drain on the battery, although in really cold ass weather the heat pump will likely not be very useful.

RelaxedGal October 5, , 9: I turned on the climate control timer last week here in Massachusetts and a 40F morning is much nicer. Yes, cold batteries affect range. Hat, mittens, winter coat, lap blanket. Leaf owners are obsessed with efficiency and loathe to use the cabin heat heated seats and heated steering wheel are fair game.

Bytre February 7, , 5: On my leaf, I have a dashboard mounted 12v heater which does a better job with less impact on my battery draws from the 12v accessory battery than the built-in heater. Janet October 4, , 9: Range drops considerably in winter. I pre-heat the cabin and sometimes not run heat while making that trip.

Sheryl October 4, , I do notice that slushy streets affect the range, though, similar to how such road conditions affect gas mileage in a ICE vehicle. Money Mustache October 4, , Just to be clear on this, a cold battery cranks out less energy while it is cold, but recovers fully when it is warmed back up again.

In fact, Lithium batteries have a longer lifespan in cooler climates which is why early Seattle-area Leaves have fewer battery problems than those in Phoenix. In Colorado, a bigger problem is our hot summers 90F for a solid couple of months. During this time, a careful owner might shift some of their driving to the evening hours when practical, and especially do the charging at night to keep the average battery temperature down.

Perhaps the combination of the garage and preheating keeps the battery from being overly affected by winter cold. October 4, , 1: To add to the list of habits a battery-conserving Leaf owner might do to prolong life… wait for the battery to cool down after use before charging. Octopus October 19, , 6: Joe October 10, , Brian Teeter October 4, , 1: We never really see range differences based on the outdoor temperature.

GordonsGecko October 5, , A friend of mine owns numerous auto dealerships in the northeast, including a Nissan dealership. I sent him the article just as thought piece and to see if his dealership sells many. He said basically none. Issues are the range no real big cities around and temperature. He said that cold weather has contributed to some issues in the older models, though the newer ones are better.

But for now, my 3. Felipe October 6, , 1: Wes October 4, , 8: FinanceSuperhero October 4, , 8: I really expected this to be an announcement that you had bought a Tesla.

The tax credits on the purchase are pretty intriguing to me. I might jump on the electric bandwagon when the range expands to a level which is comparable to gas engines. Julia October 4, , 3: I typically can go two days on one charge, which is good because our other car is a Ford C-Max, plugin hybrid and it wants to charge as well.

This expands your travel opportunities to many places that have RV parks. Just bring along a tent and you can roadtrip all over the place! I believe you can still use them to charge electric cars but I doubt that the V adapter you use on a dryer plug actually works in a 30 or 50A RV plug without some adapter. Julia October 5, , We do plan to have a home charging station beyond the extension cord, someday.

Andrew Mullen February 13, , 9: I just hooked up a V RV hookup at my house. I had my OEM portable charger converted to work with or V much cheaper. SocraticGadfly October 4, , 8: Money Mustache October 4, , 9: Do you have a link that documents some of the ways in which the earlier Volts sucked? Matt Radcliffe October 4, , 9: Take a look at the price drop on the used market for volts after very minor front end collisions.

It appears they put some rather delicate and expensivee control units right behind the bumper skin. Str8cash32 October 4, , My Father just bought a front end hit Volt in August. Pretty sweet ride if you ask me someone with intimate knowledge and they are engineered to be pharmaceutical grade in all aspects. CoreyH October 4, , My wife liked the electric drive so much the she sold her VW that we had owned for 13 years and bought a used Leaf.

The Leaf has been a good car for commuting and general grocery getting, etc. Happy to see MMM see a similar advantage to these low maintenance marvels of engineering!! SocraticGadfly October 4, , First, the Volt, as originally designed, was a plug-in hybrid, not an electric.

Typically, it is purely electric until the battery reaches the low end of state of charge SOC. When the SOC reaches the low end then the engine starts so you can keep driving. The electric range of the Volt has increased with newer models and is now 53 miles. So, for them, for all intents and purposes, it is an EV.

Then, if they want to go on a trip they can still use the Volt and drive longer distances using the engine — no need to rent a car. There is no issue with what the Volt is vs what GM claimed. So, the benefit of the Volt being mostly EV gets reduced because the EPA test procedure required the battery to be recharged by the gas engine like a hybrid would instead of being able to charge it using AC power like an EV would.

Jill Walker October 4, , 8: The Volt is an awesome car to drive, especially for my 45 mile commute each day. I do not use 1 drop of gas on my commute. When I head up to Summit County for the weekend, I use 1 gallon on the way up 67 miles , charge overnight and use ZERO gallons on the way home thanks to gravity! Add the fact that, originally at least, the Volt needed premium fuel and … per your financial angle, had sucky lease terms: Ral October 4, , And only once the battery runs out.

Zheffafa October 4, , I just bought a Volt recently. And for longer trips it still has the gas engine backup. I have used no gas yet. Silverone December 16, , 4: The used Prius I owned was not a bad car, but not in the same class as the first generation Chevy Volt.

The Volt wins in all aspects except for interior volume. With the warranty, the risks are mitigated. Mine just has a gas backup for rare times when I have to go more than 40 miles between charges. I believe used Leaf and Volt pricing is artificially low right now, and am considering picking up a used Leaf for around town.

Darell October 4, , 9: The original Volt had one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of all time. It was and remains a fine — if over-engineered — car. October 4, , The Volt has had consistently high customer satisfaction ratings and are a downright steal in the used market. Occasionally, off lease models are available that have hardly ever cycled the battery!

