Imperial Cleaning Is Run By Scammers

July 30, at Secondly if you try to communicate back and send any of these women or anybody on the site an email or instant message you are sent to an update page to pay for a membership.

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An there are alot of the same photes. Of the same girls. Ive not been dumb enough to put my info out there. But if you pay attention to all the signs.

Exactly Larry, many of these scam sites used the same female images. They get horny, then register on these dating sites and then are more than willing to buy a membership to reply to a girl who contacted them. In this particular case this site is a third party that gets paid to promote Freelifetimefuckbook. They make a commission whenever someone purchases a paid monthly subscription on that site.

We have already done an extensive investigation and full review and you can find it here. FreeLifeTimeFuck book is such a scam. The second you hit delete my account you have women hitting you up. I guess some things are learned the hard way. Hello I have problem and I need help. Two days ago I registred on the freelivetime and pay gold membership!

In order to cancel a Free Trial or any membership, go to the Members Help Center page located in http: You can also call them at or The list includes FreeLifetimeFuckBook. Our investigation is available for you to […]. Ive emailed twice and no reply and have phoned both numbers and they dont connect to anything…. The two "real sites" you recommended have bugs in the sign-up process which prevents anything and everything. As always we give each website the benefit of the doubt and a […]. I would like to thankyou for seeking out and exposing these phony "get laid for nothin" web sites.

Alot of people are getting sucked in deep! Hey,I'm a new member of this site didn't pay anything but should I, they been sending msg lot's of woman's but couldn't answer back it says it's free but it's not I guess anwz how ever I want to get laid and see if this woman's does exist to see them like it's real….

I got court out on this site they said it was and they took money out off my account and to days later they are telling me I have to get a upgrade. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. And they are all desperate Moms who just want to fuck! Enjoy a Lifetime of Free Hi Def content that is packed with sexy Moms who turn into raging cock-hungry sluts at the very site of a young, hard cock.

Reese Richards spends most of her day attending to her lush, green garden. We are proud to offer Free Lifetime HD content to anyone who wants it! With the latest technology at our finger-tips and the hottest, most desperate MILFs at our beck-and-call our members are guaranteed to enjoy the finest quality videos featuring naughty Moms who love nothing more than sucking young cocks and devouring creamy cum.

We are here to give you what you want, when you want it! Find horny housewives who are desperate for attention or watch one innocent soccer Mom transform into a heated, cock-hungry slut with your every command. Don't worry, if you happen to be more than 2 pounds over your goal weight at any of those remaining weigh-ins during the month, your meetings are still free -- you've already met the monthly weigh-in requirement earlier in the month.

If you're more than 2 pounds over your goal weight at the first weigh-in of the month, you'll have to pay the weekly fee for that week, and each subsequent week until you get back to within 2 pounds of your goal weight.

Basically the rule is you pay the weekly fee until you're again within 2 pounds of your goal weight, then all remaining meetings during the month are free. Great for support when you're traveling! When you reach Lifetime Member status, your meeting leader or receptionist will give you a voucher with a special online "access code" which is good for eight free weeks of Weight Watchers eTools.

If you are getting close to the expiration of your free eight week subscription, and you are still within 2 pounds of your goal weight at your weigh-in, you may request a new voucher and access code to extend your eTools subscription for an additional eight weeks.

But, once you weigh-in and are within 2 pounds of your goal weight, you may request a new voucher and access code to switch your eTools account back to free Lifetime eTools.

Want to achieve Lifetime status? If you are an Online member, you are not eligible for Lifetime status because a WW meeting location must weigh you in.

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