October 7, , 9: My only concern with those numbers would be that a lot of people who bought Volts did so for personal reasons and were more likely to be happy with it from the get go, even if it were a beast. It will need to have far more mainstream customers before those customer surveys are comparing apples to apples.

NanoBore October 11, , 3: I happily lived without regular use of one from about I still kind of hate cars, but I love my Volt. If I had gotten a pure EV, I would have had to rent a car and likely it would not be a Prius fairly regularly, getting fewer mpg than my Volt gets on gas.

So it was a good choice for me! I own a and it has been wonderful! I will never go back. Nathalie October 4, , 8: There are benefits too — gas engines hate cold weather and take a long time to warm up. The electric car can be warm before you even get into it. Dana February 13, , Jen October 6, , 4: But how about the snow?

I just keep wishing Subaru would come out with an EV. Money Mustache October 6, , 7: Emily October 4, , I have a nissan leaf and I was so surprised how well it handled our Utah snow last year.

MMM got a great deal. Seems like that mystery discount you are getting is basically what Nissan Corp is writing off on lease buy-out deals now. We went with a lease because we figured the actual residual value after 3 years would be far lower than what they calculated… and we were right. We use this as primarily a winter car.

We bike in the summer. This car drives great in the snow. Fantastic low center of gravity, and heavy for a small car. The heated steering wheel and seats are great… on really cold days a blanket goes a long way. Because using the heater drops your range about 10 miles as well, which can be a killer in the winter.

You can feel like a badass driving your low range electric car without a heater, especially if you open the window to defrost the windshield. They have popped up everywhere.

It has been great to watch the screen on my plugshare app fill up. So even if my range is down to 60 miles in the winter, I can drive to the mountain, go hiking, park the car, grab a craft beer, and within an hour have enough extra juice me and the car to get home. Having an electric car changes your mindset. We actually thought about upgrading to the new Leaf or waiting for a Chevy Bolt how exciting is that car?

Besides, if I did have the extra range, then I loose my excuse to get that fancy beer in a fancy pub after my hike. All this is moot of course, when I can trade in my Leaf and house in for that mile range, self driving camper van and a lifetime national parks pass! Max October 5, , 7: We just turned our Leaf back in at the end of lease. But I leased because I figured the technology would be getting significantly improved about now.

I see another electric vehicle in our future…Volts and Bolts are looking good. The dealers do tend to be clueless about the Leafs. I had to basically be a go between for the dealer and the financing corporation in order to make it happen ahead of schedule so I could stop paying interest.

Brandon October 4, , 5: Granted the winters here are astonishingly mild. Imagine an ICE Internal Combustion Engined car and all of the tricks it has to do with ignition timing and fuel delivery to try to reduce power to an acceptable level to prevent slippage, jerking around and tearing up the drivetrain and your neck in the process… And electric car just reduces the power linearly down to exactly the level it needs to prevent slip and you just go, smooth and seamless.

Electric cars are no more inconvenienced by snow than regular gas cars. And you can preheat the Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-Miev from the comfort of your own without worrying too much about the environment. But heated seats take substantially less power — almost free in comparison. You can also warm up the battery by charging it. Jackson October 4, , 8: We have a charging station a mile from our house 2. I drive very little, usually less than 30 miles a week, if that.

However, my main concerns are how well this holds up in winter, now quickly the heat comes on, storage room for groceries, etc. I have a Toyota with 14, miles on it.. So there is that factor — go from a known to an unknown.

Jackson October 4, , 4: Sounds like a Leaf would be ideal for you. You actually want public chargers at the destination, not close to home. Kootenay EV Family October 5, , 4: Have a flip through a blog post I wrote on just that topic last year, or the video if you prefer that medium:. Colin October 4, , 8: A neat feature here in Philly, where we have no driveways on our rowhomes, is that if you put an EV charger in front of your house, the city will designate it as an EV-only parking spot.

Since hardly anyone has an EV, you essentially get your own parking spot. Jonathan October 4, , 9: You have to hook up the power supply yourself, right? Colin October 4, , You have to pay for the installation with a private electrician, yes. Anyone with an EV can use my EV spot, but no one can use a garage when the owner is out, and it takes away a street parking space for the curb cut.

Pat October 4, , 1: Its great to make space for more EVs, but cities need not be designed for the auto any longer, or at least intra-transport in which the arteries of the city are fit for only autos. The city needs to continue to create protective infrastructure for the thousands of bicycle commuters that get run off the road by an idiotic driver culture that thinks slamming on the pedal to the next red light is the most efficient way to get across town, or down a few blocks to the corner store http: I would think the 97k Nissan Leaf experimenters and other EV driving rates are higher in the suburbs, and small cities like Longmont, than larger cities precisely because it makes sense for charging and the range makes those inhumane commutes more humane by being more green.

Also, congrats to the Philly PD for adopting hybrid plug-ins http: Jonathan October 6, , Yes, and double yes to more bike infrastructure! Philly is such a great city to bike. There are essentially no hills. Center City downtown and Greater Center City are very compact.

A 20 — minute bike ride can get anywhere you want to be. The river trail is awesome. And non Philly folks we have bike trail over our river! The Green Swan October 4, , 8: Sounds like you have some serious blog income!

I feel more and more convinced that my next car purchase probably in 5 years or so will be an electric car. Similarly, it is a competitive space with the other electric car manufacturers and the Leaf is right up there for me. And I have the bonus of already owning solar panels! We currently use all the energy for the home, but could always add a couple more panels so support the new EV.

Our local energy rates are about 10 or 11 cents per KWH, so pretty cheap compared to much of the US, and not a bad option to charge the car either. Or, then again, the Power Walls the Tesla makes may be significantly more affordable too.

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